One Life to Live - Season 44

Hulu (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #11105
    Ep. #11105
    Episode 126
    Allison Perkins reads the final draft of "One Life to Live" to someone. Natalie tells Jessica she doesn't have to be strong. Starr arrives in California and is reunited with Langston and Markko. Todd stops himself from making love to Blair saying that he can't do this. Vivian tells Nora there's no time to get to a hospital cause the baby is coming right now. Tèa tells Tomas that Blair doesn't know the truth about about Todd killing Victor. Jessica is overwhelmed when Clint reveals he's her biological father. Starr reveals to Langston and Markko that Cole is actually alive and with his parents. Destiny is glad that Matthew arrived, he said he got advice he got from David. John tells Tomas going to talk to Blair is a bad idea, cause Todd will only take off. Nora wonders what to name the new member of the family. Starr gets a shock when Todd arranged for Cole to join her in California. Jessica gets an unexpected visit from Brody saying he's sorry about Ford. Matthew touches Bo when suggesting the name Drew for his son. Clint gets on one knee and proposes to Viki. John comes in telling Todd he's under arrest for Victor's murder. Allison's captor is a very much alive Victor Lord, Jr.moreless
  • Ep. #11104
    Ep. #11104
    Episode 125

    Blanca Morales hosts a special episode of her talk show to say farewell to Fraternity Row, with the creator Agnes Dixon as her guest. Baker tells Todd that Tomas is going to be moved. Rex tells Nora that he, Gigi and Shane will come to see Bo before they leave. Roxy and the other prepare to say goodbye to their favorite soap opera. Starr announces her plans to continue with her music it means relocating to California, Todd isn't so supportive. John knocks out Baker and rescues Tomas. Clint tells Viki that Vimal should have the results back by now. David gives Matthew some advice about him finally stepping up and being a father to his child. Everyone says goodbye to Starr as she heads off for the airport. Shane gets a letter saying that he got accepted at an art school in England, and learns that his mother sent in an application also that she and Rex will moving there as well. Vimal brings Clint and Viki the envelope containing the paternity test results. Shaun tells Vivian that he thought it over and he's going to love her but don't need to be married. Tèa is reunited with her brother and can't wait to see Todd go down. Destiny announces to everyone that her water just broke.

  • Ep. #11103
    Ep. #11103
    Episode 124

    James tells Starr he heard her tell Cole she still loved him. Rex tells Nora that he and Gigi will be by the hospital to visit with Bo later. Neela visits Jack apologizing for what she did. Roxy prepares for the last episode of Fraternity Row. Matthew arrives telling Nora if he was here then the horrible stuff never would've happened to his parents. Shaun tells Destiny that Matthew shouldn't have just walked out on her the way he did. Natalie tells John she wishes he told her how he felt sooner and let her almost marry another man. Vivian reminds Shaun she had no intention of getting married, even though he got her a ring. Neela confesses to Jack that she fell in love with him the first day she came to town. Shane realizes that Gigi sent in an application along with his portfolio to an art school getting accepted. James and Starr tearfully say goodbye. Natalie and John share a tender reunion. Destiny tells Matthew everyone stepped up except for him and can raise the kid herself. Jack is speechless after Neela's confession. Rick tells Starr he has some news for her and needs an answer soon. Gigi tells Shane that maybe she and Rex are gonna have to go to England with him.

  • Ep. #11102
    Ep. #11102
    Episode 123
    Todd consoles Starr who reads the headline about Cole's death, and reveals to Danielle he's in fact alive. John tells Clint and Viki why Allison would come visit them at Llanfair and has security guarding them at the hospital. James reveals to Nate he overheard Starr profess her love to Cole. Jessica keeps herself together explaining to Ryder that his father won't be coming home. Téa humbly "apologizes" to Todd for the way she treated him as of late. Clint tells Viki that they had to lie to John about why Allison came to see them last night. Starr thinks back telling Cole he'll see his parents, but for it to work everyone must believe he's dead. Téa tells John that she almost told Blair the truth about Todd killing Victor, John says he's close to arresting him. Clint enlists Vimal help to determine if he's Jessica's father. Jessica tells Natalie she'll feel better when she's with John the man she loves. James tells Starr it's over between them. John comes home to find Natalie waiting for him.moreless
  • Ep. #11101
    Ep. #11101
    Episode 122

    Natalie asks John to check and make sure that Mitch is dead, Mitch wakes up and starts strangling him. Luna, Gabrielle and Megan go tend to the people that are near death. Troy tells Nora that he can't feel a pulse. Jessica tells James that a chandelier landing on Ford while he was fighting with Mitch. Clint finds himself in a dark place and is confronted by Stacy Morasco. Luna introduces himself to Cole, he then asks her if he too is dead. Gabrielle tells Bo that she's here to guide him into the next life. Megan tells Viki that her daughters are no longer in danger. Natalie picks up a gun and shoots Mitch dead. Ford wakes up to find himself with his father Eddie in hell. Natalie and John find Viki and Clint unconscious. James overhears Starr profess her love to Cole. Nora is delighted when Bo wakes up and comes back to her. Viki tells Megan she's not ready and goes with Clint. Mitch is taken away by Eddie and Stacy. Luna says that she could only save one of them.

  • Ep. #11100
    Ep. #11100
    Episode 121
    Mitch's gun goes off and a chandelier comes crashing down on Ford. Allison takes aim at a vase to get Clint and Viki's attention. Cole takes a bullet in the shoulder from Hannah that was meant for Starr. Lindsay asks Bo and Nora what's gonna happen to her now. Todd tells Starr to go with Cole and he'll look after Hannah. Nora sees that Bo was shot by Troy, and sees that Lindsay has taken off. Allison reveals to Clint that Jessica and Natalie are both his biological daughters. Mitch tells Jessica that he has no use for a disappointment for a daughter. Viki begins to believe Allison's revelation. Troy tells Nora she's gonna have to untie him so he can save Bo. Allison shoots Viki saying it's been a long time coming. Blair sits with Starr in the hospital chapel as they pray for Cole. James sees as Ford is brought into the hospital. John aims and shoots Mitch, and reunites with Natalie. Clint tends to Viki and he then has a heart attack.moreless
  • Ep. #11099
    Ep. #11099
    Episode 120

    Lindsay insists on going with Bo to try to talk Troy down. Sam tells James that Cole is in the cabana. Nora has a brief flash when Lindsay gave her the drug that took her memory away. Cole tells Starr that he lied to her before when he said he was okay with her being with James. Mitch tells Natalie that the woman who is going to bare his heir will be her. Hannah lets herself in and Sam recognizes her, she asks where his sister and Cole are. Viki tells Ford that Jessica agreed to sacrifice herself for Natalie. Todd tells Hannah to let Sam go, she's delighted when James, Cole and Starr join the party. Clint and Viki are shocked when Allison pays them a visit and reveals something to them. Lindsay distracts Troy so Bo can make his move. Jessica tells Mitch he can have her but needs to let Natalie go. Sam kicks Hannah and Todd gets him out of there. Ford tackles Mitch, Troy wakes up and pursues Bo, Allison aims and shots are then fired.

  • Ep. #11098
    Ep. #11098
    Episode 119

    Bo gets back to his place to find that Troy and Nora aren't there. Richard and John see that the person lying on the gurney isn't Mitch Laurence, but one of the guards. Viki comes downstairs and learns that Mitch has taken Natalie. Troy takes Nora to a secluded cabin in the woods hoping where they'll their lives together. James comes to warn Starr about the prison break also if she's heard from Cole. Bo gets a visit from Lindsay and swears she's only here to help and had nothing to do with the thing at Statesville. Cole tells Sam that nobody can know that he's here, Sam says that John needs to know. Mitch makes a demand of Viki that she can have Natalie if he gets Jessica. John tries to talk to Natalie. James asks Starr he can sense something is off and if she's in fact hiding Cole. Lindsay tells Bo that she felt Troy had a plan concerning Nora. Jessica overhears and tells Viki she'll trade herself to Mitch for Natalie. Bo thinks he knows where Troy may have taken Nora. Troy takes out a syringe and shows Nora a way she'll forget about Bo. Starr goes to check on Cole and admits he still loves her. Mitch calls wanting an answer from Viki.

  • Ep. #11097
    Ep. #11097
    Episode 118

    Nora is startled when she sees Troy, and he pulls out a gun seeing that she grabbed the phone. John and Bo learn that Mitch was the ring leader behind the breakout, but he was taken into custody, but John thinks something isn't right. Natalie is shocked as she's approached by Mitch at Llanfair. Blair tells Todd that she's not ready to move on just yet. Starr receives a visit from Cole and asks how he got out of prison. Mitch tells Natalie the reason he's here is cause he wants to see Jessica. Blair gets Todd to promise he's not going to hurt her again. Cole asks Starr for her help to hide him so he can figure out what to do. Clint comes downstairs and ends up being subdued by Mitch. Bo learns after calling Nora that Troy is with her but the line goes dead.

  • Ep. #11096
    Ep. #11096
    Episode 117

    Madame Delphina issues a warning to John that a powerful force is coming to Llanview and to prepare for the worst. Starr tells James that Rick agreed to drop the lawsuit and will continue to produce her music. Blair shows Todd the painting Téa dropped off that Tomas didn't get to finish. Everyone is suddenly startled when the lights begin to flicker all over. Natalie asks John to be her date for the wedding. Roxy comes and sees for herself that it's really Gigi and not Stacy. Bo apologizes to Rex cause Matthew is unable to make it. Blair takes a step forward and destroys the painting and asks Todd if he has any plans tonight. Madame Delphina presides at Gigi and Rex's wedding, pronouncing them husband and wife. James comes back apologizing for their fight earlier. Blair and Todd take part in a ritual burning their confessions on paper. 2012 is rung in when the town is hit with a blackout, John then tells Bo there's been a breakout at Statesville Prison. Nora, Natalie and Starr each get unexpected visitors.

  • Ep. #11095
    Ep. #11095
    Episode 116

    Gigi tells Jack she's gonna finish what she started which is wipe the floor with him for what he tried to do to her. Cutter breaks the news to Kim that Stacy died and Gigi is the one she rescued. Rex explains everything to Kristine about Gigi being alive. Natalie and John share unexpected reunion with Gigi. Viki tells Clint that Jack paying will finally bring peace to both Shane and Rex. Cutter tells Kim he's sorry for framing her for the murder and to help bust him out. Todd tells Blair that Rex could've been Neela's co-conspirator. Téa fights with Jack when he brings up that Stacy still died cause of his actions. Viki and Clint are shocked after Gigi walks in the room. Kristine tells Rex this is goodbye and to enjoy his life with Gigi. Todd comes to the realization that both Téa and John know he killed Victor. Cutter brings up a score to Kim involving their mother but she hangs up on him. Rex gets down on his knee and proposes to Gigi which she humbly accepts. Téa tells Blair and Todd that with Gigi alive Jack is free at least for now.

  • Ep. #11094
    Ep. #11094
    Episode 115

    Starr visits Rick in the hospital and for him to consider Todd's offer. Neela confesses to Jack that she recorded his confession cause Shane asked her to, he angrily tells her to get out. Kristine reminds Rama she told her to keep Neela away from Jack to begin with. Shane can't believe his mother is alive, and realizes that Jack didn't kill her and he's in jail. Tèa tells Blair and Todd that Jack could be in some serious trouble. Rick tells Starr he'll drop the lawsuit, but there's no way out of the contract that Baz signed. Kristine tells Rama she sensed something is wrong when she spoke to Rex. Gigi insists on Rex going to talk with Kristine and she'll go with Shane. Rama comforts Neela after having an unpleasant visit with Jack. Starr sees the "Jail Bait" music video and there's no way it'll be a hit. Todd confronts Neela in Angel Square about what she did to his son. Jack is shocked when Shane and a very much alive Gigi arrive at the police station.

  • Ep. #11093
    Ep. #11093
    Episode 114
    Rex wakes up thinking seeing Gigi was all a dream, but then she comes in saying she's never leaving him again. Shane tells Natalie and Clint he's the reason that Jack is in jail. Vimal and Rama asks Neela what's bothering her. Blair is surprised that Jack is finally owning up to him being responsible for Gigi's death. John tells Téa that Jack's confession was brought in by a civilian, Todd wants to know who it was. Rex tells Shane his gift is definitely gonna top what he's gonna give him. Clint tells Natalie that he and Viki will be taking things slowly to get it right. Blair tells Jack she'll always be there for him no matter what. Neela confides in Rama about Jack being in jail because of her, but feels guilty about it. Natalie tells Shane the time when Gigi was there for her while she was pregnant. Rex shocks Shane by saying his mother is alive, he then sees her and they quickly embrace. Jack thinks that Neela is the only person who knows and she wouldn't tell the police, Neela then comes to by.moreless
  • Ep. #11092
    Ep. #11092
    Episode 113
    Shane listens to Jack's entire confession and has what he needs to make him pay. Clint tells Jessica that he wants to be with Viki. Tèa tells John she wants to see Todd go down for Victor's murder. Rex continues to watch the footage with "Stacy" and sees Stacy in the basement with Gigi. Starr sees that Jack is seriously in love with Neela. Viki tells Clint that she saw him and Kim kissing when she got home from Texas. Natalie is delighted when John drops by with gifts for Liam. Rex is shocked when that Stacy and Gigi switched clothes and the person beside him is actually Gigi. Shane gives John the tape which contains everything that Jack did to his mother. Tèa tells Danielle there's something she needs to know about Todd, but they get interrupted by Blair, Starr, Jack and Sam as they're Christmas caroling. Gigi's memories of Rex and Shane start flooding back after he passionately kisses her. Jessica and Natalie go into the library to find Clint and Viki in an embrace. John arrives as places Jack under arrest for Gigi's murder.moreless
  • Ep. #11091
    Ep. #11091
    Episode 112

    Cutter confesses the truth to Rex saying that Stacy is actually Gigi. Todd sees that Jack had a good time with Neela. Tèa tells Danielle why would she would bother getting a present for Todd. Shane calls Neela asking if she got the goods on Jack and asks to meet with her right away. Kristine answers the door thinking it's Rex but it's Rama giving her a Christmas present. Cutter gets taken away by the police and tells Rex that she's really Gigi. Danielle is shocked when Tèa refers to Victor as her father not Todd. Kristine confides in Rama about Rex possibly having second thoughts about them. Prof. Fina tells Gigi and Rex there's a way they can get some answers and sets up a visual aid for them to watch via a time travel device. Danielle and Nate exchange gifts with each other. Neela tells Shane she lied to him earlier and shows him the tape of his confession. Jack humbly asks Todd to spend Christmas Eve with him and the rest of the family.

  • Ep. #11090
    Ep. #11090
    Episode 111

    Rex tells "Stacy" unaware she's Gigi what he really thinks of her. Viki tells David after seeing Clint with Kim to get her out of there right away. Neela gets Jack to admit to being responsible for Gigi's death not knowing she's recording it. Cutter comes across Prof. Fina and says that she seen the person he was looking for. Shane comes home to find the place decorated by Kristine and tells her he doesn't when Rex will be coming back. Rex tells "Stacy" that he can tell she's not like herself. Neela comforts Jack as he breaks down. Shane tells Kristine he's getting someone from school to help him with a project. David offers Viki a chance to forget all about Clint. Prof. Fina urges Cutter to let this woman go and be free. Gigi learns that Stacy never set foot in Paris, Texas and tells Rex of her memory flashes. Clint tells Kim that the person he wants to spend his life with is Viki. Jack tells Neela he's grateful he was able to open up to her. Cutter intervenes and tells Gigi and Rex there's something that they need to hear.

  • Ep. #11089
    Ep. #11089
    Episode 110

    Shane tells Neela to do what it takes to Jack to confess to killing his mother. Natalie tells Clint she and Jessica were descent to one another while decorating the tree. Tèa asks John how the investigation going so Todd can go down for Victor's murder. Viki tells Moe and Noelle that she's glad to be at the Pie bake off to honor Gigi. Gigi tells Cutter that she needs to go to the Bon Jour Cafè one more time. Jack tells Neela that Todd knows he started the fire and is practically blackmailing him. Viki points out to Rex that Prof. Fina resembles Delphina. Todd goes to check on Tèa and if there's anything he can do. Kim wants an answer from Clint to choose either her or Viki. Cutter finds Gigi missing from the airport. Jack makes Neela promise she won't tell anyone what he's about to tell her. Rex goes back to the diner and comes face with Gigi.

  • Ep. #11088
    Ep. #11088
    Episode 109

    After passing out, Roxy wakes up as Lorraine from "Fraternity Row," and learns of a whole new world, being married to David, and having Viki and Clint working as her maid and butler.

  • Ep. #11087
    Ep. #11087
    Episode 108

    John rushes Téa to the hospital when she has a baby crisis. Jack tells everyone that he invited Todd over to help decorate the tree. Nora and Bo confront Matthew after his argument with Destiny regarding their child. Jessica and Natalie trim the Christmas tree together and tells her to take a step toward in getting back with John. Todd tells Jack to be nice or he'll call John and have him arrested for arson. Matthew sees Destiny making a spectacle on the Blanca Morales show. Téa tells John not to leave her side. Starr tells Todd that Jack wouldn't just up an ask him over for Christmas just like that. Roxy faints after discovering that Fraternity Row taped it's last episode.

  • Ep. #11086
    Ep. #11086
    Episode 107

    Jack storms into Todd's office and asked how he framed Tomas for Victor's murder. Destiny wants an answer from Matthew regarding their child. Tea asks John if he was able to trace the video call from Tomas, but the I.P. address is impossible to trace thanks to Todd. Roxy is convinced David can save Fraternity Row, but he rejects the offer. Starr realize that Todd didn't waste any time in calling Blair. Shaun and Roxy ask David the real reason he won't help them. Todd tells Jack he knows he's the one that started the fire. Tea and John stage a confrontation saying Tomas was found dead, Calmar says they were supposed to keep him alive. Matthew tells Destiny the truth about how he wants to meet other girls and leads to argument that Nora, Bo, Richard and Phylicia walk in on. John tells Tea that although Calmar confessed they have nothing on Todd, causing her to have some sharp pains and concerned for her baby.

  • Ep. #11085
    Ep. #11085
    Episode 106

    Danielle tells Blair and Tèa that her uncle confessing was the talk of the entire school. Starr asks Todd why he looks miserable after being cleared. John tells Natalie that she's gonna need her team to look over Blair's computer. Shaun tells Destiny why isn't she with Matthew when he's being brought home today. David surprises Matthew, Bo and Nora when he has the apartment decorated for a welcome home party. Natalie and John can't keep their professional life away from their personal one. Todd tells Starr that he has a way of dealing with Rick himself and the less she knows the better. Nora tells Bo she can tell that Matthew is furious with her for persuading Destiny to keep the baby. John asks Natalie she should've stayed when he asked.Tèa sees that John didn't tell Natalie that Todd is Victor's real killer. Destiny asks Matthew if he's going to be a part of their baby's life. Roxy and Shaun see that David Vickers is the person they're looking for to help them save Fraternity Row.

  • Ep. #11084
    Ep. #11084
    Episode 105

    Kristine tells Rama that she already has plans for Christmas. Ford and Jessica go tree hunting with Ryder in Angel Square. Kim tells Clint that she wants him back, but he says that things are different now. Charlie tells Viki that he's here in Paris, Texas is cause for the big pie contest and apologizes about what things happened between them. Gigi has a brief memory flash of her and Shane when he was younger. The subject of Destiny's baby causes more drama between Shaun and Vivian. Cutter tries to convince Gigi that her mind is playing tricks on her. Charlie asks Viki if she has feelings for Clint. Gigi has another flash of Kim finding her and referring to her as Stacy. Kim and Rama get into a fight. Clint sees Jessica and Ford decorating the tree in the living room. Charlie asks Viki if she's made a decision yet.

  • Ep. #11083
    Ep. #11083
    Episode 104
    Gigi sees Rex come into the diner and quickly hides in the kitchen and lets Cutter know. Natalie wants John to take Liam back to his place for the night. Téa sees Blair and Todd together but instead tells them that Tomas is the key suspect in Victor's murder. Rex can see that Viki is thinking about Charlie. Clint and Kim realize they've been both set up via forged letters courtesy of Cutter. Blair tells Téa that she just spoke to Tomas via a web chat and he confessed everything. John comes home as Roxy is having a soiree to save her show in his hotel room. Kim reveals her real identity to a startled Clint and that Stacy being alive and has Gigi's face. Cutter gets Gigi out without being seen by Rex. Viki decides to waits tables for old times sake, and is shocked when Charlie comes in as a customer. Todd gets nervous when a cop takes Blair's laptop as evidence.moreless
  • Ep. #11082
    Ep. #11082
    Episode 103

    Agent Baker comes to Todd disguised as a maintenance man saying they need to talk. Tomas contacts Blair via the internet and shocks her by saying at gunpoint that he killed Victor. Viki tells Clint that if Kim were to walk through that door he wouldn't give her a second though. Tèa tells John that Tomas didn't kill Victor and believe that Calmar is the guilty one. Gigi tells Cutter that she can't leave the Bon Jour Cafe, cause it feels like she belongs here. Agent Baker tells Todd that Tomas will die if he doesn't convince Blair. Clint's ankle monitor goes off when he and Viki get into an argument. John makes Tèa promise not to tell Blair that Todd is still a suspect. Rex kisses Kristine and asks her to spend Christmas with him and Shane. Kim surprises Clint when she arrives at Llanfair. Viki and Rex arrive in Texas unknown that Gigi is inside working.

  • Ep. #11081
    Ep. #11081
    Episode 102

    Blair goes to Todd and doesn't believe that Tomas killed Victor and offers a reward on his whereabouts. Roxy tells Natalie if she's not going to tell John how she feels then she'll do it herself. Neela tells Shane that the tape recorder is in place hoping Jack spills his guts. Cutter becomes nervous after a customer recognizes her thinking they have to leave. Shane is frustrated after Rex reveals about Stacy being alive and had plastic surgery to look like his mother. Cutter tells Gigi they need a change of scenery other then Paris, Texas. Jack tells Neela that the person that tortured Shane isn't who he is anymore. Natalie catches up with Roxy at the police station and threatens she'll never see Liam again if she doesn't fix what she said. Rex thinks back on how he reunited with Gigi and invites and asks Shane if he'd like to go down to Texas. Bo divulges some advice to John to get back together with Natalie. Neela agrees to hang out with Jack again. Blair receives a message from Tomas.

  • Ep. #11080
    Ep. #11080
    Episode 101

    Viki goes to Noelle and confides in her about what just happened with Clint. Cutter asks Gigi if she's getting her memory back after recalling something. Kim tells Rex she'll tell him what he wants when Kristine gets that picture. Shane tells Neela he may have an idea to get Jack to admit everything. Clint tells Nigel about him and Viki sharing a kiss. The waitress at the Bon Jour tells Gigi and Cutter they happen to be hiring. Neela calls Jack and says she'd love to go out with him. Kristine goes to Rama knowing that she set Kim for a murder that Cutter committed and wants the original picture. Rex finds out that Stacy and Gigi were both in the house and Kristine comes through. Roxy goes to Clint needing help to keep Fraternity Row from being cancelled. Viki tells Noelle she wants to come to Texas to cheer her on.

  • Ep. #11079
    Ep. #11079
    Episode 100
    Cutter and Gigi arrive at the Bon Jour Cafe, and sees it resembles the Buenos Dias. Rex and Kristine visit Kim in jail and asks her to tell them where Stacy is at. Roxy assures Neela that all the rumors about Jack are indeed true. Noelle tells Shane that he's going to name her latest pie creation after Gigi. Starr asks Jack to be honest with Neela about what happened to Gigi. Viki asks Clint the reason he kissed her just now is cause of him being able to be with Kim.Kim tells Rex if he helps her get out of jail she'll tell what really happened in the basement that day. Noelle is startled after calling the Bon Jour and the person on the other end almost sounds like Gigi. Shane tells Neela that maybe she should go out with Jack after all. Roxy is upset when Fraternity Row has been abruptly cancelled.moreless
  • Ep. #11078
    Ep. #11078
    Episode 99
    Todd is in panic when Calmar is found and brought in for questioning. James and Nate show they're summons to Starr and Dani. Neela tells Jack that she and Shane were talking about his mother and how she died. Shaun surprises Vivian with flowers but says he gave them Tèa. Rex fills Kristine in on how Stacy entered his life and literally played with Shane's life. Cutter realizes that Kim made a mistake and grabbed the wrong woman at the house, and Gigi is alive. "Stacy" asks Cutter what he did that made the doctor so mad. Kristine reveals to Rex that Kim Andrews is that of the real Aubrey Wentworth, sees the connection finally. Téa doesn't believe when Claude says that Tomas killed Victor. Shane tells Neela he can tell he knows something about Jack and she needs to know who he really is. Starr says there's no way she's gonna do what Rick wants and will think of a way out of it. Cutter asks "Stacy" to go away with him and she chooses Paris, Texas.moreless
  • Ep. #11077
    Ep. #11077
    Episode 98

    Danielle confronts Jack with the latest newspaper headline of Tomas being Victor's murderer. Starr walks in on Blair trying to get a hold of Tomas. Kristine apologizes to Rex for the kiss. Stacy pulls away from Cutter. Téa tells Shaun that she's pregnant. Jack tells Danielle that he's just going after Tomas just to get himself off the hook. Todd promotes Tracy at The Sun to keep her from talking to John. Rex and Kristine prepare to stakeout the plastic surgeons office. Neela asks Shane exactly how his mother died and is stunned by what she hears. Todd makes it clear to John that he didn't start fire to his own paper. Téa tells Shaun that Tomas will be cleared again and didn't shoot Victor like before when he was accused. Starr tells Blair that it was because of Tomas that she missed eight years with her father. Dr. Fascinella finds no scarring behind Stacy's ear and tells Cutter she's not Stacy but Gigi. Starr is served with papers.

  • Ep. #11076
    Ep. #11076
    Episode 97
    John goes to see Brody and says he was implicated in the fire at The Sun. Rex apologizes to Shane for lying to him and that he'll be home soon. Cutter rushes to Stacy after she has a terrible dream of being stuck in a basement, he says that it really happened. Todd shows Jack the headline of Tomas going missing, and if he finally believes him. Brody admits to locking Vimal and Rama in Todd's office but didn't set fire to the place. Jack is surprised that Neela is now going to Llanview High. John tells Vimal and Rama that Brody admitted to locking them in but not starting the fire. Brody apologizes to Natalie for the way he lied to her and he's still in love with her. Shane tells Neela that Jack isn't good at all cause he murdered his mother. Todd finds out from his assistant that Jack had the building cleared out and started the fire. Brody tells Natalie that he can't see her anymore, cause he has to make amends with himself. Kristine and Rex share a kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #11075
    Ep. #11075
    Episode 96

    Matthew is beside himself to learn that he's going to be a father. Blair and Tèa ask John if he's accusing Tomas of killing her husband. Roxy finds herself in trouble when she blurts out to Natalie that John still loves her. Matthew is livid to learn that his mother talked Destiny out of having an abortion. Todd is questioned by John regarding the gun and how it came to be in Tomas' bedroom. Clint and Viki almost share a close moment together. Natalie wonders why John didn't tell her how he felt all those times, and thinks it's why he can't forgive the thing about Liam. Nora apologizes to Matthew for they're heated words. Viki comes down to find Clint preparing some Thanksgiving leftovers. Natalie goes to see John and he asks if everything's alright with Liam, but says she doesn't want nothing to interfere with them being great parents and leave things as they are.

  • Ep. #11074
    Ep. #11074
    Episode 95

    Téa asks John asks if he thinks Tomas killed Victor. Matthew asks Destiny if she's pregnant, Nora covers by saying that she's just gained weight. Natalie shares her theory with Viki about her suspicions of Todd. Rick threatens to call the police when Starr, Nate, James and Dani come visit him. Destiny tells Nora that Matthew should be told that she's carrying his baby, but she wants to wait til he's stronger. Rick threatens everybody with a lawsuit due to his apparent injury. Matthew touches Destiny's stomach and sees that she is pregnant and she says he's the father. Blair goes to the police station to be there for Téa, John says that the gun is the one that shot Victor and it belonged to Dorian. Todd makes Viki promise not to tell Blair that Tomas could have killed Victor.

  • Ep. #11073
    Ep. #11073
    Episode 94

    Bo and Nora are relieved when the doctor manages to revive Matthew and that he's woken up. Viki comes down the stairs and sees Todd as he's throwing a fit. Téa tries to get a hold of John to discuss Tomas. Bo tells Matthew he's been unconscious for six months. Natalie tells Viki that she's suspicious of Todd. Destiny goes to see Matthew and is stunned to see him awake, he's shocked and asks if she's pregnant. Blair interrupts a moment between John and Natalie. Vivian shares her opinion on marriage to Mr. and Mrs. Evans during a dinner and a food fight begins. John searches Tomas' room and finds a gun.

  • Ep. #11072
    Ep. #11072
    Episode 93
    Matthew Buchanan narrates this episode revolving around his family at Thanksgiving. Brody encounters Barb who was a patient when he was there. Bree asks Ford if he's going to be her new daddy after seeing him and her mother kissing. Nora and Bo celebrate by Matthew's bedside. Clint and Viki welcome John and Natalie while arriving for dinner. Shane tells Roxy if Liam is home safe, why isn't his father here spending the holidays with them. Natalie apologizes to Jessica for the things she said to her and Brody is at St. Ann's. Roxy tells John if he ever plans to tell Natalie that he still loves her. Jessica goes to see Brody and is remember the special time they shared together. Viki overhears Clint tell Shane that he's gonna try to be a better person and makes a toast for all her loved ones and Gigi who wished could be here with them. Bo and Nora turn around and see that Matthew has flatlined.moreless
  • Ep. #11071
    Ep. #11071
    Episode 92
    Nate shows Danielle some story online saying he's getting involved with Starr. Alex tells Cutter that she knows exactly what to do. James and Starr agree that Rick is to blame for this headline. Tomas pulls out a gun surprising Todd, but Agent Baker intervenes. Cutter comes out with a woman in bandages in a wheelchair. Kristine distracts the receptionist as Rex works to get into the room. Mayor Finn tells Bo to he can keep his job if he brings her a suspect in Victor's murder. Agent Baker knocks out Tomas and tells Todd they should proceed quickly. Rick arrives with and says the online column went exactly as he hoped it would. Mayor Finn and Nora engage in a slap fest. Kristine asks Rex if he believes that Cutter made Alex Olanov to look like Gigi. Tèa tells Blair that she wants her relationship with Tomas to work out for the best. Bo is greeted by fellow officers as he leaves the station. Nate, Danielle, Starr and James give Rick a taste of his own medicine. Rex tells Kristine he didn't believe a word Cutter said and that Gigi woman is still here somewhere.moreless
  • Ep. #11070
    Ep. #11070
    Episode 91

    Natalie and John arrive and asks Brody to hand over Liam, Brody then takes out a gun. Stacy stops Cutter from killing Alex. Tomas falls into Agent Baker and Todd's trap. Téa tells Danielle that she's pregnant with Victor's baby. Rex and Kristine learn they're at a plastic surgeons office and anyone could've operated and made anyone look like Gigi. John instructs Brody to put his gun down and he'll do the same. Cutter tells Alex he will never forget how he ruined his and Aubrey's life. Starr is shocked when hearing that her mother has chose Tomas over her father. Cutter tells Alex to get rid of Rex and Kristine so they can leave. Danielle surprises Téa with a dish she craved while pregnant with her. Tomas is surprised when Todd reveals his future plans that he'll take the fall for Victor's murder. Brody hands Liam over to John and Natalie and apologizes for what he's done for them.moreless

  • Ep. #11069
    Ep. #11069
    Episode 90
    Cutter reveals to Stacy he has a mother/son connection with Alex Olanov. John tells Natalie that he thinks Brody has taken him to Michigan cause his childhood home is now empty. Kristine tells Rex that he's here is cause she got some advice from Roxy about not bailing on friends. Agent Baker tells Todd that their plan to bring down Tomas is already in motion. Brody is surprised by his sister Nadine who was recently released from prison. Tomas tells Tèa that Blair made her decision last night and chose him over Todd. Cutter lets Alex know that she's his mother and how she took off with all their money and is the reason his father is dead. Agent Baker tells Todd that Calmar is gonna help them lure Tomas right to them. The police come to the door and Brody asks Nadine to say she hasn't seen him. Tèa tells Tomas the good news that she's pregnant with Victor's baby. Cutter begins strangling Alex. Brody admits to Nadine that Liam isn't his biological son.moreless
  • Ep. #11068
    Ep. #11068
    Episode 89

    Stacy and Cutter arrive at the plastic surgeons office. Jessica tells Ford she has no regrets about making love last night. Kristine tells Shane that his cousin Liam was taken last night. Shaun is shocked that Destiny's been eating junk food for breakfast instead of healthy stuff. Rex tells Natalie and John that he saw someone that looks like Gigi get on a plane with Cutter. Jessica feels guilty for not coming forward about Liam and tells Ford all was revealed at the church and Brody took Liam. Roxy tells Nigel that he did whatever he did to protect her grandson and is eternally grateful. Natalie and John's lead to about Liam which turns out to be false. Kristine is scolded by Roxy and is worried that Rex is fallen into Cutter's trap. Viki watches as Shane and Clint having a nice talk. John goes over Brody's file and thinks he knows where he is. Kristine joins Rex on the flight to Rio. Cutter tells Stacy that the woman is his mother.

  • Ep. #11067
    Ep. #11067
    Episode 88

    Todd is surprised when Baker points a gun at him while on the pier. Vimal and Rama learns that the fire was deliberately set and thinks Jack knows how. Rex is hysterical and demands someone open the door so he can speak to the woman that looks like his fiance. Nigel comes regains consciousness and tells John and Natalie that Brody is the one that knocked him out and took Liam. Tomas takes a call saying he couldn't get into Todd's office cause Blair interrupted him and thinks he's close to finding out that Todd killed Victor. Neela remembers what Jack said to her earlier and wonders if he started the fire himself. The fireman tells Vimal that the door was rigged to lock him in. Todd makes Baker an offer of cash in exchange for helping him deal with Tomas. Jack admits his wrong doings to Neela. Brody sees that there's an A.P.B out on him and takes off with Liam. Cutter opens up to Stacy about his family being rich then poor and finding his father who killed himself. Rex arranges to go to South America. John gets word that Brody was spotted at the airport, he and Natalie head over there.

  • Ep. #11066
    Ep. #11066
    Episode 87
    Jessica tells Ford they shouldn't be making love and is surprised that he feels the same way. Rex offers Natalie a lift to the airport so she can tell John the truth. Brody tells Liam he's gonna take him on a little journey. Cord tells Tina if she would like to get married again. Natalie catches up to John and learns that Liam is his son and Brody's known all along. Viki calls in another favor for Dorian to do something for Tina. Ford tells Jessica that he's starting to fall for her. Rex sees Cutter and asks him if the woman he was gonna pass off as Gigi is here with him. John and Natalie quickly embrace each other and admits to feeling something for Liam. Ford and Jessica make love for the first time. Dorian comes through with the marriage license for Cord and Tina. Nigel insists on calling Natalie for reassurance regarding Liam. Rex gets a message and quickly goes back and is shocked when coming face-to-face with Stacy who has Gigi's face. John and Natalie find Nigel unconscious and Liam's missing.moreless
  • Ep. #11065
    Ep. #11065
    Episode 86

    Roxy tries to speak up with a reason why they shouldn't be married, but remembers what Rex told her. Tina comes looking for "David Vickers" at Llanfair and finds the test results. Cutter arrives at the airport stops Stacy from purchasing a ticket to South America. Jessica tries to get a hold of John with no luck. Natalie is haunted by Jessica's words regarding Liam and Brody asks if everything's alright. Tina's sudden arrival at the ceremony and shocks Natalie the test results prove that John is the father and not Brody. John pays an unexpected visit to Liam and is caught by Nigel thinking he's an intruder. Jessica tells Ford that with Kelly and Marty gone he's the only friend she has right now. Brody admits to Natalie to knowing Liam wasn't his and it doesn't have to change anything between them, but he's crushed when she says she can't marry him. Ford and Jessica share a kiss. Cutter agrees to let Stacy go to Brazil so she can have her old face back, only if he goes with her. Brody tells Liam he's not going to lose him. Natalie says that John is leaving town and she has to talk to him.

  • Ep. #11064
    Ep. #11064
    Episode 85

    Shaun asks Vivian if they'll have their own wedding someday. Nora listens as Bo prays for Matthew to open his eyes and for him and her to get their lives back. Clint asks Rex to take his place and walk give Natalie away, but Viki says it won't be necessary. Roxy tells John she's going to give the opportunity of a lifetime by being her date to the wedding. Brody scrounges around looking for the paternity test hoping to get rid of it. Jessica tells Ford that Brody hurt in the worst way when he called her crazy. Vivian tells Shaun that even if he did propose she would definitely say no. Viki tells Clint that Dorian arranged for him to attend his daughter's wedding. Tina asks Natalie what she and Jessica were arguing about, while "David Vickers" sets off to get the piece of paper. Rex finds Bo and Nora and recalls their wedding and how he wanted that for him and Gigi. Ford tells Jessica that John needs to be told that Liam could be his son. Clint prepares to walk Natalie down the aisle.

  • Ep. #11063
    Ep. #11063
    Episode 84
    Todd sees Blair and Tomas kissing and overhears her admit her feelings towards him. Neela hopes and prays that Rama got through to Vimal. Brody confronts Jessica over what Natalie told him and for her to take what she said back. Rick isn't happy with the outcomes of the music video and presents a song which Starr wrote with Baz titled "Jail Bait". Natalie asks John why he's leaving Bo when Victor's killer is still out there. Tomas and Blair have sex for the very first time. Jessica asks Brody to have Liam tested so they can know for sure. Jack is startled when Neela tells him her sister in law and brother went to the Sun. Rick issues an ultimatum that she'll perform the new song or else. Todd is visited by Irene and she urges him to put an end to Tomas. Jessica is shocked when Brody suggests that she get help and doesn't want to see her relapse. John tells Natalie he's gonna miss her as well as Llanview. Vimal and Rama are grateful after being saved, by Jack unaware he's the one that started the fire. Jessica goes to see Ford and says she's officially lost her sister for good.moreless
  • Ep. #11062
    Ep. #11062
    Episode 83

    Tomas is almost caught by Blair as he's breaking into Todd's safe. Viki tells Clint that the petition was denied and he won't be attending Natalie's wedding. Vimal goes to John to file a missing persons report on his sister Neela. Brody becomes nervous when Natalie and Jessica got into a fight saying that John is Liam's father and not him. Jack asks Todd what he's doing in his house. David catches Clint and Viki in an almost tender moment. John tells Vimal he can't take the case cause he doesn't work with police anymore. Natalie tells Brody that Jessica is just being vindictive and didn't believe her. Neela begs for Rama to have Vimal send her back to India. Vimal thinks that his sister going missing is his karma over him not telling John the truth about Liam. Nadia calls Natalie saying that John is leaving town for good. Brody locks Vimal and Rama in Todd's office and doesn't want him telling anyone the truth. Jack pours gasoline around the place and plans to set the place on fire.

  • Ep. #11061
    Ep. #11061
    Episode 82

    Blair asks Tomas if he thinks Baker in fact killed Victor. Clint arranges a live video feed from the church to his lap top. Vimal gets a call from Jumby and asks Rama what he should say to his father. Mr. Calmar tells Tomas that Baker was released the same time that Irene was and doesn't think he killed anyone. Téa tells Todd that she found out last night that she's pregnant with Victor's child and hasn't told Danielle yet. Blair is surprised by a visit from David saying Dorian sent him to keep Todd out of her life for good. Neela tells Jack that the kind of person she wants to marry and doesn't let on that it's him. Clint is touched when Viki reveals that Téa petitioned the court so he can walk Natalie down the aisle, Téa then says that the judge denied it and shares her good news that she's pregnant. Blair decides to go and tell Todd to see if he still cares for her. Neela tells Rama that Jack Manning is the man of her dreams. Todd comes looking for Blair and encounters David saying he's too late cause she's off to find Tomas to admits his feelings for him. Jack enters the house and takes out some matches.

  • Ep. #11060
    Ep. #11060
    Episode 81

    Todd tries to convince Louie to give him the gun, until Tomas intervenes. Bo is stunned when John announces his resignation from the force and his plans to move to Seattle, Bo thinks it's cause he doesn't want to see Natalie marry Brody. Vimal and Rama almost catch up to Neela on the pier. Sam thanks Téa for giving him back his father. Jessica drops a bombshell on Natalie which she said that there was a DNA test that confirms everything. Jack sneaks Neela to the pool house on Victor's property. Todd puts Tomas on the trail and that Baker could've shot and confides in Louie that he's in fact guilty of killing Victor. Bo tells John that if he doesn't make an arrest in Victor's murder soon Mayor Finn will fire him if she's re-elected. Blair finds Sam playing with Téa's pregnancy test and confides in Blair that it's hers and not Danielle's. Rama tells Vimal after getting him out of the river that Neela ran off with some boy. Jessica tells Natalie to do her own test, she refuses and tells Jessica not to come to the wedding. Téa confides in Blair about being pregnant and Victor not being here to see it.

  • Ep. #11059
    Ep. #11059
    Episode 80

    Téa thinks she could be pregnant with Victor's baby. Todd is surprised to see Louie alive and not dead like Irene said he was. Neela asks Jack if she can go with him wherever he's going. Jessica discovers the test result went missing and realizes that "David Vickers" may have gotten a hold of it. John sees Natalie in her wedding dress and sees how it almost resembles her other one on their wedding day. Vimal calls Rama and says that Neela has disappeared. Tomas asks Téa if everything's okay, and he's running ragged working on finding Victor's killer. Louie tells Todd that Irene's goons tracked him down, but he had on the bulletproof vest he left him and made them think he was dead. Neela explains to Jack she ran away from her country cause she doesn't marry someone her parents want her too. Brody arrives and Natalie says he can't see her in her wedding dress, he asks John what he just walked in on. Louie shows Todd that he still has the gun and why does he want it so badly and if he killed the guy that stole his life. Téa decides to take a pregnancy test to see once and for all. Jessica faces Natalie to tell her the truth. Neela asks Jack's help as her brother and his wife are looking for her.

  • Ep. #11058
    Ep. #11058
    Episode 79

    Marcie encounters Destiny at the diner and learns that she's pregnant. Danielle tells Téa what are they going to do for money and a place to stay if they have to move out of the house. Roxy tells John why didn't he crash the engagement party and tell Natalie that he loves her. Jack comes to the office and learns that Todd has taken over the newspaper and refuses to work for the person who killed his father. Vimal is stunned to see his sister Neela in Llanview and realizes his parents have no idea she's here. Natalie storms out after Tina tells her the story she almost married Max by saying Cord's name during the vows. Jessica tells Ford she can't take it anymore and has to tell Natalie the truth about Liam. Jack finds Neela crying in the hall and checks on her, she looks up and sees the man of her dreams. Marcie tells John she should've stayed with Natalie and raised Liam like he was his own. Téa overhears Danielle and Destiny talking and thinks she might be pregnant. Todd is shocked when someone comes to The Sun offices. John pays Natalie a visit.

  • Ep. #11057
    Ep. #11057
    Episode 78
    Stacy rushes into the bathroom as Rex pounds on the door demanding that she come out, cause nobody can replace the real Gigi. Viki, Tina and Todd each receive a summons to the court. Tomas tells Blair that he's here to talk to Jack, cause even though he lied he still was at the scene of the crime. Téa talks to Nora about Tomas' plan to find out who killed Victor, Nora says they can't rule Todd out as a suspect in the case. Cutter tells Rama that he intercepted a letter that she wrote to Clint meaning they're off the hook. Cord reads the letter that Kim wrote, and Clint found someone younger and isn't under house arrest. Nora runs into Destiny at the Buenos Dias and helps her with her college essay and she doesn't know what to write about. The judge denies Téa's claim to contest the will, and reveals that Irene left everything to Tina. Clint tells Cord that he did the right thing by steering away from Tina, who then says he made a mistake. Rama asks Kristine if she's in fact falling for Rex altogether. Tina stuns Todd when she refuses the inheritance and gives all to him. Stacy tells Cutter that she's out and can't go along with his plan to give him the Buchanan fortune. Cord is speechless to learn that Tina turned the money over to Todd and it's cause of him.moreless
  • Ep. #11056
    Ep. #11056
    Episode 77

    Nigel tells Clint to call off the search for Kim, prompting Clint to fire him. Rex is shocked to find Tina and Cord in the stables. Viki and Todd discuss about both of their love lives. Tomas assures Tèa that he's going to be a better brother to her. Cord tells Tina that just because they made love doesn't mean they're back together again. Rex tells Kristine how can Cutter stoop so low as to have someone pass off as Gigi as Shane continues to grieve. Blair confides in Starr about being torn between both Tomas and Todd. Stacy demands the truth from Cutter or she'll go to Rex herself. Viki tells Todd it's gonna take time with Jack cause he Victor is the only father he remembers. Clint tells Nigel he isn't fired also knows Kim and something is not right here. Rex waits for Cutter to leave before he moves into see the mystery woman in the hotel room. Tèa is livid after getting off the phone that Bo has come across nothing, Tomas vows to find Victor's killer. Todd and Viki both receives letters regarding a personal matter. Rex lets himself into the room to talk the person.

  • Ep. #11055
    Ep. #11055
    Episode 76

    Tina tells Cord she's certain the woman in the picture is the one who came to Llanfair earlier. Natalie issues a threat to Kristine that Rex is still grieving. Cutter tells Stacy if anything came back while seeing Rex's face. Shane sees Stacy listening to Gigi's voice in the Halloween card. Brody asks Rex to be his best man, Tina says that it's Cord's job. Stacy runs off after talking with Shane causing Kristine to undo Cutter's costume and recognizing him. Jessica and Ford bring Bree to the mansion for the party. Kristine blasts Cutter and his date for crashing the party, Rex asks the woman to take off her mask. Sam wants Todd to join him and Blair in trick-or-treating. Viki and Clint reminisce about their wedding day. Stacy asks Cutter why is she trying to pass herself off as Gigi. Todd prepares to express his true feelings to Blair, until he gets another ghostly visit from Irene. Tina and Cord argue and end up making love in the stables.

  • Ep. #11054
    Ep. #11054
    Episode 75

    Rex applauds Kristine at the good job she did decorating the mansion for Natalie's engagement. Brody asks Natalie what she and Roxy were discussing earlier. Cutter tells Stacy that they'll be going to a party that Rex is throwing. Kristine opens a card and Gigi's voice plays and Shane says his mom gave it to him last Halloween. Tina comes downstairs wearing a wedding dress and Viki doesn't think Natalie would approve. John tells Roxy that he tried to tell Natalie his feelings but then he found out about her and Brody. Viki goes through the mail and an urgent letter for Clint from Kim is shown among. Michael urges John to go see Natalie to tell her how he feels. Kristine and Rex almost share a tender moment until his guests start to arrive. Stacy agrees to go to the party with Cutter. Tina recognizes Gigi's picture as the woman that came by the house earlier. Rex answers the door and unknowingly faces his past.

  • Ep. #11053
    Ep. #11053
    Episode 74
    Kristine slaps Cutter by what he was going to give Clint's company back in exchange for giving Rex back his dead fiance. Rick's explains the details of the music video Starr will be appearing in with Nate and wants Ford to direct it. Marcie gives John some pointers regarding Brody. Roxy wants to talk to Natalie about John's true feelings. Danielle tells Starr to fight Rick, cause she doesn't want him hurting another person the way he did for Nate. Rex tells Brody that he couldn't ask for a better man to marry Natalie. Kristine sees that Cutter isn't alone at his hotel, thinking it was quick for him to get another mark. John tells Michael that Brody is hiding something and it being connected to Victor somehow. Rex is surprised and delighted when he gets a visit from Marcie and wonder why he's with Aubrey who broke Joey's heart. Starr wants Rick to promise her the final cut of the video. Michael and John discuss Brody's PTSD and he could lose it if Victor costs him Liam somehow. Cutter has an idea that it's time Stacy and Rex met.moreless
  • Ep. #11052
    Ep. #11052
    Episode 73

    Tina tells Cutter the woman in his picture was here earlier. Viki tells Todd that him not killing Victor is all that matters. Jack gets the shock of his life when he encounters someone that looks like Gigi in the cemetery, he freaks and runs off. Tomas comes to see Blair but she reluctantly shuts the door in his face. Shane tells Rex that he wants to forget about Halloween this year and not dress up. Tomas questions Blair about the possibility of her still loving Todd. Rex tries to cheer Shane up so along with Kristine they prepare for the Halloween party for Brody and Natalie by dressing up as the Three Musketeers. Jack comes home all disoriented, Blair asks where he was. Cutter explains to Stacy who she is and why she has Gigi's face. Viki gets caught in the middle with Tina and Todd's squabble.

  • Ep. #11051
    Ep. #11051
    Episode 72

    Ford and Jessica decide what to do for Ryder's first Halloween. Kristine sees how badly Rex's face is and figured out the outcome of his fight with Cutter. John is surprised when Michael and Marcie come for a visit and that she's pregnant again. Rama surprises Vimal and asks what secret while talking at Victor's grave. Jessica is shocked when Tina says that she's Natalie's maid of honor. Cutter lashes at the nurse for letting Stacy walk out of the hospital and wants her found, he discovers she went to Llanview. Stacy comes to Llanfair and encounters Tina. John breaks the news to Michael and Marcie that Natalie and Brody are getting married. Vimal reveals the truth of Liam's paternity to Rama and says John needs to be told. Brody tells Natalie that it does upset him to see Ford and Jessica together. Kristine and Rex continue to become closer with each other. Stacy finds herself in the cemetery looking at Gig's grave.

  • Ep. #11050
    Ep. #11050
    Episode 71

    Viki asks Clint why didn't she tell Kevin and Joey that Rex wanted to give him the house back. Cutter surprises Rex when he says that Gigi's alive. Stacy does some research to determine who she is. Tomas admits that what Todd says was true and is then released. Bo tells Nora of Mayor Finn's threat to fire him if Victor's killer isn't brought to justice. Clint talks to Viki about Rex being more like Mitch than everyone might think. Nora gets call saying that Todd confessed to Irene's murder. Rex is shocked when Cutter shows him a picture of someone that looks like Gigi. Todd tells Téa now she has to keep him out of prison. Bo is called to B.E. and breaks up a fight between Cutter and Rex. Stacy takes looks in a mirror and sees her face resembles Gigi's and finds out about Rex and Shane. The judge tells Todd he's free to go after hearing from both sides. Cutter returns to find Stacy missing from her hospital bed. Nora threatens Téa that the person who killed her husband is just walking around free.

  • Ep. #11049
    Ep. #11049
    Episode 70

    Starr is hounded by the press, James intervenes and tells everyone to leave. Kristine learns that Rex is giving everything back to Clint. Blair tells Todd that stepping up and keeping Tomas from going to jail is the right thing to do. Tomas stands up to make a statement which Tèa tells him to make the right choice. Rex tells Kristine he's giving everything up to put Shane first. Cutter plans to use his knowledge of Stacy's existence to get his hands on the Buchanan fortune. Starr is put in an awkward situation when Rick suggest she lose James and Hope while out in public. Todd has another vision or Irene, making another attempt to get him to admit that he killed Victor. Cutter makes plans to take Stacy to Llanview. Tèa and Blair watch as the judge sentence Tomas to 20 years in prison. Rick pays the reporters for doing a job well done with the ambush. Todd comes in and admits to killing Irene. Cutter tells Rex what would he do if he can bring Gigi back.

  • Ep. #11048
    Ep. #11048
    Episode 69

    Cutter calls Clint asking him if he'd like to have his company back. Roxy informs Rex of what's been going on with her and Echo. Rex asks Roxy who has the document that has his "signature" on it. Blair questions Tomas on why he confessed to a crime he didn't commit and to why he's doing this. Stacy wakes up and Cutter informs her that she's in the hospital. Nora is against Téa's motion, and offers that Starr go free if Todd serves two years in prison. Clint reads his e-mail and that it seems he can return his belongings to him, but calls Rex and asks him to come to Llanfair. Tomas asks Blair if she's still in love with Todd. Bo and Mayor Finn's fight end up in Bo getting fired from his job, but later rescinds it. Stacy tries to get out of the hospital, but Cutter stops her. Rex hands over Clint's house, he then insists on he son and Shane continue to live in the mansion which touches Viki. Cutter sees an opportunity to get what he wants by using Stacy to do it. Mayor Finn tells Bo that if he doesn't find Victor's killer before she's sworn in again then he will be fired.

  • Ep. #11047
    Ep. #11047
    Episode 68

    Ford and Jessica's date is interrupted by Brody. Tina wants to prove to Natalie that she is remorseful with what she did to her and Jared by helping with her wedding plans. Danielle tells Starr that Nate came over and brought over her birthday present. Blair looks at Jack's latest headline which features Starr on the cover. Nora tells Todd she's not dropping the charges til he looks her in the eye and says he didn't do it, Téa says it won't be necessary. Brody confronts Vimal with what he said to Shaun about Victor's murder. Nora tells Téa that he'll be put back in his cell for escaping, but will re-arrested when she finds more evidence and will reinstate the charges. Starr tells Danielle that she's finally being arraigned in the morning. Blair brings Jack to the station to retract his statement where he has an encounter with Todd, who says he's not her for him and still thinks he's guilty. Natalie humbly agrees to let Tina help with the wedding plans. Starr and Todd reunite while he's being brought down. Jessica looks at the paper wondering what she's going to do. Danielle tells Téa that everything is going to be alright and that it's officially her birthday.

  • Ep. #11046
    Ep. #11046
    Episode 67

    John is need of answers from Brody on what he and Victor were arguing about. Cutter watches as the doctor asks the patient her name. Kristine apologizes to Rex for ratting him out to Bo. Bo tells Nora that it's better that she cut Todd loose. Cord cautions Ford not to hurt Jessica. Tina tells Jessica that "David Vickers" got the paper from Tèa's bedroom and that it belonged to Victor. Todd tells Tèa that there's something that he has to tell her. Ford is surprised when Jessica agrees to go on a date with him and Tina and Cord agree to take care of Ryder. Brody tells John that this is about Liam and that he's his son and not his. Kristine tells Rex rehash their stories of both being con artists and hires to plan Natalie and Brody's engagement party. The patient asks Cutter what her name is, then the doctor comes in. Nora asks Todd to look into her eyes and tell her that he didn't kill Victor.

  • Ep. #11045
    Ep. #11045
    Episode 66
    Rex tells Natalie that from now on Shane will be his number one priority. Shaun goes to John with some information from Vimal that maybe a cop shot Victor. Tèa asks Bo that she wants to listen to the recording of Victor's voice one more time. Todd receives a ghostly visit from Irene and he starts to remember the night of the shooting. Cutter and Rama shock Kim when he brought the police and she's under arrest. The nurse goes in and checks on the patient who's woken up. Danielle thanks Nate for coming by and remembering her birthday. Roxy is furious when she finds out from Rex about Natalie and Brody getting engaged thinking she should be with John. John tells Brody that he wants to clear the entire force by having their guns tested. Danielle tells Nate she can't be his girlfriend unless they go out on a date first. Cutter sees that she's woken up and the doctor asks what her name is. Todd begins to remember shooting Victor while guided by Irene.moreless
  • Ep. #11044
    Ep. #11044
    Episode 65

    Blair goes to Bo wanting an explanation as to why Shane pulled a gun on Jack last night. Rama threatens Cutter to tell her where Aubrey is or she'll expose him. Nate presents Danielle with an early birthday present, she then breaks into tears saying she completely forgot. Todd thinks about turning himself in to the police. Shane admits to Rex he did what he did cause he thought he killed Victor. Danielle tells Nate that she caught her mother in a lie and thinks she's with Todd. Téa and Todd make an agreement. Blair wants to know if Shane is gonna be charged. Echo wants Kim to give her back the document, but she says she doesn't have it anymore. Danielle asks Nate to stay and watch the movie with her. Rama finally gets her revenge on Aubrey/Kim. The mystery patient wakes up but is it Stacy or Gigi?

  • Ep. #11043
    Ep. #11043
    Episode 64

    Bo and Rex stop Shane as he's about to shoot Jack. Kristine tells Rama that she encountered Audrey and now has a completely different face. Cutter tells Kim how can she be certain that the woman in the bed is Stacy and not Gigi. Téa tells Blair that Todd isn't downstairs is cause his fever broke and is upstairs resting. Jessica doesn't know how to tell John about Liam being his son. Shane tells his side of the story to Rex and Bo about hitting Jack and then taking him to the hospital but not shooting Victor. Vimal tells Shaun that the police might have a suspect in the case. Kim confesses the truth to Cutter, giving him valuable info against the Buchanans. Natalie comes in with the results that the gun Shane had isn't the one that killed Victor, Bo then lashes at Jack for lying to the police.

  • Ep. #11042
    Ep. #11042
    Episode 63

    Viki and Clint talk about their love lives. Cutter tells Kim she's not going to let her give Clint back his money cause he's reclaiming them. Rex comes to the shocking realization that Shane could've killed Victor. Jack is stunned when Shane admits to hitting him outside his father's house, and realizes he killed his father. Kristine explains to Bo that she and Cutter came across the gun and Echo and Roxy are connected somehow. Shane and Jack get into it at the cemetery, as he tries to force Jack at gun point to admit to having a role in his mother's death. Cutter threatens Kim by saying he'll expose Stacy who happens to have Gigi's face. Rex confesses to Bo, but Echo says that he's only doing this to protect Shane.

  • Ep. #11041
    Ep. #11041
    Episode 62

    Echo and Roxy team up to help out Rex. Kim tells Stacy that she's sure she'll come around in no time. Blair tells Jack that she never believed his story in the first place. Kristine calls it quits with Cutter after making a discovering he never took the gun to the police. Shane flashes back to the night he knocked out Jack. Kim thinks back to when Stacy first revealed herself to her. Téa and Todd both think that Rex could be Victor's killer. Blair makes it clear to Jack that she loves him unconditionally. Kristine goes to Bo and says she has information on Victor's murder. Rex maintains his innocence to both Echo and Roxy. Shane walks up behind Jack with the gun in his hand.

  • Ep. #11040
    Ep. #11040
    Episode 61

    Rex gets a visit from Madame Delphina, and he asks her to send him back in time to stop Gigi from but she refuses. Téa witnesses a close moment between Blair and Todd. Starr wants Jack to confess but he then refuses. Roxy and Echo try to figure out what to do with Kim's threats. Todd agrees to turn himself in, only if Téa believes he didn't shoot Victor. Blair tries to get Tomas to get him to change his plea. Echo tells Roxy that she forged Rex's signature on the papers she gave Kim. Jack has an encounter with Madame Delphina in the cemetery. Téa suddenly comes to the realization that Rex who could've shot Victor. Stacy's face is finally revealed and it resembles Gigi's.

  • Ep. #11039
    Ep. #11039
    Episode 60

    Jack shows Starr the latest headline that Todd struck again. Clint catches Cord and Tina in a close moment. Jessica tells Ford the paternity test results were found in Tina's bag where she kept her dog. "David Vickers" sneaks into the apartment and has a weird conversation with Liam. Blair and Todd recall their history together, and bringing back old feelings for them. Tina goes to see and asks Viki to give her a second chance. Clint wants assurance from Cord that he won't get involved with Tina again. Ford explains to Jessica that she should show the test to John right away. Tina and Viki agree to an understanding and is then reunited with her dog. Starr gets Jack to tell the truth that he heard her and Shaun talking and not from the night of the murder.

  • Ep. #11038
    Ep. #11038
    Episode 59

    James tells Ford that he feels helpless that he can't do more for Starr while she's in jail. Tina comes looking for her dog in Téa's bedroom. Jessica looks at the paper and then shares a moment with Cord. Todd's condition worsens, Blair is then forced to call Todd's condition worsens, Blair is then forced to call Téa. Starr is told by a guard she'll be staying here a little while longer. Ford sees Jessica was worked after bringing Ryder over for a visit. James tells Starr that he tried but Jack figured out what he was trying to do. Cord and Tina argue while at Viki's place and rehash some bad memories of the past. Téa has to deliver bad news to Starr that Todd's been shot.

  • Ep. #11037
    Ep. #11037
    Episode 58

    John enlists Sam's help to locate Todd, Jack comes in and asks why they haven't found him yet. Jessica contemplates telling Brody the truth about Liam's paternity, unaware he already knows. Téa wants Tomas to admit that he didn't shoot Irene. Todd begs Blair not to call for help. James assures Starr he'll get the truth out of Jack and her father will come home safe. John questions Tomas. Brody reassures Natalie about their future together. James has a plan to get Jack to admit the truth, but he turns on the TV and sees that Todd is still at large calling James's bluff. Blair calls Dorian for help in getting the bullet out of Todd's shoulder. Starr learns of Irene's death and Tomas is being charged with her murder.

  • Ep. #11036
    Ep. #11036
    Episode 57

    James pays Starr a visit at the jail, and has to deal with the consequences of helping Todd escape. Jessica tells Natalie that what she needs to tell her is important. John tells Tomas that it's convenient that he just happens to be at the pier when he and Brody showed up. Todd finds solace at Viki's cabin and begins to hallucinate seeing Irene as his injury worsens. Jessica doesn't tell Natalie the truth about Liam's paternity. Téa and Blair learn as Tomas is being hauled in that he confessed to killing Irene. Starr tells James to do what he can to stay safe. Blair locates Todd at the cabin laying on the floor unconscious.

  • Ep. #11035
    Ep. #11035
    Episode 56

    Natalie tells Viki her dream of finding the paternity test and it said that John was Liam's father. Irene praises the explosion and says to Todd she couldn't risk the others fighting for Victor's money. Bo risked his life to save Blair, Starr and Téa, while disposing of the bomb and someone loses their life in the process. Jessica learns information that could change Natalie's life, Brody then interrupts her saying he's looking for Todd. Tomas learns that Irene was released and set the bomb that almost blew up the house. Viki is worried that Natalie might be marrying Brody for the wrong reasons. Téa arrives to represent Starr before she can be questioned by Bo and John. Tomas finds Irene dead and Todd admits to shooting her, and says there might be another way out of this. Jessica goes to the loft to see Natalie.

  • Ep. #11034
    Ep. #11034
    Episode 55

    Cord isn't happy to see Tina and blasts her for what she did to Natalie. Brody brings Natalie back to the loft, and says Clint gave him his blessing. Todd meets with Irene on the pier and he wants the gun in exchange for the chip. Bo tells everyone that Jack called and reported Todd's whereabouts to the police. The unseen bomb continues to countdown. Todd abruptly throws the ring in the river angering Irene, she then shoots him. Tina sees that "David Vickers" is missing from her bag. Jack is pleased when Bo places Starr under arrest. Viki questions Natalie about what she feels for John. Irene tells Todd that explosion was the sound of his family dying. Jessica comes across the paternity test results saying John is Liam's father.

  • Ep. #11033
    Ep. #11033
    Episode 54

    Cord tells Clint that B.E. is in serious trouble and Rex needs to be dealt with. Todd says that Irene threatened unaware that the bomb timer continues to countdown. Bo finds the guards tied up and sees that Todd isn't in his cell. Tina finds "David Vickers" with Natalie's paternity test in his paws. Blair is shocked when Starr admits to busting Todd out of prison. Shane tells Rex that he just went for a walk after finding him in Angel Square. Jack asks why Todd isn't in jail where he belongs, and goes out to calls the police where he is. Rex shows Shane the receipt from the diner and sees it has Gigi's handwriting on it. Clint defends Rex to Cord calling him his son. Todd has a brief memory after seeing his father's ring and remembers putting the microchip in it. Tina comes face-to-face with Cord.

  • Ep. #11032
    Ep. #11032
    Episode 53

    Everyone is shocked when Victor's will reveals he leaves everything to his mother Irene. Jessica wants Natalie to tell the truth behind the reason of the hookup with Brody. Brody makes another attempt to get Clint's blessing in his marriage to Natalie. Téa and Viki make it clear to Irene they'll be contesting the will, Irene then orders everyone to move out immediately except for Jack. Jessica and Natalie unleash some old wounds and get into it. Starr agrees to helping Todd escape jail, by having him fake a heart attack. A frustrated Blair slaps Irene and tells her to not go near her son. Starr grabs a guards gun, as a last result when scheme didn't work. Irene places a bomb outside Victor's house which is set to go off in an hour. Brody breaks up a fight between Jessica and Natalie. Clint is surprised at Llanfair by an unexpected visitor.

  • Ep. #11031
    Ep. #11031
    Episode 52
    Rex again sees Gigi while ordering at the diner. Téa gets a visit from a lawyer about Victor's will. Jessica goes to Ford to lean on after telling him that Natalie said yes to Brody's proposal. Irene's plan to shoot Viki gets interrupted by a call from Blair about Victor's will being read. Todd shows Starr the note that Irene left for him, but sees that's the paper is blank. Ford tells Jessica to take her aggression out by hitting something which ends up being him. Rex is confused about Natalie's motives. Tina comes back to Llanview to tend to some family business and is shocked to see her mother Irene very much alive. Starr thinks the note was written with disappearing ink and that her father isn't crazy after all. Jessica and Natalie have a brief encounter.moreless
  • Ep. #11030
    Ep. #11030
    Episode 51

    Bo gives Viki's confirmation of Irene's release after she comes to see her at Llanfair. Natalie tells John she knows what he wants to say cause she heard him tell Roxy last night. Tomas tells Dani he's to blame for Todd missing eight years. John backs down from professing his love to Natalie after learning that Brody proposed. Blair almost gets the truth out of Jack when she says Todd will probably get the lethal injection for shooting Victor. Téa finally decides to trust Todd and represent him. Viki confronts Irene, who then threatens her with a gun.

  • Ep. #11029
    Ep. #11029
    Episode 50

    Jessica has a dream of Brody saying he wouldn't marry anyone but her. Todd fantasizes Jack apologizing to him and calling him his father. Téa quickly wakes up after having a vision of Todd sleeping next to her. Jack envisions Gigi as his teacher while explaining carbon monoxide. Clint is surprised to learn from Jessica that Brody proposed to Natalie. Todd tells Irene that he has no idea of what he has that she wants. Bo listens to John's confession that he still loves Natalie. Shane listens as Jack lies to some classmates of being the witness in his father's murder. Brody tells Clint that he's marrying Natalie with or without his blessing. Blair tries to find a way to get the truth out of Jack. Todd watches as Bo released Irene from jail, he's surprised when Téa comes to see him. Natalie tells John that she has something to tell him.

  • Ep. #11028
    Ep. #11028
    Episode 49

    Blair delivers some bad news to Starr, but she's stunned she already knows and Jack's the reason that Todd was arrested. Natalie overhears John tells Roxy that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore. Ford, Nate and James talk about their love lives while in the steam room. Brody gets a visit from Jessica he shocks her by saying that he proposed to Natalie tonight. James tells Nate that Dani might need him right now, Nate says that he already paid her a visit cause some lady told him to go to her. Dani tells Téa that Todd does deserve a good defense. Blair tells Starr that what if Jack isn't lying about his statement to the police, when Jack left the room she admits to Starr she didn't believe a word he said. Natalie leaves Rodi's after hearing John doesn't love her anymore. John finally admits to Roxy he still loves Natalie. Jack tells Blair he's grateful that she believes him. Ford consoles Jessica after she found out about Brody's proposal to Natalie. Natalie says to Brody that she'll marry him.

  • Ep. #11027
    Ep. #11027
    Episode 48

    Cutter finds Kim and confronts her about the missing gun from Morris. Echo tells Roxy that if she doesn't give Kim what she wants she'll tell the police that Rex shot Victor. Dani goes to visit Todd in jail and asks if he killed her father. John asks Irene if she had a hand in her son's death. Natalie confides in Rex about Brody's marriage proposal. Tomas looks after an emotional Téa, but she doesn't want his comfort after recalling he threatened her husband. Todd asks Dani if she believes he's innocent. Cutter goes in and sees Kim's friend laying in the hospital. Roxy asks Echo what she's going to do to protect Rex from going to prison. Kim is delighted when Cutter agrees to let her keep the gun.

  • Ep. #11026
    Ep. #11026
    Episode 47

    Bo asks John if he thinks Jack is lying about seeing Todd at the scene. Starr asks Baz what he's doing with Rick. Jack sees that it's Shane who's stumbling around possibly eavesdropping on him. Kim asks a nurse to help her get Rex out of the hospital and lies to her by saying he's the reason for her friend's condition. Natalie asks Brody where that proposal came from. Irene and Todd face each other again while in jail and thinks she's the one that made Louie disappear. Rex doesn't seem to believe Kim's story. Starr decides to let Rick produce the single and tells Baz not to do anything behind her back again. Shane tells while visiting his mother's grave he knows Jack's lying.

  • Ep. #11025
    Ep. #11025
    Episode 46

    Jack says while at Victor's grave and promises justice even if it means lying about seeing Todd at the crime scene. Natalie tells Brody that there's a witness to Victor's murder. Echo tells Rex to give Clint back his possessions. Dani and Téa wonder if Jack would actually lie to punish Todd. Cutter confronts Kim when he discovers the gun is missing from Morris. Rex decides to head back to Kentucky to find Kim's friend in the hospital. Todd wants Téa's help in proving his innocence. Brody unexpectedly proposes to Natalie.

  • Ep. #11024
    Ep. #11024
    Episode 45

    Téa is shocked to find Todd in the church. Rex asks Clint who he's pulling his weight for by calling a hospital. Mayor Finn tells Bo that she wants an arrest in the Victor Lord case. Jack tells Dani that he's the witness in his father's murder. Echo recognizes Kim as Clint's ex-wife, but Kim says she's done some digging herself. Shaun asks Destiny what was more important then attending the funeral, she says she went to visit Greg in prison. Jack asks Dani if he believes what he said happened. Rex tells Clint that he came to her because of Gigi and maybe then can help each other. Kim wants to bargain with Echo in exchange for the gun. Mayor Finn orders Bo to arrest Todd for Victor's murder.

  • Ep. #11023
    Ep. #11023
    Episode 44

    Jack calls and is shocked that Todd hasn't been arrested for Victor's murder yet. Dani and Blair see that Téa isn't dressed for the funeral, she says she can't bury her husband. Rex tells Echo that he had another encounter with Gigi. Roxy tells Cutter that she's not leaving without Morris. Jack asks Dani if she's with him on making Todd pay. Viki is worried that Kim will pull Clint to her illegal activities. James comforts Starr when she says she just wants this funeral to be over with. Kim asks Cutter what's the big deal of Morris cause Roxy wanted it back so badly. Téa is shocked with what she finds out.

  • Ep. #11022
    Ep. #11022
    Episode 43

    Cutter lies to Kristine by saying he turned the gun into the police. Kim is shocked that Clint is suggesting that he have her friend transferred to Llanview hospital and says it can't happen. Roxy enlists Delphina's help to locate Morris, she then asks to tell her about the gun. Gigi makes another appearance to Rex and says for him not to give up. Tomas tells Blair where he was when Victor was shot. Starr tells James that the producer that approached them is Rick, but she wants nothing to do with him. Clint goes against Kimberly's wishes and does a search on where this hospital is. Baz makes plans to meet up with Rick behind Starr's back. Dani is shocked when Nate shows up at the house. Roxy knocks on the door of Nate's room.

  • Ep. #11021
    Ep. #11021
    Episode 42

    Destiny and Phylicia pay a visit to Danielle and Téa to show their support during their hard times, and talk soon turns to Destiny's pregnancy and the fact that people now know about it. Shane tells Rex, Nora and Bo that he found out about Destiny's pregnancy. John is put in a tough spot when Jack demands to have Todd arrested for Victor's murder. Todd reprimands Blair for not taking control of Jack when he was bullying Shane.

  • Ep. #11020
    Ep. #11020
    Episode 41
    Shaun gives John a voice recording of Victor's final moments. Kim introduces herself to Aubrey as the real Aubrey Wentworth. Rex asks what Echo and Roxy are disagreeing about and Roxy covers when saying that Morris went missing. Shaun appears to have something to talk about with Brody. Natalie has a few choice words for Todd regarding Victor's murder. Jack learns of the recording of Victor. Todd is shocked that Jack literally got away with murder courtesy of Victor. Cutter ends up with more on his plate than he bargained for when he and Aubrey find out what's inside Morris. Jack tells John he has a recollection of the night that it was Todd who did it.moreless
  • Ep. #11019
    Ep. #11019
    Episode 40
    John asks Tomas where he was when Victor was shot, cause Baz said there's a difference in his alibi. Roxy sees that Echo has a gun and she reveals that Rex might've killed Victor. Natalie asks Brody if he did in fact threaten Victor. Rick arrives and sees how good Starr and Baz look together. Roxy has an idea on where she can hide the gun. Clint agrees to help out Kim with her dilemma. Shaun comes and offers to help him solve Victor's murder. Cutter buys Morris unaware that's where Roxy put the gun. Tomas asks Baz if he's surprised that he's not in jail.moreless
  • Ep. #11018
    Ep. #11018
    Episode 39

    Todd tries to persuade Téa to take his case. Carlotta urges Cristian to take the teaching position in Spain. Ford tells Jessica. Baz catches Tomas in a lie on the evening Victor was killed. Rama learns of Cristian's plans and says how much she'll miss him. Tracy tells Natalie that she heard Brody threaten Victor. John tells Todd he's not under arrest at least not yet. Baz gives good news to Starr that a producer loved the demo that they made.

  • Ep. #11017
    Ep. #11017
    Episode 38

    Blair lashes at Jack for telling Sam his friend killed his father. Ford envisions Tess and she tells him to go and fight for her. Téa touches a nerve with Todd when he says that Victor never raped a woman like he did with Marty. Cristian and Jessica share a kiss. Shane issues Jack a stern warning. Echo asks Rex if he did in fact in fact shoot Victor the other night.

  • Ep. #11016
    Ep. #11016
    Episode 37

    John wants answers. Cristian and Jessica discuss if they have a future together. Todd thinks he knows how he can prove his innocence. Aubrey questions Rama about Kim. Kim reveals a secret to Cutter.

  • Ep. #11015
    Ep. #11015
    Episode 36

    Viki confronts Todd. Kim comes up with a shocking revelation. Cutter receives a visit from someone in his past.

  • Ep. #11014
    Ep. #11014
    Episode 35

    The search is on for the murderer of Victor Lord Jr, and there are several suspects. Shane and Rex appear to be lying.

  • Ep. #11013
    Ep. #11013
    Episode 34

    Téa is devastated by her finding. Blair is worried when Jack goes missing. Mrs Evans refuses to talk to Bo and Nora without the presence of their lawyers.

  • Ep. #11012
    Ep. #11012
    Episode 33

    Someone shoots Victor in cold blood. Nora wonders what might Bo think about raising Matthew's child.

  • Ep. #11011
    Ep. #11011
    Episode 32

    Irene threatens Victor, wanting him to release her. Victor plans to expose the truth about Liam, while several people have vengeance on their mind. The return of Kim prompts Natalie and Jessica to take a look on the problems between them.

  • Ep. #11010
    Ep. #11010
    Episode 31
    Rex arms himself. Shane wants Brody to help him avenge Gigi's death. Someone else wants to have revenge on Victor.
  • Ep. #11009
    Ep. #11009
    Episode 30
    Dorian bids farewell to Llanview. David says goodbye to his father. Rex has further questions regarding Gigi's death.
  • Ep. #11008
    Ep. #11008
    Episode 29

    Clint and Kim face each other again. Brody makes a threat to Victor. Joey wonders if Viki and Clint might get back together.

  • Ep. #11007
    Ep. #11007
    Episode 28
    Clint puts his future in danger by making a big move. David makes a sacrifice. Bo visits Asa's grave on the anniversary of his death.
  • Ep. #11006
    Ep. #11006
    Episode 27

    Rex has a revelation about Kim. Ford and Jessica decide to stop seeing each other. Dani and Starr talk about Todd and Victor. Todd takes Dorian's gun. Téa tries to reassure Victor.

  • Ep. #11005
    Ep. #11005
    Episode 26

    Blair and Téa finally confront both Todds. Ford makes a move after being reminded of Tess.

  • Ep. #11004
    Ep. #11004
    Episode 25

    Natalie talks to Brody about Delphina's comments regarding Todd. Cutter confronts Rama about revealing secrets to Rex.

  • Ep. #11003
    Ep. #11003
    Episode 24

    Dorian and Kelly make decisions regarding their future. The real Todd Manning is revealed.

  • Ep. #11002
    Ep. #11002
    Episode 23

    Natalie asks John to give her the tape that Gigi found. Aubrey decides to go after Rex.

  • Ep. #11001
    Ep. #11001
    Episode 22

    Mrs. Evans isn't ready to accept Nora's apology. John brings a familiar face back to town.

  • Ep. #11000
    Ep. #11000
    Episode 21
    The two Todd Mannings face off. Clint arrives for his sentencing. David has more info on who the real Todd might be.
  • Ep. #10999
    Ep. #10999
    Episode 20
    Brody learns from Vimal that there is someone else that knows the truth about Liam's paternity. Rex is obsessed with finding Gigi in the security tapes.
  • Ep. #10998
    Ep. #10998
    Episode 19
    Nora has some urgent news for Bo. Starr and James' relationship changes when she makes a confession about Baz.
  • Ep. #10997
    Ep. #10997
    Episode 18
    Someone overhears Destiny telling Matthew about her pregnancy. The truth about who the real Todd Manning is lies in the hands of a surprising person.
  • Ep. #10996
    Ep. #10996
    Episode 17
    Nora is angry at Bo's decision regarding Nate. Destiny explains to Vivian and Shaun that she wants to have an abortion. Danielle is worried about Nate when she learns he confessed to Bo. Nora wants to talk to Nate. At Todd's house, both Todds are being questioned about what they remember. John shocks everyone gathered when he reveals that both Todds are a DNA match.moreless
  • Ep. #10995
    Ep. #10995
    Episode 16
    John finally finds out who the real Todd Manning is. The mystery man has a surprising reaction to finding out Starr had a baby. Viki has conflicted feelings. Destiny makes an important decision for her future.
  • Ep. #10994
    Ep. #10994
    Episode 15
    John puts a tail on Baker. Tomas confesses to not knowing who the real Todd is, as the family fights to figure out the truth.
  • Ep. #10993
    Ep. #10993
    Episode 14
    Nora refuses to let Clint take the fall for murder. Bo confronts Nate. Téa visits the mystery man in jail.
  • Ep. #10992
    Ep. #10992
    Episode 13
    Danielle is torn over Nate. Nora prepares to face Clint in court. Rex is having difficulty moving on with his life.
  • Ep. #10991
    Ep. #10991
    Episode 12
    Todd's family wants answers. Nora and Bo are still trying to find out who hurt Matthew. Rex has a surprising vision.
  • Ep. #10990
    Ep. #10990
    Episode 11
    The premiere of the show hits some bumps. Tomas makes an accusation.
  • Ep. #10989
    Ep. #10989
    Episode 10
    Rex is armed. Jack is convinced John is still coming after him.
  • Ep. #10988
    Ep. #10988
    Episode 9
    David and Dorian prepare for the premiere. John gets the DNA samples.
  • Ep. #10987
    Ep. #10987
    Episode 8
    Brody and Natalie make an important decision. Téa asks for help.
  • Ep. #10986
    Ep. #10986
    Episode 7
    Tomas makes a confession. Danielle tries to do things right.
  • Ep. #10985
    Ep. #10985
    Episode 6
    Brody tries to shut up Vimal. Natalie and John go through evidence. Téa wants Tomas to tell her the truth.
  • Ep. #10984
    Ep. #10984
    Episode 5
    Kelly and Joey reconnect. Natalie and Jessica argue. John is worried about Rex having his revenge.
  • Ep. #10983
    Ep. #10983
    Episode 4
    Blair is worried because Sam is still missing. Baz questions Tomas about his possible connection to Todd.
  • Ep. #10982
    Ep. #10982
    Episode 3
    John has a few questions for Tomas regarding the file. Jack admits that he was attacked. David shares his concerns regarding Dorian with Viki.
  • Ep. #10981
    Ep. #10981
    Episode 2
    Todd and the mystery man finally meet. Nora gives Destiny clues on who hurt Matthew. Rick decides to keep Nate's secret. Vimal is tempted to tell the truth about John and Liam to Rama.
  • Ep. #10980
    Ep. #10980
    Episode 1
    Sam is suddenly missing from his birthday party. Natalie shows John the results from the fingerprint analysis on the dead body that was found at Dorian's place. David tries to have Viki keep her promise to find out who is trying to end his relationship with Dorian.