Sons of Anarchy

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 03, 2008 on FX



  • Trivia

    • Goof:: When Donna tells the children to go inside, she refers to them both as boys. But clearly, one of them is a girl. Opie and Donna have a son and a daughter.

    • Theme Song Lyrics

      Ride into this world
      All alone
      God takes your soul
      You're on your own.
      The crow flies straight
      A perfect line
      On the devil's back
      Until you die.
      Gotta look this life in the eye.

    • The show takes place in the town of Charming, which has a population of 14,679.

    • One of the toys that Jax finds in the storage locker is the classic fighting robot game Rockem Sockem Robots.

  • Quotes

    • (Half-Sack towes in a BMW with a deer in the windsheild)
      Jax: Some days you're the Beamer, some days you're the goddamn deer.
      Chibs: Some yuppie creamed it out by the streams.
      Jax: He run into it or hit a tree while it was giving him head?
      Half-Sack: How the hell you want me to get it out of there? (Jax gets a chainsaw) Come on. Jesus, man.
      Jax: Just pretend its carve your on steak night at the sizzler.
      Half-Sack: I don't eat meat, man.
      Jax: Figure it out, grunt.

    • Gemma: Looks like the boy might actually see his first birthday.
      Wendy: He made it? Oh, Abel, thank God!
      Gemma: Yes. Thank you, God. Maybe we should say a little prayer?
      Wendy: Okay. That'd be good.
      Gemma: Dear God, thank you for saving this boy... from his murderous junkie mom, who cared more about a $40 rush than she did her own flesh and blood.
      Wendy: Don't you dare...
      Gemma: Don't I dare? You pathetic whore. Guess the D.A. was impressed with your Bible studies. Here they're not gonna press charges.
      Wendy: When I check out of here, I'm going to Promises.
      Gemma: Let's just throw money at those 12-step freaks. How long's it gonna last this time? Six months? Three? Couple of weeks?
      Wendy: It's gonna be different this time. This time I have my baby to live for.
      Gemma: That's where you're wrong. You have no baby. You lost that privilege. (Grabs Wendy by the throat) You so much as cast a shadow on that kid, try to turn some legal screw and get custody, I will finish this job. He will never call you "mommy". (Releases Wendy, and throws a Bible on her table) I suggest you turn to Jesus. (Gemma exits)
      (Wendy opens the Bible, to find a needle filled with crank inside)

    • Gemma: You gotta go see him, Jax.
      Jax: I can't.
      Gemma: Why? He'll break your heart? It's called being a father.
      Jax: For how long? A day? A week?
      Gemma: You know, you were born with that same heart defect your little brother had. (She lightly punches his chest) Seems pretty sturdy to me. I've been through hell, landed on my feet. Your father was hit by a goddamn semi, dragged 178 yards. And that bastard lived for two more days. Teller's do not die easy.
      Jax: No, we just die bloody.

    • Clay: I never sold gun one to the Mexicans, now I need for you to show me a little respect, and give me a few more days for delivery.
      Laroy: Don't give a shit about history, or respect. This is about business, old man.
      Clay: And I'm telling you, brotha. Give me some more time: really smart business.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:

      Czech Republic: Gang
      Germany: Sam Crow

    • International Show Titles:
      Czech Republic: Zákon gangu (Law of the Gang)
      Slovakia:Zákon gangu (Law of the Gang)

    • Featured Music: "Hard Row" by Black Keys "Fool and You" by Year Long Disaster "Writings on the Wall" by Album Leaf "Plenty Strong, Plenty Wrong" by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster "No Generation" by The Lions "Machine" by The Lions "Kick Back" by Fireball Ministry "Like the River" by Sun Kil Moon "Bobilicious" by Gia Ciambottie "Tus Ojitos" by Campanas De America

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 20, 2008 on Super Channel 1
      Australia: April 2, 2009 on Showcase
      United Kingdom: May 12, 2009 on Bravo
      Finland: March 9, 2010 on Sub
      New Zealand: November 20, 2010 on TV3
      Czech Republic: January 2, 2011 on Prima COOL
      Latvia: January 28, 2011 on TV6
      Slovakia: January 7, 2012 on JOJ Plus
      Germany: November 6, 2012 on kabel eins

    • The production team designed every motorcycle to reflect the identity of the biker riding it. For example, violent Tig's bike is covered in skulls and spikes, and Scottish Chibs' bike features his homeland's flag emblazoned on the seat.

    • Drea De Matteo is credited as Special Guest Star.

    • Scott Glenn was originally cast as Clay Morrow, before being replaced by Ron Perlman when the producers decided to make the series more of a dark comedy than a drama. Glenn's scenes in the pilot were then reshot.

  • Allusions

    • Fat Man and Little Boy

      Clay's response about the rival gang is that they play along or it will be "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" all over again. This is a reference to the Manhattan Project during the atomic era. Codenames for the atomic bombs were "Fat Man", which was dropped over Nagasaki, and "Little Boy", which was dropped over Hiroshima.

    • Name: Abel

      Jax named his son Abel, this is a biblical reference to the brothers Cain and Abel. They were the first sons of Adam.

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