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The Art of Seduction

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The Art of Seduction is a comical series of short films. The series, originally produced for mobile devices, aims to offer a window into the core of human instinct, wants, and spontaneity. We dive into spirited dancing, freaky fantasies, and secret lives in just two content-packed minutes. Drawing you in with the promise of delicious controversy, The Art of Seduction never fails to deliver. The daring directors stop at nothing to answer questions about beauty, sexuality, desire, and deceit. Topics that are often kept behind closed doors come flying out into the open to be flourished and celebrated, always with a delightful twist. In short, The Art of Seduction is a witty parade of our barest desires and secrets. The facade of propriety, that so many hide behind, shatters with each of these films, bringing the true nature of humanity out into the open. These short films are raw, intense, and ultimately satisfying.

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Animation, Comedy