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Purrlovia Purloined

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Purrlovia Purloined is a sci-fi story directed by New Event Studios, intended for children, which tracks the relationship evolution between the jungle animals, after they suffer an awkward mutation. It all started in one night: The Great Mount Elohim erupted with a terrible noise, making the very earth tremble! A purple haze descended from the mountain, covering the entire Lost World, and transforming all animals. In the dawn they woke up mesmerized with the changes. Two friendly jaguars, Purses and Petros, proposed forming a union between animals, a union where all lived together and worked together for a prosperous life, realizing they had to adapt and evolve, helping each other, while discovering the new world. Trigger, a ferocious tiger, wasn't pleased with Purses and Petros's proposition, so he rioted against them, leading to a conflict in the Animal Kingdom. In this tale, we have a clash between the forces of good and evil represented by Purses and Petros, the prince and princess of the harmony living animals, and Trigger the king of the rebel pack. For the rest of the tale, you can visit the Motherhodges.com site.


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