Stan Lee's Time Jumper

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Stan Lee's Time Jumper

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Stan Lee's Time Jumper is an animated superhero television series created by Stan Lee, the creator of the highly popular Marvel Comics series, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the X-Men, as it centers on Terry Dixon, a twenty-year-old college student who lives somewhat uncomfortably under the shadows of his technological genius of a father Arthur and his golden boy brother Sam. His father's most powerful invention is called the Articulus, a device capable of time travel, and has been coded to only work with the Dixon DNA leaving Arthur, Sam, and Terry the only three people capable of ever using it. After his father's death and his brother's disappearance, Terry becomes a hesitant agent for a secret organization called H.U.N.T., or the Heroes United, Noble, and True as the only agent capable of facing the criminal leader Charity Vyle as her Council of Unstoppable, Lethal Terrorists (C.U.L.T.) seek to change historical moments in history. Was his father's death truly a lab accident? Where has his brother gone? Is it only history that is being reconfigured with each jump Terry and the Articulus makes?


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AIRED ON 1/26/2010

Season 1 : Episode 10

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Superheroes, Crime, Futuristic