Quarterlife (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Dylan posts a video blog that spills several of her friend's secrets and sends their world spiraling. Meanwhile, Danny and Jed score a job filming a commercial for a local car dealership. Lisa is having trouble with her acting coach and Debra is hoping she and Danny will soon get their own place. Dylan also must face a boss who is stealing her creative ideas.moreless
    • Compromise
      Episode 2
      Dylan struggles to tell her boss a secret that could get her fired. Jed promises Lisa to make her a video to advertise her skills. Meanwhile, Debra discovers an awful truth about Danny. Jed has to remake the car commercial.
    • Anxiety
      Episode 3
      Having broken up with Danny, Debra works at coping with her new single life. Meanwhile, Lisa has unwelcome results from the video demo she made. As for Dylan's boss, he apologizes and she is relieved. The guys go out trying to pick up girls for dates.
    • Goodbyes
      Episode 4
      Dylan and Eric talk about their relationship and maybe going out in a date. Jed learns something about his family. Danny wants to get a job at the car dealership. Vanessa and Andy are going on a date while Lisa meets John's band. Eric helps Debra get her life in order. Danny fears he made a mistake and Debra has some ideas of her own.moreless
    • Finding a Voice
      Episode 5
      Dylan's mom comes to visit and tells Dylan that she is getting a divorce. Lisa and John's band gets will play with Deep Rock Drive in Las Vegas. Andy, Danny and Vanessa mingle meets Lisa in Las Vegas. Eric helps Dylan stand up to her mother and they both deal with the issues her mother's visit brought.moreless
    • Home Sweet Home
      Episode 6
      Vanessa's performance art causes commotion. Everyone led by Eric helps to stop their eviction. Lisa accidentally meets John in the market and they talk about their relationship. Eric and everyone in the building encounter the potential buyer.
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 9:00 pm
    20/20: In an Instant Terror in the Library