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  • Season 1
    • Camperlino's Frightmare
      With a ton of live actors, a Psycho Circus room, and scenes from movies like The Ring, Freddie Kreuger and Halloween -- this husband and wife team love to turn your nightmares into reality.
    • DC Cemetary
      DC Cemetary
      Episode 2
      Run entirely by computers, this haunt has fully animated, larger-than-life props including characters that speak to you, break down doors, and try to grab your hands as you take candy.
    • Mourning Manor
      Mourning Manor
      Episode 3
      Run by a father and two sons, Mourning Cemetery and Mourning Manor are a part of a property littered with all-handmade props, an autopsy room, live actors, and lots of blood and gore.
    • Hagan Haunted Mansion
      This high-tech haunt featuring 3-D projections, audio animatronics and state-of-the art talking skulls, is based on an ancient mortuary and has rooms each designed around a unique story line.
    • Reign of Terror
      Reign of Terror
      Episode 5
      Room after room of terrifying surprises await you in this haunt filled with carefully crafted, detail-heavy sets -- engaging all five of your senses for a highly-interactive, hair-raising experience.
    • Dead End Cemetary
      With a true-to-life antique autopsy table and equipment, an embalming area, a butcher's room, and yes – real life maggots – this haunt's signature is authenticity and a gross-out factor of ten.
    • Rebel Yell Haunted House
      Down to every gory detail, this haunt really goes for the jugular as it leads you from room to room full of cool sets - like a blood-drenched bathroom and a boiling pot of decapitated head.
    • Franklin Square Horror
      It's a family affair at the Franklin Sq Horror, where a simple yard haunt turns terrifying as a crazed madman chases you down the street with a chainsaw!
    • Mitchell Cemetary
      Rolling fog, eerie lights, and clever uses of a "Pepper's ghost" video effect makes it appear as if this cemetery is really haunted!
    • Bates Haunt
      Bates Haunt
      Episode 10
      Windows for eyes, a garage for a mouth -- when it's time to gear up for Halloween, this haunter decorates a little differently than most - by projecting colorful video directly onto his house.
    • Davis Graveyard
      Davis Graveyard
      Episode 11
      This couple actually purchased their home because of how well it lends itself for a haunt - and with much artistry have made that haunt come alive with large sculptures and dramatic light effects.
    • The Final Un-Resting Place
      Props, theatrics, and skeleton after crazy skeleton is this haunt's schtick, where the undead certainly aren't doing much resting.
    • Compilation Episode - Killer Clowns
      Innocent childhood entertainer? Iconic symbol of fun? Hardly. We explore the reasons clowns are so damn terrifying - and re-visit our favorite haunts that were genre-inspired.
    • Haunt On Williams St. (Conneaut, OH)
      An authentic Victorian hearse, real life animal skulls, and a skeleton wedding ceremony make up this home-owner's elaborate Halloween haunt.
    • Haunted Wolf Hollow (Springville, UT)
      This yard haunt is a cemetery jam-packed with props, animatronics, a flying crank ghost, and large talking skeletons that tell jokes during a half-hour comedy routine.
    • Nightmare on Maple Court (Bridgeview, Illinois)
      Zombies, live actors, and movie monster after movie monster in this large home haunt taking up the yard, porch and garage.
    • Gore Galore
      Gore Galore
      Episode 17
      There is one element in the horror genre where realism is key - and when it comes to blood 'n guts, the nastier the better! We share some core gore gross-out secrets from the experts.
    • Terror Tour (Norcross, Georgia)
      An elaborate maze weaving you in and out of differently-themed rooms, where actors pop out of dark places to terrify you along the way.
    • Haunt 31 (Lake in the Hills, Illinois)
      Among pop-up animatronics and interesting yard props, it's gore galore in this haunt where a guillotine scene features a decapitated body gushing blood.
    • It's Alive! (Live Actors)
      No mechanical prop can terrorize you as much as a living, breathing being coming at you -- we talk to professional and home haunters to discuss the best ways to utilize live actors in your haunt.
    • Cauldron of Invention (Greenwood, Mississippi)
      A bit reminiscent of an amusement park, this extremely popular haunt in Mississippi draws huge crowds - it includes an electrified Frankenstein, an electric chair, and tons of cool props.
    • Graveside Manor (Coventry, Connecticut)
      An indoor/outdoor haunt that starts in the yard converted to a cemetery, moves to the garage decked out as a haunted house with props and actors, and ends up in a maze in the backyard.
    • Torture Me
      Torture Me
      Episode 23
      Instruments of pain and torture create some of the most horrific horror scenes -- we revisit our most punishing haunts, play with some props, and hear some shocking stories.
    • Dreadnight Bay (Camarillo, CA)
      This yard haunt is truly unique in its nautical, pirate theme -- featuring a shipwreck, dead zombie sailors, and pirates at every turn.
    • Morbid Manor (Glendale, AZ)
      Over ten rooms featuring a "creepy kid" room with decapitated doll heads, an Exorcist-inspired room with a spinning head, and a car that chases you out of the haunt.
    • McKamey Manor (San Diego, CA)
      Having had a permanent extension on the back of the house built in order to contain it, this indoor haunt features heads in ovens, blood and gore, and differently themed rooms that change every year.
    • Lowe Family Party (Fresno, California)
      It's party time! This party haunt includes a skeleton rock band, a naval battle in the front year, and decorations that go above and beyond a typical Halloween party.
    • Dr. Haunt's Chamber of Fear (Gainsville, TX)
      This extensive and impressive haunt is run by student amateurs who really know how to work their actors as killer clowns, bloody brides, zombies, etc.
    • Robertson Family Cemetery (Creve Coeur, Illinois)
      With nearly 30 actors in this indoor/outdoor haunt, this year's theme is a play on "Deliverance" - that's right, scary rednecks!
    • Movie Mayhem (Creating Movie Themes)
      Drawing inspiration from movies is a good way to exploit the built-in fears of your audience, and with a never-ending supply of characters and themes to draw from, home haunters can really go to town.
    • Best of Home Haunts
      After 31 days of blood-thirsty zombies, psycho clowns, and all other manner of horror, Danielle celebrates the final night of our series with a salute to some the most memorable moments.
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