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  • Season 1
    • Revenge of the Jirds (Minisode)
      The best part of waking up is Jird in your cup. Cutter is hired to deliver coffee, but then learns that poachers are using the cans to smuggle animals called Jirds. Why? Jird gland extract is believed to cure male impotency. Don’t ask. Just believe.
    • Sheena: Tyler Returns
      Sheena: Tyler Returns
      Episode 365705
      Some Sheena trivia: this episode was directed by Carl Weathers (Rocky, Predator). Generally, Sheena trivia is useless, but if you're on a game show and they ask, "who directed the Sheena and Cutter track down a terrorist episode?" - ring in quick.
    • Sheena: Unsafe Passage
      Sheena: Unsafe Passage
      Episode 365704
      SHEENA MINISODES - Gina Lee Nolin stars as the sexy Queen of the Jungle and she can morph into any about animal attraction.
    • Sheena: Friendly Fire
      Sheena: Friendly Fire
      Episode 365703
      SHEENA MINISODES - Gina Lee Nolin is Sheena Queen of the Jungle. This blond bombshell can morph into any jungle creature. Meow! Grrrr!
    • Sheena: Fallout
      Sheena: Fallout
      Episode 365702
      A military satellite crashes in the jungle and somehow the CD player inside it still works. The air force wants to bomb the thing and the surrounding jungle to smithereens, so Sheena, Cutter and a shifty dude named Tyler must reach the satellite to erase the CD before the bombers arrive. Too bad.moreless
    • Sheena: Jewel
      Sheena: Jewel
      Episode 365701
      Sheena's single, and she wants a diamond. The Jewel of Kamada has been lost, and some greedy mercenaries try to keep Sheena from returning it to its rightful owners. A word of advice guys: do NOT get between a girl and a shiny blue diamond.
    • Sheena: Between A Rock…
      Tribal war is never the answer. Watch and learn as Kali and Sheena try to establish peace before an all-out genocide occurs. All the trouble revolves around a religious monument claimed by both sides. But it's nothing a lil’ dynamite can't fix!
    • Sheena: Tourist Trap
      Sheena: Tourist Trap
      Episode 365699
      Jungle vacations suck. A cute little tourist girl with a blood disease wants to meet the jungle princess who grants wishes. Instead, she gets kidnapped by evil smugglers, robbed, exposed to the Ebola virus and transfused with lion's blood. Maybe Hawaii would have been a better choice.
    • Sheena: Do As The Romans
      Sheena: Do As The Romans
      Episode 365698
      Bad news, girls. President N'Gama is horny again. In fact, he's kidnapped another young "bride" from the Kali village. To rescue the woman, Sheena must leave the jungle, put on real clothes and venture out into civilization. In other words, you get to see her in an evening gown with her hair up.moreless
    • Sheena: Pilot
      Sheena: Pilot
      Episode 364956
      Ever been pulled from quicksand by a giant ape who then morphed into a beautiful woman? Of course you have. Silly question. But have you ever seen the very first episode of Sheena in which the protector of the jungle is announced to the world? Here it is. And boy is it a beast.moreless
    • Sheena: Children of the Lamistas
      Old enemies never die, they just take a beating from Sheena. Filled with flashbacks, morphs and other fun stuff, this episode pits our hero against a long-time foe, who turned her old friend into either a healthy lizard or a sick zebra. Can’t tell.
    • Sheena: Rite of Passage
      Sheena: Rite of Passage
      Episode 364954
      It’s “gorilla” warfare at its most literal. Although Sheena takes pride in being one with the animals, she can slap a great ape around if necessary. After all, the gorillas started it. Knuckle walkers! Don’t they know she’s the queen of the jungle?
    • Sheena: Buried Secrets
      Sheena: Buried Secrets
      Episode 364953
      It's Sheena meets Scooby Doo! Sheena comes across the cave where her parents died and convinces Cutter to spelunk it with her. One earthquake later, the pair are trapped. Then a crazy diamond miner appears and tries to kill Sheena. Rhu-rho Sheena!
    • Sheena: Lost Boy
      Sheena: Lost Boy
      Episode 364952
      Blame Sheena, the next time a fill up costs $50. A refinery is going up in the jungle, so Sheena and Cutter sneak in a journalist to write an exposé, but the locals have another plan. The pen is may be mightier than the sword…but not the fire bomb.
    • Sheena: Marabunta
      Sheena: Marabunta
      Episode 364951
      Cutter forgets his insect repellant at the worst possible time. Now the jungle is alive with deadly army ants and he and Sheena are surrounded. Soon it’s a world of hurt as the poisonous biters multiply. Can't Sheena turn into a giant anteater?
    • Sheena: Cult of One
      Sheena: Cult of One
      Episode 364950
      In the jungle, Sheena finds a cult run by a guy called Shakoro - who makes David Koresh look reasonable. His compound is a huge cache of weapons wrapped in a chain link fence and populated with chanting people. Even Sheena knows this can't end well.
    • Sheena: Sanctuary
      Sheena: Sanctuary
      Episode 364949
      It’s sad when the UN needs help from a shape-shifting jungle woman. A civil war breaks out and violence creeps toward a UN sanctuary. Sheena and Cutter help the troops protect the compound. While some soldiers are attractive, war just ain't pretty.
    • Sheena: Fool Monty
      Sheena: Fool Monty
      Episode 364948
      Will the real Darak'Na stand up? Somebody's hired an imposter to pose as Sheena. Faker or not, she's got the looks and the moves. Not so fast, lady. There's only room for one mythical shapeshifting queen in this jungle. It's a Darak'Na cat fight.
    • Sheena: Prey
      Sheena: Prey
      Episode 364947
      Load up the gun rack, it's Cutter season. He infiltrates an illegal game hunting operation for Sheena, only to find himself on the endangered list. But Sheena shape-shifts and rubs mud all over her scantily-clad self to save him. Happy hunting!
    • Sheena: Divas of the Jungle
      Need to break a man out of prison? Send bikini models. That's the plan when a photographer hires Cutter for a jailbreak. The divas distract the guards, but it looks like Sheena's gonna’ have to rub mud on her body to get out of this jam.