Red Lotus: Mark of the Warrior

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Red Lotus: Mark of the Warrior

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Red Lotus: Mark of the Warrior is an animated TV show that packs a punch! Over the last year and a half many of the top MMA fighters have gone missing. These fighters have disappeared without a trace. The only clues are the Indian Lotus blossoms which were placed in the footprint left at each abduction scene. The local and federal officials that were assigned to this case all came up scratching their heads since no known criminal group uses this rare red flower as their calling card. When the officials come up dry, someone else must take their place to bring about justice for this mysterious crime! The Lotus blossom clue summons top MMA fighters in the world to challenge the ancient warriors of the Temple of the Red Lotus in this power-packed series. From start to finish, you have never seen state-of-the-art animation and heart-pounding action like this before!

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AIRED ON 4/10/2008

Season 1 : Episode 7

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