Scotty Iseri You Can Do Anything!

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Scotty Iseri You Can Do Anything!

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Scotty Iseri You Can Do Anything! is a comedy web show that takes a young liberal comedian and puts him to work in an office full of conservative rules and business etiquette. Actor Scotty Iseri films his days at his first real-life office job where he uses a hidden camera to record his daily activities. His boss and co-workers have no idea that Scott is filming them. He usually waits until he's alone to make music videos in his cubicle or silent movies with the coke machine. Scott's bosses ask him not to film in the office, but he ignores their advice, which usually ends up in the actor having to look for new a job. The comedian also performs a number of short clips in between jobs. In one video, he shows the audience what he should have said during a phone interview. Scott usually takes his camera home, filming before and after work. There, he gives his audience a glimpse on how to choose the right office clothes and which hairstyle is best to use during the week. His journey takes him to offices around the country and even to Australia, where he lands a job at the office of Australian tourism.


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AIRED ON 1/19/2011

Season 0 : Episode 20110119

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