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  • Season 1
    • Pro Juice - The Lost Episode
      In this lost episode of the series Arlo shows us how to create a tight little snare sound. We check out Melbourne band, The Graveyard Train music video for the track "The Ballad of Beezle Bub" and then we catch up with producer, Michael Ciccone to chat about the making of the clip as well as working as a producer in Melbourne. Nick shows us how to make a cheesy floating cloud effect utilising some simple green screen techniques, still images and his trusty compositing software package. As well as a Kung Fu Alro to steer the cloud. Mixing and Mastering guru, Danny Bonnicci of Liquid Mixes gives us the lowdown on Mastering and we finish this killer first episode by showing you how to dirty up your beats with an old VHS machine and a worn out copy of "Bloody Pom Poms. "moreless
    • Episode: 5
      Episode: 5
      Episode 5
      In our last episode for the series, we show you how to create wind with white noise, Nick will create a 3D cityscape with 2D images, we chat with music producer, Spoonbill, about his song writing process and we showcase a fantastic short animated film by expat Australian animator, Eliot Cowan... 'The Thing in the Distance.'moreless
    • Episode: 4
      Episode: 4
      Episode 4
      In the fourth episode of the series, Arlo shows us how to use drill samples in your new track, we check out the latest work coming out of a design collective in San Francisco, Nick creates a laser beam for Arlo's eyes, Nick Thayer talks all things to do with music arrangement, Arlo dusts off his tool belt and we walk hundreds of shoes in a stop motion viral video.moreless
    • Episode: 3
      Episode: 3
      Episode 3
      In the third episode of the series, we show you how to get a great acoustic guitar sound while Nick looks at 3D space and Kung Fu. Norweigan VJ artist, Pekka Stokke chats all things experimental in his works from the North, Matt Wood shows us his infamous ring light, glitch hop producer Opiuo makes us a wonky wobble bass sound and we check out what's involved in making music clips on the cheap.moreless
    • Episode: 2
      Episode: 2
      Episode 2
      In this episode of the series, Nick turns Arlo into Will Smith from Bad Boys in his tip on creating a heat haze effect, Arlo shows us a quick tip on pitching up your snare sound, ala Chemical Brothers. We infuriate rock musicians by showing you how to fake a killer guitar sound with a synth and Jo and Juan drop in to chat about their beautiful Columbian music video, Cuando Ries.moreless
    • Episode: 1
      Episode: 1
      Episode 1
      In the first episode of the series, Arlo shows us how to prep your drums to keep yourself super-efficient when in the studio, Nick will cut Arlo's head off in a tip for creating headless humans, we'll chat to designer Jonathan Chong about the process of creating his cracking clip for music producer, Spoonbill, look out for a quick tip on keeping your guitar firmly strapped on and we create mayhem in the kitchen with some break beats.moreless