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Strong Bad Email

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Strong Bad Email is a popular internet animated flash video that is part of the Homestar Runner series. The basic premise is that Strong Bad (Matt Chapman), a lucha libra mask wearing character, answers emails sent in by a viewer, usually in a very demeaning, egotistic way. The series is popular because of its surrealist humor, usually referring to internet pop culture and video games. It began in 2001 and has run continuously since then, creating more than two hundred episodes. Its most popular joke came about from an email entitled "dragon," in which Strong Bad draws a picture of a dragon named "TROGDOR, THE BURNiNATOR, " and plays a humorous theme song for it. A considerable amount of merchandise has since been created, featuring Strong Bad or Trogdor, including video games of their own. Anyone that enjoys internet memes or bizarre humor will find something to like about Strong Bad Email.

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dry humor, hilarious pranks, pop culture references, hilarious host, dumb friends