Season 1 Episode 1




  • Trivia

    • During the scene when Lisa walks away from the orgasm conversation with Dylan, Dylan's hooded sweatshirt is hanging off of her left shoulder. When they cut from the wide angle to a close shot of just Dylan, the jacket is perfectly in place on her shoulder without time for her to fix it herself.

    • Debra's license plate number is: 7t1 DE41, the state name is blurred.

  • Quotes

    • (Lisa enters the room)
      Lisa: What the heck do you think your doing?
      Dylan: What are you talking about?
      Lisa: You know damn well what I am talking about, you put my face all over the freaking net.

    • (Jed, Danny and Andy are watching Dylan's blog video)
      Dylan: I even found myself watching Lisa, but even-even more fun is watching Danny and Jed watch Lisa when they think no one is watching them. Because Lisa stops people in their tracks, you know? She sleeps with guys and I see them leaving in the morning and their all like... dazed. And then she drinks to forget them.
      Danny: Holy moley...
      Andy: That's the greatest thing I've ever seen!

    • Dylan: It's my curse that I can see what people are thinking... what they wanna say and can't say... who they wanna be with... and what good does that do me if nobody can see me?

    • Dylan: A sad truth about my generation is that we were all geniuses in elementary school, but apparently the people who deal with us never got the transcripts because they don't seem to be aware of it.

    • Dylan: I work for the Army. Not really, it just seems like that some days.

  • Notes

    • Quarterlife began as 1/4life, a one hour pilot filmed in the fall of 2004 for the ABC network. It featured a completely different cast (Shiri Appleby, Rachel Blanchard, Jacob Pitts) and didn't seem to include the video blog theme or the character Dylan at all. Needless to say, it was never picked up by the network.

    • Quarterlife, in its current incarnation, originated as 36 eight-minute episodes on MySpace which began airing on November 11, 2007. On November 16, 2007, NBC picked up the series to air six one-hour episodes to act as programming during the writer's strike. NBC only aired the Pilot episode and cancel the show, because of lower ratings ever on that time slot.

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