Safety Geeks: SVI

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Safety Geeks: SVI

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Safety Geeks: SVI is a comical adventure web series developed by the dynamic team of David Beeler and Tom Konkle, who hope to make silly comedy for smart people, as it focuses on the exploits and misfortunes of a team of safety experts working under the Professional Occupational Safety Hazard, or P.O.S.H. Though the team hopes to maintain the safety in their investigations, the hazards seem to reign as they leave a wake of devastation in their oblivious handling of accidents. A parody of our societal obsession on safety, Safety Geeks: SVI is chunk of OSHA and CSI with a dabbling in the Geek Squad. The team is comprised of a bunch of screw-ups, including Reginald Syngen-Smithe (David Beeler), a British billionaire who is always hurting someone unintentionally, a flashback ridden Budwin W. Yacker (Tom Konkle), who saw a man's arms ripped off at the circus, a loyal British manservant (Benton Jennings), and Dr. Randi Minky (Brittney Powell), a sexpot of a doctor whose assets are never underappreciated. When the team is called in to probe an accident at Giant Provisions' Costco-like warehouse, the real task is trying to make sure the warehouse survives their visit.


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AIRED ON 12/23/2009

Season 1 : Episode 1

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Comedy, Science Fiction


geekcentric, cheap special effects, dry humor, ensemble cast, Parody & Spoof