Scariest Places On Earth

Season 2 Episode 14

Haunting the Heartland

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 25, 2001 on ABC Family



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      Location: Private Residence - Johnstown, Missouri
      Marian Schlicher - Historian
      Cecelia McKenzie-Schilling - Mother, Former Resident
      Catherine Schilling - Daughter, Former Resident
      Franz Schilling - Father, Former Resident
      Katrina Schilling - Daughter, Former Resident
      Brian Lile - Paranormal Investigator
      Natasha Millard - Daughter, Former Resident
      Brenda Marble - Grave Dowser
      Larry Schmidt - Archeologist
      Mel Graham - Soundman
      Keith Button - Camera Operator
      Joyce Morgan - Psychic
      Misty Mead - Psychic

      Location: Villisca Ax Murder House - Villisca, Iowa
      Thelma Barnes - Former Resident
      Darwin Linn - Owner of the House
      Dave Christensen - Paranormal Investigator
      Ed Epperly - Local Historian
      Paula Beebe - Newspaper Reporter
      Kel Blinston - Paranormal Investigators Inc.

      Location: Alton, Illinois
      Sonny Irwin - Historian
      Troy Taylor - Author
      Jeremy Johnson - Paranormal Investigator
      Jim Morelan - Paranormal Investigator
      Michael Lynch - Paranormal Investigator
      Carol Wolf - Minister
      Mike Love - Realtor
      Sharyn Luedke - Owner, McPike Mansion
      Patrick Clark - News Reporter
      Theresa Pauli-Ojeda - Videographer

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