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  • 2008
    • The Cult Next Door
      The Cult Next Door
      Episode 05.19.08
      We got our whole cast together of Dana, Adam, Blake and Anders. And this time, they're not pretending, they're just participating in their typical weekly "youth group" meeting. Sure, this youth group chants and prays and wears similar jumpsuits – trust us, it's just a youth group. But things get a little out of hand when pizza delivery guy Val ("The Mark") shows up and our gang mistakes him for... well, just watch.moreless
    • Trainwreck Granny
      Trainwreck Granny
      Episode 05.14.08
      Our beloved Beverly has seen better days. As Adam and Dana (as her grandchildren) tend to her, there's a knock at the door and an angel, in the form of sub sandwich delivery guy Brian ("The Mark"), is there to comfort her. Beverly, in her blissful stupor, mistakes Brian for her mysteriously distant French cousin, Rene. And Adam thinks it'd be great if Brian pretends to be Rene. Just for a little while. Brian happily obliges, but gets more than her bargained for (doesn't that always happen to our Marks?) when Adam and Dana leave the room.moreless
    • Hypnotic Striptease
      Hypnotic Striptease
      Episode 05.08.08
      Dr. Stein is a seasoned hypno-therapist trained in hypnosis... or so Kelly ("The Mark") thinks! And she's only there to deliver flowers. Dr. Stein is actually an actress and she's convinced Kelly that Blake, her "patient," is under deep hypnosis and on the brink of a serious, amazing breakthrough! All Kelly has to do is read some cards - and that's it. What Kelly doesn't know is that Blake's not hypnotized and only pretending.moreless
    • Hornier Foreigners
      Hornier Foreigners
      Episode 05.08.08
      Ask and you shall receive... more of America's favorite horny foreigners. Adam and Anders had so much fun last time, they decided to try out their act on another unsuspecting mark, this time pizza delivery guy Andy ("The Mark"). But Andy reacted a little differently from the last guy, and he brought with him plenty of nuggets of wisdom on the finer points on wooing the fairer sex. There were so many nuggets, actually, that we can't even show you most of them! (Let your imagination guide you...)moreless
    • Deranged Date Video
      Deranged Date Video
      Episode 04.30.08
      Dana has issues. Regardless, Dana's working through her problems the only way she knows how. By getting out into the online dating scene. The only thing she needs is a "friend" to do some online testimonials attesting to how she's, you know, not crazy. But this is our Dana, folks, and when she asks delivery guy Cesar ("The Mark") to first man the camera and then do some impromptu testimonials of his own, anything can happen!moreless
    • The Legend
      The Legend
      Episode 04.27.08
      Once in a while, you come across an individual who surpasses all expectations. For us here at "Special Delivery," that individual is Frank ("The Mark"). In this scenario, Anders portrays a character called "The Legend," i.e. the finest pizza delivery guy in all of Las Vegas and winner of the Pizza Man Nationals for three years running. Anders even has his own manager, which is impressive since he's still overcoming a truly pathetic eye/hand injury. Disappointed with the Mark's arrival time, Anders puts our Mark through a "pizza delivery guy training course," a series of ridiculous but important tasks. But Frank not only passes with flying colors, he may as well be called "The Legend" himself.moreless
    • Proposal Gone Wrong
      Proposal Gone Wrong
      Episode 04.21.08
      Love is in the air, as Adam asks food delivery guy Nick ("The Mark") to help make this evening super-special. He's planned out the perfect proposal scenario for the love of his life Courtney, but all he's missing is a waiter to make the romantic dinner a true success. Nick happily obliges – who wouldn't for true love? – but when Courtney comes home... well, just watch.moreless
    • Give a Dog a Bone
      Give a Dog a Bone
      Episode 04.16.08
      No, you're not experiencing déjà vu. Anders is a lover and connoisseur of many dogs, and has in his vast collection numerous lovable pooches who he wants to wish a happy birthday. And wouldn't you know it, his beloved pitbull has a thirst for adult entertainers of the male persuasion as well. We all know you're huge fans of "Midget Stripper," so we decided to try it again with another mark, this time super-tattooed Christopher ("The Mark"). Christopher acted a little different from Jody; well, this pitbull is a little different from Shadow. He's terrified of the dog, and more importantly, becomes a little terrified of Anders, too.moreless
    • Probed by Aliens
      Probed by Aliens
      Episode 04.13.08
      We had so much fun wounding and bandaging Anders that we decided to do it again. This time, his eyes are bandaged and he's confined to a wheelchair, and he has a simple task for handy man Jim ("The Mark"). All Jim has to do is raise his bed a couple feet so he can get out of bed easier and hop in his wheelchair... to escape. Ah, but to find out what he needs to escape, you'll just have to watch. And cringe. Our hidden cameras capture the most bizarre maintenance call anyone's ever had as Jim hears one of the weirdest explanations yet for having a collection of... well, just watch.moreless
    • Totally Unarmed
      Totally Unarmed
      Episode 03.31.08
      If Anders looks a little loopy, it's because he was recently in an accident, confining him to a full body cast. He's trapped in his house with nothing but a caretaker and the warm embrace of his beloved Cheetos. But when his caretaker takes off, leaving Anders alone to fend for himself, it's up to sweet flower delivery girl Frieda ("The Mark") to make sure he's taken care of. And of course, she can't leave without the money.moreless
    • Horny Foreigners
      Horny Foreigners
      Episode 03.24.08
      Adam and Anders are new to America. They're from Snicket in Brabasol, just north of Lithuania. You haven't heard of it? They're so new to America that they know nothing of eating pizza or going out to clubs... or the most important American pastime, scoring with the ladies. Who better than pizza delivery guy Bryan ("The Mark") to teach these guys the ways of America? If only Bryan had the time – he's in a real rush and he's about a half-second from leaving and just paying for the delivery himself!moreless
    • 2 Bunnies, 1 Cup
      2 Bunnies, 1 Cup
      Episode 03.19.08
      Bernard ("The Mark") is a professional entertainer and Easter is his sweet season. He's booking Easter egg hunt parties left and right, but he's been given the ultimate challenge by our favorite two couch-bound gamblers, Adam & Anders (From "2 Guys 1 Tip") The boys have to book a bunny for an Easter egg hunt, but they want to make sure they find only the best – would you expect any less from these guys? – by putting Bernard and Blake through the mother of all "hop"-stacle courses. As you, the "Special Delivery" faithful know, Blake is in on the gag.moreless
    • Drunk Leprechaun
      Drunk Leprechaun
      Episode 03.13.08
      After a heated argument, Dana's leaving her boyfriend Blake to go to her mom's house. She's called for a taxi to drive her, and the driver, S.J. ("The Mark") has been given the task of moving all of Dana's heavy, bulky baggage out to the car. But Blake's not letting Dana go, and insists on unpacking Dana's things, only to make a shocking discovery: Dana had planned on stealing "Lucky," a leprechaun, and claiming the little guy as her own.moreless
    • Psycho Cat Lady
      Psycho Cat Lady
      Episode 03.11.08
      Good guy courier Cole ("The Mark") has to deliver an envelope to seemingly sweet and gentle Dana. But Dana's mind is elsewhere, as her beloved cat "Sergeant Fuzzy" refuses to leave his comfy hiding place behind the sofa. She keeps trying to lure the little guy out, but he just won't respond to her. As Cole valiantly steps in and tries to coax Sergeant Fuzzy out, he makes a pretty remarkable discovery. Sergeant Fuzzy isn't quite what he expected... let's just say he's a very active kitty, with very active vocal skills.moreless
    • Oil ME Down
      Oil ME Down
      Episode 03.06.08
      Innocent flower delivery girl Marni ("The Mark") is delivering some flowers for the lovely Beverly. While Beverly searches for some money, Beverly's grandson Blake, a professional adult entertainer trained in the fine art of subtle seduction, crosses through. He's late for a bachelorette party – performing under the pseudonym, "Harry" – and he needs some help getting "oiled up" for the gig. Maybe our mark Marni is up for some oilin'? Our hidden cameras capture Marni's priceless reaction to one of the weirdest encounters between a male stripper and a flower delivery girl you'll ever see, guaranteed.moreless
    • 2 Guys, 1 Tip
      2 Guys, 1 Tip
      Episode 03.03.08
      Adam and Anders like to gamble. On everything. And today's no exception as they've bet on which of two delivery guys will show up first, offering the winner a monster tip. One delivery guy – Blake – is in on the gag. But the other one, John ("The Mark") doesn't know what he's just walked in to. When Blake and John arrive at practically the same time, it's up to the two delivery guys to have the ultimate delivery-guy competition to settle the tie and win for either Adam or Anders. Our hidden cameras catch all the action. And when it comes to competing hardcore, John's not messing around – he's in this thing to win!moreless
    • Midget Stripper
      Midget Stripper
      Episode 02.27.08
      Anders is celebrating a very special day – the birth of his dog, Shadow. And Shadow couldn't be more excited! Since it's her special day, she wants what everyone wants on their birthday: a little person adult entertainer to seduce and tease her. And Jody ("The Mark") is up for the challenge. Watch this episode of "Special Delivery", a MySpaceTV original series, as Jody goes through the motions to make sure Shadow has a super-special day and a birthday to remember, all the while captured on our hidden cameras. Join and celeb-bark!moreless
    • Strike a Pose
      Strike a Pose
      Episode 02.22.08
      Dana's in a bind. Her project for photography class is due and if she doesn't pass, her dad's going to be pissed. All she needs is a subject to capture on film, and thankfully Antonio ("The Mark") is more than happy to oblige. But something happens while Dana captures him on film. Her project comes alive! And Dana feels compelled to photograph Antonio in increasingly more bizarre and odd situations. To add to the weirdness of the situation, Antonio - a Chinese food delivery guy - goes along with it, not realizing he's on our hidden cameras! Watch this episode of "Special Delivery" as our Mark is up for any ridiculous suggestion and falls for our gag hook, line and sinker.moreless