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  • Season 2
    • It's Not All About You - Pt. 2
      "So Officer Fortesque kinda crashed the party, which made Bonnie mad at me. Again. Then cuz Pauline hated Vietnam, Grandpa Paul takes her and their new 'friends' on another honeymoon. Oh and Clyde introduces Bonnie to her biological mom. Pretty crazy." -Paul.
    • It's Not All About You: Pt. 1
      "Clyde throws this big backyard party for Bonnie to meet her real mom. But Bonnie doesn't know why we're having the party. And since it's the Season Finale, we have a lot of people coming, like Grandpa Paul and Pauline and some guy in an animal costume, weird." -Paul.
    • You Cant Live Without Them
      "Patricia and Clyde came back to the apartment after they went to court. Patricia was Clyde's lawyer. And so the night before, when Bonnie said she loves me at dinner, I didn't know what to say. I think I messed up big time." -Paul.
    • You Cant Live With Them
      "After I kinda upset Bonnie, I went to see my dad for advice. Clyde gave me some advice too, I think. Later, I took Bonnie to a nice dinner. Didn't expect things to go like they did." -Paul.
    • The Beginning of the End
      "Bonnie and I went on a fun date by the ocean, and then we found out what Clyde did to get put in jail. Later, the cop that busted Clyde shows up and totally looks like my fantasy woman - and Bonnie got hella upset." -Paul.
    • Its a Poor Paul Wedding!
      "My Grandpa Paul invited most of us to his wedding. He's marrying his new lawyer Pauline. She's a lot younger than him and reminds me of Meredith the bitchy new wife in The Parent Trap movie. Oh and according to Clyde, she's a total GILF." -Paul
    • Now and Then and Stuff
      Paul takes us on a star-studded journey of everything Poor Paul. Featuring highlights from Seasons 1 and 2, with lots of familiar faces, as well as a few surprises.
    • Life Goes On and On... And On
      "Clyde won't stop bugging me about paying him back for his bike. I think he just misses Justin and is taking it out on me. I tried to take Bonnie on a picnic, but it rained. Oh and then later, Clyde gets into trouble, big time!" -Paul.
    • At One With Nature: Pt. 2
      "After we got lost in the woods, we met the Agua Caliente park rangeress Siyotanka, who showed us the way back to camp. Then in the middle of the night, Bonnie and Beatrice show up and scare the hell out of us. Oh and we bust Justin about being a receptionist!" -Paul.moreless
    • At One With Nature: Pt. 1
      We have to leave our apartment for three days, cause it's being fumigated. We decide to go camping at Agua Caliente Canyon, which is cool until Clyde loses the brochure and we get lost in the woods right before dark. Oh and no reptiles were hurt in the making of this episode.moreless
    • Laissez-Le Bon Temps Roulez
      "After Clyde and Lloyd prepped me, I went in to talk to Justin. So weird how his beard is hella long, but not his hair. Oh and since my car is still broken, Clyde loaned me his bike, which was awesome, until I rode it to work." -Paul.
    • You're a Guy
      You're a Guy
      Episode 32
      "Clyde and I get to know Bonnie's new roommates, Sandy and Beatrice. Beatrice looks a lot like that chick from lonelygirl15, Jessica Rose. My dad shows up to use the exercise bike, which is just weird. Oh and we find out about Justin's little 'secret'...BUSTED!" -Paul.
    • Times Are a Changin'
      "My dad finally goes on a date. Justin hasn't come out of his room for forever, so Bonnie tries to cheer him up. And Clyde and I meet Bonnie's other roommate, Sandy. WTF?" -Paul.
    • When the Walls Come Crumbling Down
      "Justin has been tutoring our neighbor Skyler and she thinks she's so smart! Whatever. Clyde finally has a legit cause. Oh and Justin gets a really important letter in the mail." -Paul.
    • Women!
      Episode 29
      "I didn't know what to say when Bonnie asked me about being together. So confusing. Clyde's new girlfriend Mercedes gets super pissed about him joining Alien Nation Foundation. And then I got my math test back. Hella sucks." Paul.
    • Fiesta del Amor
      Fiesta del Amor
      Episode 28
      "Clyde makes me and Justin a weird Mexican food dinner and tells us about his latest cause. And then Bonnie asks me a kinda important question at school. Oh, and no squirrels were harmed in the making of this episode." -Paul.
    • The Body's Not Even Cold
      "Aaron's still trying to solve the Rubik's Cubes before his crotch catches on fire. Patricia gives it to Clyde real good. And later this chick shows up that looks a lot like Miley Cyrus' BFF." Paul.
    • There's a Fire Down Below
      "Lloyd shows up with his younger brother Aaron, who kinda reminds me of that guy from Half Baked." -Paul.
    • What Did You Do, Wear His Underwear?
      "Bonnie gets in Justin and Clyde's face for punking me! Hella funny. But then Patricia shows up and gets in mine." -Paul.
    • Big Hands
      Big Hands
      Episode 24
      "My stupid dad shows up at school -- so embarrassing. And I still haven't decided if I want to go back to the apartment or not, Justin and Clyde really pissed me off." -Paul.
    • Where the Hell is Paul?
      "Just when I thought Justin and Clyde were my friends, they totally punked me. I'm not sure if I'm going to move out or not." -Paul.
  • Season 1