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  • Don't bother getting hooked on this show--online or otherwise.

    I liked about the first four or five online episodes of this show--which turned out to be ONE tv episode (the pilot). There really is nothing to look forward to. The cast gets all jumbled by about the 3rd hour's worth of eps and the writing gets even worse thereafter...not to mention the acting, which becomes even more atrocious as the series drags on (that guy who plays Eric should really find another profession). Any tv network--network or cable--that airs this lemon must be really fresh out of quality productions! This show is NOT going to save that mess the production companies got themselves into called the writer's strike. I've watched up to "part" 34 (online)...just to see if it would get better...and judging from next episode's preview, it doesn't. It's just more of the same boring "storyline". When I hear they bring back Jed and/or Debra and get rid of Eric and Vanessa (nothing against Majandra Delfino), MAYBE I'll consider watching again from that point.
  • Funny, real life stuff

    I like the pilot episode, it promises a lot as a real life show and the characters are similar to what you and I have as friends in reality. So guys, just enjoy it, because it is obvious it is a show about us :).
    The characters are well designed, the plot is intriguing enough, we see people with normal issues trying to find their place in the world ... so it's inspiring.
    Those of you who are so eager to dismiss it, I really hope you are neither too old to remember your young years, nor too boring to have had a real life at that age.
  • Very close to reality but with a twist of artistic sparks. Every single character has something that reminds me of someone I know or myself.

    The show is amazing, the cast, the script, the production is really original and simply beautiful. This are situations that we see today in our world, the characters are genuin. Everyone can relate to them in so many ways. Dylan's character is fascinating becuase she is very unique and at the same time very scare of life, love and everything. My heart goes out to Debra because she has not yet taken control over her own life and destiny. She is in her twenties and she does not know who she really is and how to stand up to her father or boyfriend. Lisa's character is the most depressing of all because she is so beautiful yet she does not think she is beautiful. She thinks she has nothing amazing in her and its very sad.
  • Characters, plots, premise.... all boring

    Quarterlife seemed to have so much potential. I was unaware of this show when it debuted online, but upon reading the recent reviews, I was very excited to check it out. However, halfway through the first episode, I find myself doing anything BUT watching the show. The characters are not engaging at all (ironic, considering one of the plots revolves around one of the main characters being a bad actress). Even though these characters are my peers, I find the show entirely unimaginative and downright boring. If I wanted to watch twentysomethings pine over boys/girls they can't have or mope about their dead-end jobs, I'd talk to my own friends!! When I watch television shows, I want an escape from that dull reality.