Prison Break

Season 4 Episode 16

The Sunshine State

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 22, 2008 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Technical Inaccuracy: While Tia's driver's license looked good, it had some technical goofs. The number on the driver's license follows the format A-BBB-CCC-DD-EEE-F, where A is the first letter of the licensee's last name, and DD is the last two digits of the licensee's birth year. Tia's last name was Hayden, so it should have started with H instead of V. Also, her birth year was 1974, but according to the license number it should have been 1963. Also, that license said it was issued in 2006, but that format (i.e. color scheme and layout) of the license was only used before 2004.

    • Goof: In this episode, we see a photo of Aldo, Christina Rose and Lincoln and Michael as children. In this photo they all look like a very happy family, however it is established early on in the series that Aldo had left his family before Michael was born, and that he never returned.

    • When Sara crashes the Jeep into the buggy, you can clearly see that the guards in the buggy have been replaced by dummies wearing similar clothes.

    • Michael just had brain surgery and, yet, has absolutely no scars on his head.

  • Quotes

    • Gretchen: That's why I have to give it up for the General: he puts four enemies together, guaranteed tension and no alliances against him.

    • Lincoln: (to Self) The second you stop doing what I tell you to do, I'm going to blow your brains out.

    • Self: Kill her (Gretchen). We're not leaving her here for the cops and we're not taking her to a hospital.

    • Lisa: (to Sara) Michael is the object of a quick and nasty process and you're wasting time!

    • T-Bag: Tancredi got the location of her shining knight. She may be heading there now.

    • Gretchen: (to Lincoln) Busting up clubs, getting shot at in public; you keep that up and we're not going to last here much longer.

    • Knowlton: I've known your mother for years, well enough to know that you've got the same brilliant mind and the same sense of humor.

    • Self: This is my partner, (motions to Mahone) Bruce Liberace.
      Mahone: No relation.

    • Michael: (to Knowlton) Where was she (Mrs. Scofield) when my brother was strapped to an electric chair?

    • Lincoln answers the dead man's ringing phone
      Lincoln: Your boy is dead and now I'm coming after you. You hear me? Whoever you are, I'm coming after you.

    • Lincoln: (to Self) Be thankful I haven't killed you.

    • Knowlton: She left you and your brother to protect you.

    • Gretchen: (to Scott) You go run and talk it over with your boss. Call me with a number.

    • Lincoln: Thanks for coming when you did.
      Mahone: You helped me when you said you would. I owe you.

    • Knowlton: Worked? Your mother works for us. Your mother is alive.

    • Lincoln: Sucre split. We left a couple of messages with Mahone, telling him where we were, that was two cell phones back.

    • Self: (to Gretchen) You're a whore, and your mother was a whore and her mother; and your father used to turn tricks at a gas station, 'cause he was a whore, too.

  • Notes

    • Although credited, Amaury Nolasco didn't appear in this episode.

    • For the first 16 episodes of this season, the show was nominated for the 2009 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award for Outstanding Performance By A Stunt Ensemble In A Television Series.

    • Original Internaional Airdates:
      UK: December 23, 2008 on Sky One
      Australia: January 6, 2009 on Channel 7
      Norway: January 29, 2009 on TV3
      Sweden: Febuary 9, 2009 on TV3
      Spain: April 27, 2009 on FOX TV Spain
      Latin America: May 26, 2009 on FX Latinoamerica
      Germany: July 23, 2009 on RTL
      Finland: March 9, 2010 on MTV3
      Poland: March 14, 2010 on Polsat
      Slovakia: August 17, 2010 on JOJ
      Czech Republic: October 13, 2012 on FANDA

  • Allusions

    • Michael: A cigar is just a cigar.

      This is a quote attributed to Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, who was famous for his studies of the subconscious mind and its impact on behavior.