Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden

Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden


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    • Berries, Cream, and Untold Dreams
      Our two runaways, Sarah & Alex find sanctuary on the cliff over the Potomac River, and within each other. Exchanging candy, berries, and advice; Alex shares a dream which Sarah was in. Things grow uncomfortable as Alex pours her heart to Sarah. That's typical when friends tell one another of dreams in which they're "kissing in other places".moreless
    • Have You Seen My Friends?
      As the band seems to be falling apart, Tamsin and Cassandra try to be the glue as they paste and tape flyers for their first concert. And what's that? Visions of Missing Alex? Is Tamsin sipping on robitussin too? Serendipitously, band leader, Sarah meets them and passes on pearls of wisdom as well as a few posters too. Tamsin uses Sarah's advice, yet it's resisted by a sick and bitter Alex. How can these two patch up and perform in time for Miss Spent Youth's debut?moreless
    • Brought to You by the Letters DXM
      While taking a break from Tamsin and friends, Alex decides to re-acquaint herself with her old flu remedy - robitussin. This new kinship leads Alex through distorted colors, lingering memories, and vomit.
    • Friends Gone AWOL
      Band practice is starting and where the hell are Sarah and Alex? We're hanging on the telephone, but there is no response from band conductor, Sarah. And Tamsin's "olive-branch-extending" phone call to Alex only magnifies Alex's jealous rage at Tamsin's new boyfriend, Robin. Where will these frazzled emotions drive her?
    • Summer of '97 Continued
      Welcome back to the summer of '97! Last we saw things were sweltering between Sarah and Chloe as Chloe coyly lured Sarah into her bed. But why is Sarah lookin' morose? Did she forget that Chloe's boyfriend, Adrian, was still in the mix?
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