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AIRED ON 2/25/2013

Season 2013 : Episode 02.25.13

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Pretty: The Series is a series of webisodes from Funny or Die about the Champagne family- father Michael, mother Ribina, and daughter Annette, whose ultimate dream is to win the Miss Star Eyes Pageant. It's not so much Annette's dream as it is Michael's, but it's his dream for her, so that's almost the same- right? Michael will go to any lengths to make sure his daughter has the leg-up on the competition- spray-tanning, dance rehearsal, and buying costumes in every shade of pink. Ribena keeps the family fed with her job as a professional smoker while Michael tends to Annette's pageant needs. Mihcale's distraction also allows the apparent affair going on between his wife and his brother Ethan, which no one but Annette seems to notice. Much to Michael's dismay, Annette, being only 5 years old (but with a terrific growth spurt), tends to always say the wrong thing when the cameras are on- implying that her family are foul-mouthed and racist despite Michael's protests, and commenting on the pageant director's recent plastic surgery. Will the Champagnes overcome the obstacles to take the crown?


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