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Season 1 Episode 3

The Beast of Carthage

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The Beast of Carthage
Young, frail Barca cannot save his mother or his village from Roman marauders, and his father Mago bitterly disowns him. But that vengeful day eventually creates Barca, the Beast of Carthage, a towering man of muscle and hate. In Roman hands, Barca must survive the gladiators' arena long enough to get the bloody satisfaction he craves.moreless
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      • Arkadios: Be not mistaken... in the arena, every man is his enemy.

      • Arkadios: We battled for hours. Giving the crowd exactly what they screamed for. A storm of blood.

      • Arkadios: I was bested. A rare occurrence. A loss not without honor. For the beast was destined to become legend.

      • Arkadios: (About Barca's ancestors) Hannibal. Destroyer of Rome. Barca's great-grandfather. Hasdrubal. The General of Death. And Barca's father, Mago, chieftain of Carthage.a

      • Arkadios: (About Barca's ancestors) Before battle, each man swore the family oath: I will follow the Romans both at sea and on land. I will use fire and steel to arrest the destiny of Rome. Passed on to each son once age permits him battle. Neither the gods nor the treaty wich forbids us war, nothing shall stop me! I swear by the God Mars who protects me. I swear it by the august manes. I am no friend to Rome!

      • Arkadios: (As narrator) Young Barca had no interest in oaths.
        Mago: He insults my forebears. You are of the age. Swear the oath and fight.
        Barca: No, Father. Please.
        Elissa: The boy is different.
        Mago: Because you coddle him, Elissa. Allowing him to play with a friend and birds. Day upon day. When I return, you will embrace your destiny and begin to live the oath.

      • Mago: How do you stand before me, unmarked?

        Barca: Father I... I...
        Mago: You did not fight? Barca... you are no son of mine.

      • Arkadios: (About Barca) His father's words awoke the slumbering beast in the boy. He trained with Cyprian in the way of his forefathers: sword and spear until he was ready to fight and destroy his enemies.

      • Barca: Tomorrow I depart.
        Cyprian: And you will find me at your side. Never to leave.

      • Arkadios: (About Barca) He celebrated for a moment, loving Cyprian, before he descended on his sworn enemy. Rome.

      • Cyprian: (Dying) Live and remember me.

        Barca: Always.
        Arkadios: (As narrator) The beast was tamed.

      • Arkadios: One hundred Carthaginians. Forced to slaughter each other in the arena in Capua for the amusement of Romans. Only one would be allowed life. Should he survive.

      • Arkadios: (As narrator) One final battle. Against a man long past his prime. Mago.
        Barca: Father?
        Mago: Barca!
        Arkadios: (As narrator) Father and son reunited. Foes once again.

      • Arkadios: (As narrator) Vim and vigor drove Barca. Skill and experirence aided Mago. But Barca Proved himself worthy and gained advantage, too powerfull for the skilled patriarch.
        Mago: Barca.. You are my son.
        Barca: And I have lived the oath, Father.

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