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Spook House Dave

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Spook House Dave is a popular video series produced with Muppet-style puppets. The main character, Dave, is a twelve year-old boy who has grown up in a huge, foreboding castle inhabited by terrifying monsters. Dave was deposited at the castle gates as a newborn, with only a note pinned to his blankets that begged the monsters to take care of him. The monsters were moved by the politeness of the note; unable to resist the word "please," they took the baby in and cared for him. Spook House Dave was raised entirely by these odd creatures: a werewolf, a vampire, a witch, a mummy, and a bright green Frankenstein monster. He is, in many respects, a normal twelve year-old kid; however, other people in the area aren't always very accepting of Dave's strange and frightening family, even though they are good neighbors and don't bother anyone. Many of Dave's neighbors are terrified of his unusual family and don't even take the time to get to know them. Those who do are pleasantly surprised by Dave's fascinating family members. Popular with kids and adults, this highly enjoyable show reminds everyone that it's never okay to judge a book by its cover.


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AIRED ON 10/31/2010

Season 2010 : Episode 11.01.10

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Slapstick, Adult, Puppets