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  • Peanuts
    • S1 E11 - Chaos In The Classroom
      Part 1 "Sally at School." Sally shows how some numbers can't be trusted and practices her "eeks" and "Y's." Snoopy is a "traffic helicopter." Sally takes Woodstock's nest to school for "Show & Tell." Sally is afraid to walk home alone after she borrows a kid's ruler and breaks it. Part 2 "Football." Linus tries to teach Sally to play football. Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown once again. Marcie and Peppermint Patty play football. "School Patrol." Peppermint Patty is jealous of Marcie when she's picked to be a traffic patrol person. The teacher gives the job to Peppermint Patty after Marcie falls asleep in class, but Peppermint Patty loses the job too. Part 3 "Blanket." Lucy keeps getting "attacked" by Linus' blanket. "The Team." Snoopy's dish is used for second base but Snoopy growls at anyone who goes near it; Charlie Brown tries to pick positions and also to teach Lucy how to bat; Snoopy falls asleep and Lucy refuses to slide because of her designer jeans.moreless
    • Snoopy's Robot
      Snoopy's Robot
      Episode 4
      Part 1 "Snoopy's Robot." The whole "gang" goes to a computer camp. Part 2 "Linus and the Blanket." Linus tries to give up his blanket. Part 3 "Friends." Charlie Brown wonders what to do when he discovers that both Marcie and Peppermint Patty have crushes on him.
    • Linus and Lucy
      Linus and Lucy
      Episode 3
      Part 1 "Sally & Snoopy." Sally takes Snoopy to school for "Show & Tell." She decides to treat him to an ice cream cone - and he comes out with a huge cones. "Football." Linus tries to get Sally to kick the football but, it hisses at her. Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown once again. "Beads." Lucy makes "lovebeads" for Schroeder, but he doesn't appreciate them so she gives them to Snoopy. "Love." Lucy asks Schroeder if he might love her and not know it. Part 2 "Snowballs." Linus thinks he's found 2 snowflakes exactly alike; Lucy makes "snow bunnies" and Linus makes a huge dinosaur sculpture; Linus proclaims that he is king of his fortress and Lucy throws a snowball at him; Charlie Brown hits Linus with a snowball so, Linus uses his blanket as a sling and throws one back, knocking down Charlie Brown and Schroeder; Lucy knocks everyone down with a huge snowball. "Kite Flying." Charlie Brown gets his kite string caught on Peppermint Patty's nose, in a picket fence, and finally on Snoopy's nose. Charlie Brown sits sits in the classroom tangled up in the string. Peppermint Patty suggests he fly paper airplanes but he manages to crash those too. Part 3 "Linus and Lucy." Lucy refuses to share her umbrella; Lucy brings Linus a piece of toast and makes him thank her repeatedly; Linus draws a picture of Lucy's mouth which Lucy doesn't appreciate; Linus and Snoopy won't let Lucy take out their slivers; Lucy complains that her life is a drag. "Baseball." Lucy stands on the pitcher's mound to see if she can see the ocean; Snoopy wants to be fed; Charlie Brown shows Lucy how to "keep a stiff upper lip and a firm jaw;" Lucy wants Schroeder to give her a kiss if she hits a home run.moreless
    • Snoopy's Cat Fight
      Part 1"Woodstock." Woodstock uses string to build a swing. Snoopy shoots a basketball into the nest and then the deflated ball drops back into his arms. "Baseball." Snoopy and Linus demonstrate a play; Schroeder thinks he has hurt his finger so he runs into the house to test it on his piano; Snoopy wants to be scratched; The Little Red-haired Girl comes to watch the game but Charlie Brown gets so nervous that he has to be taken home until he stops shaking.Part 2"Sally." Sally shows a picture of a cow chasing mice, gives a report on the "Bronchitis," and tries to put some life into "Show and Tell." "Peppermint Patty." Peppermint Patty has to share a desk with Charlie Brown. They keep fighting and have to write 100 sentences.Part 3"Piano." Lucy tells Schroeder what sort of men make the best husbands. Frieda accidentally kisses Snoopy and Lucy continues to criticize Schroeder.moreless
    • Sally's Sweet Babboo
      Part 1 "The Play." Charlie Brown writes a term paper and relates what happened at the previous year's Christmas play. Part 2 "Sweet Baboo." It's Valentine's Day, but no one gets a Valentine from the person they wanted - except for Snoopy and Woodstock, of course. Part 3 "Snoopy's Story." Peppermint Patty writes an essay about Snoopy and then is chosen to read her paper in front of the whole school.moreless
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