So On and So Forth



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  • Season 1
    • Dennis & Chloe
      Dennis & Chloe
      Episode 10
      Are Dennis and Chloe doomed or are they just too sleepy? If they aren't doomed then why did Chloe say they're doomed? Should they talk about it but it's like 3 am. Dennis puts his foot in his mouth and Chloe says something she shouldn't have. Where do they go from here?moreless
    • Joy & Chloe
      Joy & Chloe
      Episode 9
      Chloe goes to Joy for some girl time. While joy tries on a few outfits Chloe drops the news about the break up or whatever it is. Joy sets Chloe straight with some blunt psychoanalysis. Should Chloe get back with Dennis?
    • Dennis & Sam
      Dennis & Sam
      Episode 8
      All girls like love songs. In order to be more romantic Dennis records Chloe a love song so that they can get through this rough patch. Sam interrupts Dennis's artistic endeavors with a few suggestions. Will Dennis take Sam's criticisms to heart?
    • Leland & Joy
      Leland & Joy
      Episode 7
      Leland is one smooth operator. When Leland and Joy meet up for some food sparks fly. Yeah, Leland is different but that's cool right? Joy maybe a bit confrontational but that's alright. Truths come out and could this be love?
    • Sam & Leland
      Sam & Leland
      Episode 6
      Sam and Leland go out for a pleasant day of ice cream. Is Sam quadrophobic? Sam tells Leland about the intimate encounter he had with Joy. Can Leland step up and help out a friend?
    • Sam & Chloe
      Sam & Chloe
      Episode 5
      Sam just happens to be in the neighborhood...not really, well kind of...and he needs to pick up Dennis's toothbrush. When face to face with Chloe though will Sam tell her to break up with Dennis or stay together. How does Sam really feel?
    • Dennis & Joy
      Dennis & Joy
      Episode 4
      Joy has a problem entering through the front door. Dennis almost smashes Joy in the head with t baseball bat and Joy helps Dennis make a decision that could affect the rest of his dating life.
    • Sam & Joy
      Sam & Joy
      Episode 3
      Sam and Joy run into each other in the park You can tell something's wrong when Joy smacks Sam in the face. Sam learns two important lessons: The past always catches up with you and it's not always the best idea to blab out your secrets.
    • Chloe & Leland
      Chloe & Leland
      Episode 2
      Chloe and Leland just hang out. Whether it be cooking, painting, yoga, face painting or just smoking out its all good. Leland and Chloe really connect. As the sun sets on a perfect day Leland finds a way to wipe all the good away.
    • Dennis & Leland
      Dennis & Leland
      Episode 1
      Now that Dennis and Chloe are on the out…well maybe. So Dennis stays with his bro Leland and discovers some disturbing and dangerous facets about his buddy. It's 10 am and Dennis and Leland are already fighting.