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  • 2009
    • AEV ProCal Overview
      AEV ProCal Overview
      Episode 11.02.09
      In this episode, I go back into the garage, but this time I have a tech twist. A problem that occurs after upgrading to HUGE tires/wheels is that the vehicles computer is confused. The speedometer, shift points, odometer, everything relating to the wheels turning is out of whack. In episode 21, you saw my buddy Chad's 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK, which has 37? tires. Chad was looking for me to hack his Jeep's computer to re-calibrate, because the dealers cannot calibrate that large... I found a few different solutions, some expensive, some confusing, but none as easy as the AEV ProCal Module from AEV Conversions. Think USB stick for cars... very cool project, very simple, and pretty inexpensive. If you own a jeep with large tires, this device is a no brainer... and for you tech heads like me, it's just plain awesome! As always, if I missed a good tip or other important information, please send me an email or post it on my blog. Enjoy!moreless
    • Rancho Bumper Install on Jeep
      In this episode I stray completely away from technology and head into the garage. With the help of my buddy Chad, we upgrade his 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK with a Rancho bumper (RS6221B). This is a common aftermarket upgrade for you Jeep guys, but it comes with it's challenges. So, Chad and I thought it would be awesome to document the process... And because this show is all about education, I thought it would be great to extend some help to the Jeep community at large. Like I said in previous episodes, it's about making the internet a richer place for everyone.moreless
    • eBay Selling Tips
      eBay Selling Tips
      Episode 05.23.09
      In this episode I cover some basics for having a really successful eBay sale. I show you my secret (ok-not that secret) formula for making the buyer feel all warm and fuzzy! It's a long one, so sit back and enjoy! OH -failed to mention, if you do ever sell your hard drive, make sure you do a several pass wipe to ensure security. OSX has it built into disk utility, and for the PC users, I recommend DBAN... maybe I will do a quick show on that next week. As always, if I missed a good tip or other important information, please send me an email or post it on my blog. Enjoy!moreless
    • iMac Economy Upgrade
      iMac Economy Upgrade
      Episode 03.31.09
      This episode is all about upgrading your aging Mac in these tough economic times. Taking an outdated machine and sparking new life on the cheap. This was all started by a friend requesting me upgrading her older 17... iMac from 10.3.9 to leopard (10.5.x). The first issue was it only had 256mb of ram, so that had to be upgraded (Leopard requires at least 512mb)... also, she wanted to add wireless capability, so I threw in an internal airport card as well. All in all, it was a simple upgrade, and light on the wallet. Join me in the process and you just may learn something! As always, if I missed a good tip or other important information, please send me an email or post it on my blog. Enjoy!moreless
    • Come Fly With Me...
      Come Fly With Me...
      Episode 02.05.09
      There are two things in life I have a hard time turning an eye from, technology and flying. I am a certified Private Pilot, and this episode covers the basics of general aviation and shows off all the new technology in small aircraft....
    • Digital Aspect
      Digital Aspect
      Episode 01.13.09
      Happy New Year! I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday, I know I did... As I look back on all the visits with friends and family, I realize that I answered a lot of tech questions in the past couple weeks. So, today I thought it would be good to share a couple that stuck in my mind. First I talk about the digital copies that are shipping in some Blu-Ray and Standard Def DVD's. I walk through the process of transferring them to your Mac and Windows based systems. I also cover aspect ratios... Aunt Mildred still didn't understand why she has black bars on her new widescreen television. Sit back and ring in the new year with some tech tips!moreless
  • 2008