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Teen Girl Squad

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Teen Girl Squad is a spin off animated comedic web series by the hilarious master minds of Homestar Runner. There's too much to say about the stand out character of Strong Bad's, crudely drawn, purposely lackluster cartoon done on notebook paper. First off, it's hilarious, absurd and completely random humor that we love. Second, it's a web comedy cult favorite. And lastly, third, the plot- it focuses on four girls: Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, and The Ugly One all who try their best to fit in at high school. Getting prom dates, shopping for clothes, enjoying things like "Decemberween" and Valentine's day or just being girls where ever they happen to be that day, Teen Girl Squad is a laugh out loud take on teen drama but, much like any good comedy, situations arise, birds attack, buses collide, people get "arrowed". So watch it, trust us- you'll agree it's "SO GOOD!".

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Season 1 : Episode 17

Mike Chapman

Mike Chapman

Star, Director, Producer

Matt Chapman

Matt Chapman

Star, Writer, Director, Producer

Missy Palmer

Missy Palmer


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outrageous situations, buddies and gal pals, college humor, gossiping teens, narcisists