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Season 1 : Episode 20

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Private is a web series by Alloy Entertainment based on the young adult novel series by Kate Brian about a new girl at Easton Academy, an exclusive private school, Reed Brennan, who wants to belong. She is placed in the Billings house, which holds great social privileges and future benefits, if she can prove to the other Billings Girls that she is worthy of joining them by the tests of initiations they make her endure. The Billings Girls are Noelle Lange (Samantha Cope), the quickest to put Reed in her place and also the meanest, Ariana Osgood (Natalie Floyd), the class president and a powerful Billings Girl, roommate Talyor (Tristan Mays), the only one to show Reed kindness while still being realistic about what she'll have to go though to fit in, and Kiran Hayes (Sanna Haynes) the fourth member of the group that Reed wants to be a part of. But the life of power and privilege hold a dark secret at Easton- Taylor's former roommate died, and her death is shrouded in mystery. She also happened to be the girlfriend of Thomas Pearson (Brant Daugherty) a boy who has captured Reed's attention, though Ariana warns her that he might be dangerous. Reed soon finds that even with all its benefits, Easton Academy contains more danger that she ever could have expected.


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Drama, Suspense


Coming of Age