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Route 666

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Route 666 is a Fear Net original web series that profiles America's scary haunted houses and man-made spooky spots. You've heard of the infamous Route 66, the highway stretching across most of America containing various great tourist spots? Well this is Route 666, the road into the really weird tourist spots, the street into the very strange destinations- this road takes you to the greatest owned and operated home made haunted houses located all over the country. Animatronics, ghastly props, live actors- these places spare no expense in their scares! Head over to Morbid Manor in Glendale, Arizona where a room full of decapitated heads of dolls creepily greets guests and an actual car will chases you out after. Or hear some skeletons tell a comedy routine in a yard in Springville, Utah. Be sure to also visit Franklin Square Horror, where unhelpful locals may just chase you down the street with a chainsaw. So next time your road trip takes you to the biggest ball of yarn in the Midwest or the most boring building shaped like a shoe, Route 666 can offer more exciting substitutes.


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Season 1 : Episode 31

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