Safety Geeks: SVI

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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • A Strange Sucking Sound
      Season Finale! Watch the whole first season from beginning to end and perhaps it will make some sort of sense. All the mysteries are solved, all will be revealed in enticing outerwear, there will be blood...and cucumber fondling.
    • Dusty Blueprints
      Dusty Blueprints
      Episode 10
      Reg asks some pointed questions as Budwin and the investigation team inch ever closer to getting to the bottom of the mystery.
    • Meatpacking: A Stripper's Tale
      Budwin punishes the store for more safety violations while a call to Sparky at P.O.S.H HQ gets nasty and opens up an old wound in Randi's stripper past.
    • Nothing Like A Mama's Sweet Love
      A desperate phone call from Pierce to his mom brings a painful surprise visit while Budwin and Reginald pull an accidental secret from Supervisor Batwanger in his office.
    • Dream On, Dream On
      The police arrive at the store and Sgt. Herbert tries to take control of a dangerous situation with Budwin. Meanwhile, P.O.S.H. team leader Reginald has another Randi fantasy when Pierce wants his mommy.
    • Yes, David Caruso
      Budwin interrogates the manager about the warehouse area while Dr. Minky and Reginald try fruitlessly to help Pierce, then Sgt. Herbert arrives.
    • Okay, He's Really Starting to Smell
      Yet another blow to the head sends Reginald back to memories of learning the mystic Eastern ways of safety from Master Quikcheese and the team finally sees Pierce Johnson's horrible accident.
    • Poses N' S**t
      Poses N' S**t
      Episode 4
      Dr. Randi confronts store owner, Mr. Giant Provisions, to produce details about the accident, while Reginald's intense desire to be helpful causes trouble in the nipple cream aisle...
    • A Dangerous Blend
      The Safety One plane lands the team at a new accident scene and then the investigation leaves them strangely in the dark...
    • P.O.S.H. Team is Go!
      Sparky reveals her history and Reg's incredible joke is interrupted by an emergency call as the team takes to the air in Safety One.
    • Forked Up
      Forked Up
      Episode 1
      In episode one, a hapless worker solves a problem at the Giant Provisions Warehouse store and creates another one with catastrophic consequences. Meanwhile, the Professional Occupation Safety & Hazard Team (P.O.S.H.) is joined by a new mysterious member...
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