Ten Commandents with Adrian Snell

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Ten Commandents with Adrian Snell

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Ten Commandments with Adrian Snell is a ten-part Christian DVD that explores the modern-day implications of God's laws, which were given to Moses in the Bible. The show's host, Adrian Snell, explains why the Ten Commandments are so powerful and why they cut to the heart of every issue people encounter today. The commandments make up a moral code or law that has been more influential than any other in its history, which spans over 3,000 years. The show uncovers why God's Ten Commandments are currently the subject of intense debate and why the ignorance of these laws has contributed to widespread moral degradation. Snell also exposes viewers to the fact that the Ten Commandments are so feared that they have been removed by federal judges from the walls of public institutions. Each segment of the show is thirty minutes in length and covers the meaning of one of the Ten Commandments, why it matters, why people should care and the commandment's relevance to today's society. The DVD and companion materials were released on July 26, 2005.


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AIRED ON 6/3/2003


Season 1 : Episode 10

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