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  • Season 1
    • Talent Show
      Talent Show
      Episode 16
      Summer is in full swing-and most of the broadcast networks' scripted shows are on vacation. Which means you'd better dust off your old tap shoes and start hitting those high notes, because TV Guy is taking on the talent show, with questions about America's Got Talent, The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, Platinum Hit, and The Glee Project.moreless
    • Science Fiction and Fantasy
      Greetings, TV-watching earthlings and noble sirs! In this sci-fi-and-fantasy-themed episode of Teletrivia, TV Guy dons his tinfoil hat, draws his broadsword, and attacks both genres with questions about Futurama, Fringe, Camelot, Merlin, Game of Thrones, and Dr. Who. Plus: An new edition of You Look Familiar that spans both time and (outer)space.moreless
    • Smallville Tribute
      Smallville Tribute
      Episode 14
      It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a special Teletrivia tribute! In the latest episode, TV Guy pays homage to Smallville with five questions about the long-running CW series, plus an extended--you might even say SUPERsized--edition of You Look Familiar devoted to the many guest stars who passed through Superman's hometown over the years. It's super!moreless
    • On The Bubble
      On The Bubble
      Episode 13
      Ah, May--bearer of warmer temps, seasonal allergies, and the announcement of TV networks' fall programming lineups. But not all shows are clear candidates for renewal or cancellation, which brings us to that mysterious, volatile realm known only as The Bubble. In the latest episode of Teletrivia, TV Guy covers five of 2011's most "unstable" Bubble-dwellers: Chuck, V, Breaking In, Lie to Me, and Two and a Half Men.moreless
    • Miniseries!
      Episode 12
      In the latest episode of Teletrivia, TV Guy explores that great compromise between TV and the movies--the miniseries--with a quiz that covers The Kennedys, Mildred Pierce, The Pacific, Carlos, and that 1970s classic, Upstairs Downstairs. Plus, keep an eye out for a new You Look Familiar segment with a former child actor whose work dates back to "prehistoric times."moreless
    • Police Procedurals
      Police Procedurals
      Episode 11
      Come out with your hands up! In the latest installment of Teletrivia, TV Guy walks the beat of police procedurals and investigates six popular crimetime dramas: Bones, Suspect Minds: Criminal Behavior, NCIS: Los Angeles, Law & Order: Los Angeles, CSI: NY, and Castle.
    • Adult Cartoons
      Adult Cartoons
      Episode 10
      TV guy has loved cartoons since he was a TV toddler. Now that he's an adult, the cartoons he likes to watch are more, well, adult. This episode covers these adult-oriented cartoons: Robot Chicken, The Life & Times of Tim, Bob's Burgers (from the creators of Dr Katz), Archer, Spicy City and a "You Sound Familiar" segment with Arrested Development's Jessica Walter.moreless
    • Drama Kings
      Drama Kings
      Episode 9
      TV guy dives behind the scenes in this week's Teletrivia, examining this season's dramas by looking at the work of the show runners, producers, and writers. Questions taken from Lights Out, The Chicago Code, Harry's Law, Big Love, and Justified.
    • Funny People
      Funny People
      Episode 8
      This episode of Teletrivia is chock full of "You Look Familiar"s that highlight the funniest people on air now. Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein, Eagleheart's Chris Elliot, Mr Sunshine's Matthew Perry, Parks and Recreation's Rob Lowe, and ubiquitous character actor Stephen Tobolowsky all make appearances this week.
    • Midseason Spectacular - Part One
      London Calling! TV Guy's questions for the week center on American-made British import shows: Skins, Top Gear, Being Human, Shameless, and Episodes. Mark Pelligrino is featured on this week's "You Look Familiar."
    • Reality Helps
      Reality Helps
      Episode 6
      This week TV Guy quizzes you on reality shows whose aim is to help: If You Really Knew Me, The Bachelor, Intervention, Hoarders, and the BBC show The Choir.
    • Best of 2010
      Best of 2010
      Episode 5
      TV Guy looks back at a year of great television with 5 questions from critically-acclaimed shows of 2010. This episode includes trivia from The Good Wife, Boston Med, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men, and well as a brand new "You Look Familiar."
    • Holiday Specials
      Holiday Specials
      Episode 4
      In the latest installment of Teletrivia, TV Guy gets nostalgic for TV holiday specials-and he's taking you along for a trip down a snow-covered memory lane.
    • Jumping The Shark
    • Sophomore Season
      Sophomore Season
      Episode 2
      Here's the second episode of Teletrivia, a modern video trivia show for those of you who watch TV very, very closely.
    • The Sophomore Season
      In this episode of Teletrivia, TV guy takes on the second seasons of Glee, Community, Eastbound & Down, Vampire Diaries, and Modern Family.
    • Action Edition
      Action Edition
      Episode 1
      0.0 is proud to present the first episode of Teletrivia, a modern video trivia show for those of you who watch TV very, very closely.