Season 7 Episode 14

Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2012 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • When Sam first views the picture wall at Plucky's the picture of the shark is on the edge next to a pumpkin head monster. The shot pulls back to Sam looking at the wall and a second later back to the wall and now the shark is gone and there's a picture of a witch.

  • Quotes

    • Dean: Seriously, Frank, Pay phones? Come on, I'm getting the clap off this thing just touching it.

    • Sam: So, we got dick on Dick?
      Dean: That's a vivid way of putting it. You find anything on Wonder Woman?
      Sam: No. And there probably won't be. They are definitely gone. But might have found something over in Kansas.
      Dean: All right. Well, let's do it. But a few simple rules, okay? No babies. Heck, no baby mamas, no bars, no booze, no hot chicks of any kind.
      Sam: Wait wait wait. Did you just say...?
      Dean: Hey, you spawn a monster baby, see how quick you wanna dive back in the pool.

    • Dean: Bite look a little vampy to you?
      Sam: Yeah, no question.
      Dean: So what are we looking for? Octo-Vamp? Vamptopus?
      Sam: That's crazy, even for us, right?
      Dean: Does push the envelope.

    • Dean: Mom, Dad, nanny. That is a love triangle right out of Casa Erotica. Of course, in those the jealous wife tends to channel her feelings more productively.

    • Sam: How's business?
      Jean: It turns out not even Grim flippin' Death can slow down the birthday fun.

    • Sam: Go ahead, say it.
      Dean: I'm sorry. You--you look like you got attacked by some PCP-crazed strippers.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Ticking Countdown: Referencing 24, a TV series known for its unique real-time format and the use of a ticking clock to illustrate the change in time.

    • Sam: "If it bleeds, you can kill it."

      Referencing the 1987 movie Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, featuring a team of American soldiers in Guatemala conducting a rescue mission. An alien "predator" begins stalking and killing them one by one. The paraphrased line above is spoken when Schwarzenegger's character, Dutch Schaefer, finds traces of the seemingly indestructible creature's blood for the first time and tells his men that they can deal with it.

    • Dean: Shark Week, man, how do you not watch that?

      Referencing the Discovery Channel's annual summer marathon of shark-related programs. It first started in 1987, begins sometime in late July/early August, and often features shark-based theme for other Discovery Channel shows such as Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs.

    • Dean: Land Shark, what's next?

      Referencing the sketch character from Saturday Night Live, played by Chevy Chase. Described as "the cleverest of all sharks," the Land Shark's modus operandi involves going up to young women's apartments, posing as a plumber, delivery man, door-to-door salesman, dolphin, etc. They would inevitably open the door and be eaten. The Land Shark first appeared in a parody of the original Jaws movie, in SNL's first season.

    • Dean: While you were out being Dirty Harry, uh, Tyler's mom got pissy with him.

      Referencing police detective Harold Francis "Dirty Harry" Callahan, played by Clint Eastwood in five movies from 1971 to 1988. The character is a cop who refuses to play by the rules, constantly challenges his superiors, disregards orders, and ultimately believes in justice rather than the letter of the law.

    • Dean: No Iron Giant.

      Referencing the 1999 animated movie based on the novel The Iron Man (1968) by Ted Hughes. The story features a young boy in 1957 who finds a giant alien robot in the woods near his home and befriends it, only for the military to mistake it for a deadly weapon.