Private High Musical

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Private High Musical

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Private High Musical is a 2008 comedic web series produced by Red Band Industries and starring Taryn Southern, Dennis Haskins, and Lauren C. Mayhew. You've heard of High School Musical? That bunch of rag tag goodie-two-shoe tweens running around and dancing all crazy? Well this is Private High Musical, and it's nothing like that mouse ear version, in fact it's not for kids at all. This has sex, drugs, pregnancy, porn, female hygiene problems and the actor who played Mr. Belding in the hit 90's television show "Saved By The Bell". Each of these episodes follows Sandra Smith (Southern), the newest Senior year transfer and biggest lame science nerd. She'll have to change her ways (and her outfit in overalls) if she wants to fit in to this preppy school, even if that means losing her virginity, chumming it with Ashley Slutski or cutting class to try weed. All of this inappropriate "fish out of water" action set to catchy musical tunes and you have a hilarious and raunchy spoof.


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AIRED ON 10/30/2008

Season 1 : Episode 6

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