Rocket Robin Hood

Season 1 Episode 14

The Marmaduke Caper

Aired Saturday 2:30 PM Unknown on CBC



  • Trivia

    • Before the second and third segment of the episode, there is a brief recap by the narrator of what has occurred to that point.

  • Quotes

    • Little John: You'll think of something, right, Robin?
      Robin: Uhhh, if anybody offered me a penny for my thoughts right now, they'd be getting the worse of the bargain.

    • Prince John: There's nothing I enjoy more than a good, clean game of cat and mouse especially if the cat has all the traps!

    • Charlie: You don't happen to have a small miracle up your sleeve, do you?
      Robin: Fresh out of miracles but I do have a trick up my sleeve.

    • Prince John: (to Sheriff) I've got a plan for ridding ourselves of those Merry Men in green...a plan so simple that even you will be able to understand it.

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