Spartacus: Blood and Sand - The Motion Comic

Season 1 Episode 2

Shadows of the Jackal

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Shadows of the Jackal
Between Spartacus and his freedom stands the gladiator Crixus, whose legend begins with his battle against the horrifying Gargan Twins. Feral, evil cannibals from birth, Decimus and Tiberius Gargan are finally captured and thrown in the arena, where they devour anything--and anyone--in their path. If Crixus can't stop them, there's no man alive who can!moreless
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    • Arkadios: I am Arkadios, gladiator. And I am dead. Slain in the arena by a god. A thing of death and pain. A thing called... Spartacus.

    • Arkadios: (About Spartacus, who has just defated him in the arena) The crowd cheered. Demanded his sentence of execution be stayed. And so he was spared. But his freedom denied. Now he stands a slave.

    • Arkadios: A gladiator... as I was in life in the house of Quintus Lentulus Batiatus. Trained beneath the cruel whip of his Doctore, a man who once faced the Shadow of Death and lived to speak of it.

    • Arkadios: (About Crixus) You do not know who you face, Spartacus. His legend began far from these lands. Far even from the man himself.

    • Arkadios: Legend has it a demon known as the Jackal roams the woodlands carrying with him an unquenchable thirst for human blood. Some say the Jackal
      can walk through walls, see in the darkness and has claws the size of a dragon. Others say he was once a man shunned by all and sent into exile but madness struck and consumed him. And then there are those who have witnessed him first hand, but unfortunately, none has lived to tell the tale.

    • Arkadios: Nestorius came home the very next day to the worst of news in the sight of two ungodly children. He hated the boys with every inch of his heart and soul. They had robbed him of the love of his life and were a constant reminder of the horrors that happened while he was away in battle.

    • Arkadios: (About Nestorius and the Gargan twins) Those two bastards. He truly wanted to kill them... so many times... but he did not. Somewhere in there, behind their bleak twisted eyes was a piece of his lovely Abelia. And for that he hated them even more.

    • Arkadios: (About the Gargan twins) The beatings had become more frequent and severe, and worse... they did not seem to care. Or so he thought. The Gargan twins lashed up with such anger and hate that their revenge did not stop at their stepfather's death.

    • Arkadios: (About the Gargan twins) They wanted him to endure as they had. And they did the unthinkable. Their real father would have been proud.

    • Arkadios: (About the Gargan twins) Now.... it was their time to bestow pain and suffering to those around them. And so they did. And oh... what fun they had.

    • Solonius: (To the Gargan twins) Embrace that anger, boys. When my man Ludovic is done you will be better able to focus all that rage in the arena, where it belongs.

    • Arkadios: When fed, the Gargan twins accepted only uncooked meat be it man or beast, their humanity slipped further away with each battle.

    • Arkadios: Denied their food for the previous three days, the Gargan twins can smell the meat on the bones of their rivals.

    • Arkadios: Crixus, the champion of Capua. That is the man you face upon the bridge of truth, Spartacus. He is legend. He is... deafeated? Spartacus.... lives.

    • Arkadios: As long as your heart beats, I am chained to this world. One day I shall witness your death, Spartacus. One day... I shall be free.

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