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      Episode 3
      Seattle glam/punk rock band the SPACE CRETINS take the airwaves with their own public access cable TV show! Episode 3 is the animated episode in which the Space Cretins appear as --(gasp!) -- cartoon characters! Watch as they host their own rock video show (featuring videos of "Rock the Area," "Hong Kong Blow," "Jet Ride," and "Guantanamo Bay"), audition guitar players in their "American Cretin" show, party in the electric skies, and finally cruise the Cretin Craft to the planet Uranus where they play a sold out concert to an arena full of sexy space babes! This episode originally aired on public access stations in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR in the Fall of 2007. Starring Paul Diamond Blow, Danger Dayne Bam Bam, Markass Karkass, and a cast of thousands...moreless