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  • Somewhat original and compelling plot that is let down by scattered storytelling, poor acting by major castmembers and a flat narrator. It improves the more you see and could still be considered "worth your time".

    The good is that the plot feels somewhat fresh and it's told in a compelling fashion. Due to the short episodes and the amount of plot progression pushed into them it does feel a bit scattered. This is more apparent in the earlier episodes, but reduces as our knowledge of the world increases. That which mainly lets it down however is the acting. There are some good performances in there for sure but a lot, if not most, actors doesn't deliver. In part it's due to the writing, but mostly I'd say it's a failure to convey the emotion appropriate to the scene. The Narrator, which is a large part in getting some form of cohesive story, also lets it down for similar reasons. This narration does not set up the scene and give the viewer a basis for how to read the scene. Instead of conveying emotion, through inflection rather than word alone, the delivery is mostly flat, and the story suffers for it. Despite the many flaws the story is still interresting so due to the short lenght of the episodes it is still worth your time.