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Setty Smooth

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Setty Smooth is a set of music videos written, directed, produced and performed by hip hop artist Setty Smooth, that chronicles his smooth journey in finding love. Setty starts the series with the video, "The Mac" where viewers see him video dating five girls at the same time. He sings along with an R&B rhythm to video shots of the women hypnotized by his smooth moves. Setty Smooth goes offline in, "Setty Smooth's World" and focuses on only one of the girls, Maurissa (Maurissa Tancharoen), recording his love interest with a set of smooth lyrics and dance moves. He cleans his apartment and invites Maurissa to his pad for some music and pizza. Maurissa at first resists his smoothness, but after a slow dance in his kitchen, the couple falls in love. In Setty's last clip, "Going to Yoga," Maurissa invites Setty to her yoga class. The R&B rhythm starts again and Setty raps the day's events as they occur. He finds the class full of babes and his ex-girlfriend who all take interest in him. Jealous Maurissa leaves him in the end, and viewers are left wondering if the couple will get back together after Setty realizes that she is the love of his life.Welcome to the world of Setty Smooth - where his quest to find love leads him on the most extraordinary of journeys.


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AIRED ON 2/11/2009

Season 2009 : Episode 3

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