Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

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Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

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Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy is a series of web based shorts from the creator of Family Guy. The episodes are in the form of the cutaway gags that are used frequently in Family Guy and have a similar tone of lampooning figure in popular culture. The shorts all share biting satire and the use of absurd elements to show pop culture in a different light. 23 episodes were released online, with an additional 27 shorts available on the DVD. The premiere episode 'Super Mario Rescues the Princess' highlights satirical way that the shorts apply real life behavior to pop culture staples. After defeating the dragon, Mario asks Princess for a kiss for rescuing her, and the Princess refuses. The two then get into a long, humorous argument about the difficulty Mario had go through to save the Princess and why she won't kiss him. Eventually, Mario gives up and leaves, letting the dragon he previously defeated kill the Princess. The shorts run about one to two minutes and include an intro animated segment from the sponsor.


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AIRED ON 12/27/2010

Season 2010 : Episode 12.27.10

  • Stupid

    This is terrible like Family guy.

    Plot:1.5 no comment

    Notes:For a more advanced scale, see family guy
  • No Story, No Morals, No Character Development... Just Pointless Cutaways and the Worse part is there never funny! -_-

    Now I know Seth Mcfarlane has been going down the Toilet over the past few years starting in September of 2006 where Family Guy was getting Worse and Worse! But this just takes the cake on Awful writing! I know this is just some kind of spin-off not aired on . and only on Web! But still it sucks ass I've seen better parody series on Youtube, seriously! I never laugh at any of this crap like a Cat Staff Meeting, Gay Knights, Pooping Mountain Climber and the Sheep Shearing! Holy Fuck, Who wrote this Crap! Seth Mcfarlanes only good works are American Dad and Ted; Family Guy was just a ripoff of the Simpsons, but it started out pretty good and had a Special Charm! but looking at this wreck is just a Disgrace to Comedy! The only Cutaway in this mess that was okay was the horse at the bar! The Sarah Jessica Parker part was not bad and at least it tries to give out a decent message, other than that the rest of the cutaways Suck! I would recommend this Trash to Liberal, Atheist, ***ed, Man-child Douchebags! Everyone is else who is not that must stay away from this Piece of Shit Series.moreless
  • Hotdog Comedy.

    I call it hot dog comedy because like hotdogs in real life they are just re-purposed animal parts no one wants stuffed in a case. And that what this is. Unused and un-wanted parts from Family Guy.

    Thats just my opinion but hey if you like it don't let my review stop you.
  • Cartoon Comedy

    If you like Seth MacFarlane's sense of humor you will enjoy these.

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