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Grey's Anatomy: Seattle Grace: On Call

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Seattle Grace: On Call is a documentary-styled webisode series taking place within the world of Grey's Anatomy that takes a deeper look at the lives of the doctors beyond the typical series. While the series focuses on the doctors of the likes of Dr. Derek Sheppard and Dr. Meredith Grey in the halls of the beloved yet busy Seattle Grace Hospital, Seattle Grace: On Call highlights some of the lesser-known yet equally dramatic interns as they lose their white coats and chill at Joe's Bar. Megan (Molly Kidder) had lost her job in the merger with Seattle Grace and Mercy West but it seems her role in making waves hasn't disappeared when her affair with a surgical intern-now husband, Steve (Mark Saul), resulted in a pregnancy of unknown paternity and a rather scored ex-boyfriend, Pierce (Joseph Williamson). For Reed (Nora Zehetner) and Charles (Robert Baker), their relationship is a bit on edge as Reed pines after Dr. Karev while Charles pines after her. Sometimes, the drama just doesn't end after primetime.


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AIRED ON 1/21/2010

Season 1 : Episode 6

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Mockumentary, quirky love story, relationship woes, spinoff, love triangle