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Season 1 Episode 1

Upon the Sands of Vengeance

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Upon the Sands of Vengeance
Arkadios is a once-proud Greek warrior enslaved by the Romans. Now he dreams of only one thing: revenge. He'll cut the head from his captor, even if he has to chop a gory swath through an arena full of gladiators just to get there.
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      • Arkadios: I am a God! The arena is my temple! Blood... my sacred wine! Death my ambrosia!

      • Arkadios: It was a... good life. Until the Romans came.

      • Arthur: When I awoke, my life was over. I was taken to a place, far away from the lust hills of Athens. A place, where the rain seldom came. Capua!

      • Arkadios: I was sold with two others to Solonius, the lanista, a trainer of gladiators. We were given sticks and told the winner will be fed and trained in the ways of death. I've always been good with sticks.

      • Arkadios: Years pass in a haze of pain and blood. Their pain, their blood. And before each death blow, I... imagine his face! The man, who took my life away.

      • Arkadios: The life of a gladiator. Blood and battle.

      • Arkadios: The Cena Libera. The feast the night before the games, the night before our deaths. Thrown by the rich and powerful, seeking to gain the favor of the people. Gladiators are paraded and displayed. Wild animals to be feared and admired.

      • Arkadios: Albinius! The man, who took my life away. He prattles of gifts to the people of Capua. Water carried from Rome, to slay the thirst of the draught. And blood to be spilled in the arena.

      • Arkadios: When Albinius approaches... I shall have vengeance! They will kill me for this. I'll drag as many as I can with me to the Underworld.

      • Senator Albinius: More gifts for the people of Capua! Six Thracian jackals! Deserters from the war against the barbaric Getae! To be executed ad gladium in tomorrow's games!

      • Arkadios: The games begin. The morning is largely uneventful. One missio, the sign of surrender. Two forefists deeply injured. Neither of them fatal. Only a single death. I shall add to that number.

      • Arkadios: The call is sounded. The executions begin. And with them, the final moments of my life.

      • Arkadios: Each man is given a sword. A chance at cheap death and empty hope.

      • Ilithya: (About Spartacus) This Thracian caused Rome a great disservice, father. He must be humiliated in example.

      • Arkadios: (Realizing that he has to fight against his friends) I had not expected this. They are known to me at the ludus, I called each of them friend. If I kill Albinius now, the Romans will think all of us traitors. All of us will die. So be it!

      • Arkadios: I find no join in the Thracian's pain, no satisfaction in his blood. He's but an obstacle. One that must fall.

      • Arkadios: (After falling in the arena at the hands of Spartacus) I hear the roar of the crowd. As if from a great distance. It is the Thracian's name they chant. Their new deity of pain. Spartacus!

      • Arkadios: (About Spartacus, who has just inflicted him a deadly wound) He is a God. He is vengeance. And mine... is lost. Forever.

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