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    REALLY cartoon network Really, you give the annoying orange his own TV show? Why would you do that? Are these videos really so popular that they merit a TV show? It makes no senses. Are you really that dry for idea that you have to turn to the internet for new shows? I guess you do.

    Seriously who thought this was a good idea, like Fred the show, just because something is popular on the internet does not mean it will be popular on the TV. Frist of all internet shows do not need good or high production values as TV shows do. Second they audience is usually smaller. Third, Internet shows do not need a following act structure that TV shows do. Fourth most interest shows run for about five minutes or so, TV shows run for about 20 minutes or about FOUR TIMES AS LONG. you can just do that same stuff you do in a five minute show for 20 minutes hard as this show tries.

    Ignoring all of that let's take a look as this show.

    the Characters I can think few thing wrong with them. First we have the titular character Orange who you guessed it is ANOYYING, that is his character and it get old really fast, he is stupid, foolish, and is basically a child who never gets into trouble for his actions. I hate this character so much.

    then you have passion fruits who for some reason has a crush on Orange, yeah from what I watched of the original YouTube series he has a crush on her. So they already messed that up. An another thing SHE LOOK FRAKY WITH LIPSTCIK. Why does she need it, to show she's a girl, that is unnecessary


    You have marshmallow who is like orange only WORSE somehow. He brings some dark humor to the show which is not necessary and just makes the show even worse.

    Apple who is the ONLY SANE person on in the cast as he sees how stupid orange plans are but for that get hurt or He is basically the squidward of this show you know smart, sane and able to see the sheer stupidity around him and is made the but-monkey of nearly every joke to the point where it is not funny anymore if it even was at all.

    Then for some reason you have a human in this who can somehow talk to the fruit because you know THAT DOEN'T SOUND CRAZY STUPID AT ALL. I don't get it why does he exist was there a demand for a human character on this that is the only explanation I can think of. He is just as stupid as the rest cast mines apple.

    Th rest of the cast I can't even remember. 1/10

    The production values suck they just put eyes and lips on fruit which makes them look, especially passion fruit, creepy. 1/10

    The stories are weak and the plots can be nonsensical 0/10

    It has not heartfelt moment no sad moment or as lest none that i can remember it did not try and was clearly an attempt by cartoon network to try to cash in on an idea that was not good to begin with. Overall 1/ 10

    I got to say it is worse then Uncle Grandpa or Problem Solverz I am glad that cartoon network decided to cancel this horrible idea for a shows after only two seasons. Now I only they would do that to the other shows that stuck.

  • Neither like or dislike this.

    I don't like it, I don't hate it which means I'm neutral.
  • A good series weakened over the years

    At first, the Annoying Orange was original and clever. More and more characters came in like Little Apple and Marshmallow.

    However starting with the TV show, the show sharply declined. Daneboe changed the series, so it appeals to small children. By 2013, the show mostly relates to games like Mario and Minecraft. The latter caused me to stay as far away from the episodes. The targed age group of Minecraft are 8-14 old boys.

    Daneboe even made seperate channels for all the characters to like the videos and giving them more attention. This makes me thinking about selling out.
  • Not very good or funny. It gets old quickly.

    I'll admit, when I first found out about this, I really liked it. It was a very popular series and kind of funny, and not very inappropriate like others.

    However, the humor wore out fairly quickly. Most of the jokes get stale quickly, such as the pun where he calls someone an apple, and most of the others are lame fruit jokes. Besides, the only reason it's the "annoying" orange is because the show, after a few episodes, is meant to annoy more than entertain.

    I would also like to add that the premise stays pretty much the same for most of the episodes. Some guy arrives in the kitchen, Orange annoys the crap out of him, and somehow this guest character dies, either by being chopped in half with a knife or blowing up or whatever.

    Overall, the premise of the show gets old quickly. I wouldn't recommend this show.


    Animation 4/10: It's a bunch of fruits in a kitchen with faces on them. There's not much to it.

    Characters 2/10: There's hardly any development. Once a character is introduced, there's no changes made to that character.

    Jokes 0/10: Just a bunch of lame fruit puns.

    Overall 2/10
  • I like this show

    I like the show, but they hired the wrong voice actors for the spanish version, and some things are not funny, but I like it, I don't care if I get 992929040912358243019 dislikes from this review, I need to "actually" disagree mostly with the people who say its bad, you could still improve it by hiring the proper voice actors for the Spanish version, but otherwise its very good.
  • I would rate this POC a 0 if I could! How is this sh*t still on the air?

    It's excruciatingly bad. It makes me want to cry. How has this not been cancelled yet?!
  • The Annoying Piece of

    To be honest, I actually used to like this when it first came out, but the jokes became old and bland really fast. The worst part is, CN made this into a show, and they're trying to be advocates for anti-bullying. Shows where Mr. Snyder's priorities lie. Why does this still exist?!
  • Love that Orange!

    Annoying Orange is my favorite internet character! I love him on the internet and on TV. He is such an amazing and hilarious character!
  • Cartoon Network, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?

    Cartoon Network, why would you make a show like this? You are not the same channel that used to be anymore. Please cancel this show! What is the appeal to this horrible show anyway? I don't get the appeal. I don't see how ANYONE can like The Annoying Orange. The show on YouTube or even on Cartoon Network now. It doesn't make any sense. This show feels like The Problem Solverz and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome all over again! NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY over the age of 13 should like this show. This show is just horrible. I'm done.
  • Ugh so annoying :P

    My brother likes this crap he listens to it almost every day online it's so ANNOYING OMG I hate his laugh so much. even though I don't watch it i have to listen to it grrr.
  • Just make it stop!

    Horrible right along with that other piece of crap show this can go in the i suck bunch over all both annoying orange and incredible crew need to go hand in hand in a furnace of suckish shows to burn.
  • Ugh :(

    I don't like this :(
  • This Show Makes YouTubers Trying to Make GOOD VIDEOS very Annoyed!

    This show was good in the first five episodes, when it wasn't an actual show yet and it was still on Daneboe's Channel. Then after Lady Pasta, this show went down hill so fast it's not even funny! I HATE MARSHMELLOW. Perhaps they should of called the show The Annoying Orange and Marshmellow, because he might get a Spin off TV Show! You never know since The Annoying Orange got his own Show! Orange sounds a lot more annoying now, Pear is just ordinary and Grandpa Lemon is same old same old. It annoys me that they are now animating there old episodes, they could at least show some dignity.

    On Behalf of Myself and many other YouTube Channels who are actually making GOOD Videos, this needs to be cancelled now!
  • Needs to Stay Online...

    I'll admit, when Annoying Orange came out, I used to like it. Then he started pissing me off. :/ I can barely watch one of the 5 minute online videos without my head wanting to explode, let alone a whole 10-15 minutes. Good lord. What was daneboe thinking?
  • One word

    One word to describe this show. Annoying! 1/100 Horrible.
  • Why????????????? I would rather do my homework then watch this mess!!!!!!

    Are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really??????? Make it stop. Make it stop!!!!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Worst cartoon network show yet

    When Nickelodeon made the Fred show I thought that's ridiculous but no, Cartoon Network had to outdo them with the worst show and made the freaking Annoying Orange show!!! I will give it credit it is VERY annoying but the worst part is that little kids watch and love this CRAP! Cartoon Network has been having a hard time coming up with good shows lately, with almost naked animals and secret mountain fort awesome but this is just horrible. The faces are really freaking creepy too and not just this show but cartoon network has been using creepy animation like stuff I would see on adult swim. I really hope this does not become the norm, I mean cartoon network can still recover but they should make more shows like adventure time and fosters home for imaginary friends and less absolutely random stuff(remember problem solverz)
  • Redone Review

    Alright, I'm going to redo my whole review for everyone.

    This show has given my nightmares. Why? Because of the faces! But before I get into the horrid faces, let me go over some other things.

    Plots: They're all as dreadful as they were in the Youtube series. One was about the fruit in space and they come across a planet. Another was about corn. I think we're done here.

    Humor: All the humor is in this show is lame puns and jokes and then annoying laughter. I suppose it's called Annoying Orange for a reason.

    Art: Okay, time for me to rant about the faces. They're so ugly! I mean, animating the fruit would have been better than pasting faces on them. Plus Orange's and Apple's teeth are gross looking. Marshmellow's eyes are waaay too big, too.

    I may put more later.
  • CN going down the sewer

    Whoever came up with this one must have been on Drugs! What was CN thinking?It looks like a quality show like Thundercats is getting canceled while Some piece of trash that has an Orange that likes to go" na,na,na,na" isn't? CN used to have decent programing once,but now the Quality of CN shows has really gone down the sewer!!
  • I don't really have much to say

    This show doesn't have a point other than to be irritating to be funny. There are too many shows that are annoying or gross in television. Which is why it's better to find something else to do online or read a book instead.
  • I don't know what Danboe was thinking.

    Either he was on crack, or he was just fucking stupid. The whole seires involves around a Orange with ca creepy face named Orange, who's really annoying, and he annoys the crap out of other fuits and veggies. His friends our Pear, Passion Fruit, Little Apple, who is called Midget Apple by Orange and everyone else, Marshmallow, who is on something, and is the only one that made me laugh for some reason, Grape Fruit, a grape fruit with a british accent, and Grandpa Lemon. Every episode invovles aroung Orange annoying the crap out of a fruit or veggie, and that fruit or veggie gets cut in half, blended, or something else. You can't get through an episode without getting a headache. Orange is SO annoying, he makes these stupid jokes, nd his laugh, oh my god, it's freaking annoying. But guess what? One day I was watching Cartoon Network and it showed a promo for an Annoying Orange TV show. WHAT?! Okay, as if the annoying orange can't get worse, they have to make a TV series! are you kidding me? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! Overall, Danboe; Get a Life.

    Final Score: 1.0

    Grade: F

    TV Show review will be coming soon!
  • Be a better of a show if it would change it into" The Loving Orange" so there would be no excuse to hate it.

    Wonder why Shows based of a web series is never a good Idea at all?? The show is annoying for an obvious reasons. I can't put up with the bland and lame jokes, the sore humor and on top of it all, it annoying. The Title says it all!! Another reason why a web series should stay a web series.

    CN is Dead in terms of original cartoons and funny animated shorts. Now, it nothing but live-action rip-off show, imported Canadian shows off teletoon and other country, cartoons with crappy animations, bad remake of classic cartoon and CGI spin-off show based off on movie like The Madagascar, Kung-fu Panda, Barnyard, and how to train your dragon.

    Rest in Peace Cartoon Network 1992-2007.
  • Everyone is wrong about this!

    What? Double What? Triple What? Quatriple What? Ifinity What? Infinity Infinit'ys Later What? This show is good & i mean it! I can't believe so many people actually hate it! Well they're wrong! It's good!
  • What the title said...if you hate annoying stuffs, youre gonna have some nightmares and headaches

    The webshow features a talking orange called Orange, played by Dane Boedigheimer. Orange heckles other fruits or nearby animated objects, with puns and laughter. Orange lives on a kitchen counter, which he shares with his best friend Pear, a Bartlett pear also played by Boedigheimer. His catchphrase is "I'm an orange. You're an apple!" and a laugh that goes "Naaahahaha!!!". Pear finds Orange as annoying as everyone else he encounters. Passion, a female passion fruit played by Justine "iJustine" Ezarik, lives in the same kitchen on another counter and, along with Pear, are the fruits that haven't been eaten yet, to date. Most episodes consist of Orange talking to other characters, who become annoyed and meet a gruesome end, usually by evisceration with a knife, which Orange tries to warn them about before it happens. Well, what do we got here? a creature more annoying than dogs? You guess it, the Annoying Orange. As the name said, it is so annoying that it will most likely gives me and the haters headaches. I would rather suffer listening to dogs barking than to hear orange laugh. I watched the series once back in May on Cartoon Network. Guess what? I WAS already having a headache once the episode was done. As a result, I just stopped watching. But, there's more...the animation itself was awful. Orange (especially) and the other fruits looked (insert offensive term). Its really annoying to look at it, so that's and Oranges behavior are the main reason I hated it. Also, it doesn't deserve to be on TV. It was better on the internet but still annoying. Overall, this and Level Up should be gone by next year...and that hopefully that annoying orange will be crushed forever. 1/10
  • I take back my last review, IT SUCKS!

    Alright dane, PLEASE! STOP THIS SHOW NOW!! IT SUCKS!! The characters are stupid, and what the crap is wrong with that stupid toby turner? he's such an idiot. PLEASE!!!!!! STOP IT NOW !!
  • Annoying repetitive trash fruit that needs to go to a grinder or blender.

    Annoying Orange, a YouTube sensation adored by his also annoying fans, he's always there on Youtube to cause havoc.

    Plot: Repetitive plot, always repeats itself and nothing else! The plot, is Orange laughing around, annoying friends, and getting knifed. The concept is also simple: Annoy the fruits and the audience who loves their ears at the same time, like above.

    Characters: Everyone is a fruit with horrible faces around it, but Orange, is the only one that I dislike in this show. The rest is likable and a little good.

    Humor: It's humor is insanity-related. A person who is annoying because of laughing around non-stop, well is that good? No. It pricks ears.

    Effects: There are no effects on his show, but their face effects on the fruits..... Egh. Needs a lot of improvement.

    Show Value: No show value since it's repetitive, abysmal, and insane in a bad way.

    Overall: -2.1. Very annoying, and a brain shrinking internet show.
  • I HATE THIS SHOW!!!!!!

  • horrible

    this is the most boring show ive ever seen,I thought the episodes would get better but they didnt,but they chose the correct title:"the annoying orange".I think it was better when they stayed in the kitchen as an internet series.
  • This is Stupid....

    I hate how annoying and random this show it. It try's to be Regular Show or Adventure Time, putting random nonsense in the show. That would be fine if the nonsense was funny and not immature.
  • Well, it is Annoying

    Like fingernails on a chalkboard. I can't hear the comedy with all that noise.
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