The O.C.: The Atomic County

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  • Season 1
    • The Industrialist has assembled Newports greatest villains in an attempt to defeat the Atomic kids once and for all, setting up an epic battle between all of our heroes and villains.
    • Atomic County: The Ringmaster
      Taylor (aka Type A) offers her skills as PR manager to the team. But soon after Taylor takes the job, her micromanagement begins to drive the team members crazy. They decide to fire her ... if they could only figure out a way to do it.
    • 3/11/10
      Villain Blinding Abs possesses the ability to mesmerize all women. Can Kid Chino and the Ironist defeat Cosmo Lass and Lil' Miss Vixen in order to bring him to justice?
    • Atomic County: The Anguish
      A jilted Johnny Harper (aka Johnny Tears) is on a hysterical rampage, his sulfuric acid tears leaving a wake of destruction behind him, because Cosmo Lass won't go out with him. It's up to the Atomic kids to stop him.
    • Kid Chino is being framed for crimes against the elderly that were really committed by his evil brother, Trey. Chino and the Ironist must disguise themselves as old ladies to try to catch Trey in the act.
    • 3/11/10
      When an alluring bartender named Alex invites the Ironist back to her motel room, she transforms into the villainess Battle Axe. Can the rest of the team find them in time to save the Ironist from certain doom?
    • The Ironist and Kid Chino (joined by Sandy, aka the Litigator) arrive at the shore for some much-needed rest and relaxation. But when they arrive, they find that the beach has been closed by the newly back-from-the-dead Caleb Nichols (aka The Industrialist). And the fate of the beach hinges on a surfing competition.moreless
    • The Atomic kids need to save their comrade All-American Boy, who has been captured by the villainess Mistress Widow. While the gang scuffles with the Arachnids (Mistress Widow's beefcake henchmen), Mistress Widow escapes with Cosmo Lass's magic flask. But for what purpose?
    • 3/11/10
      The Atomic kids are fighting a losing battle with a giant robot when a hero called the Mentalist arrives on the scene and uses his mental powers to blast the menacing machine. Invited to the Mentalist's swanky penthouse headquarters, the gang learns that this hero has ulterior motives for saving them.moreless
    • Atomic County: The Pestering
      Kid Chino is constantly pestered by The Ironist as he tries to cope with a number of urgent calamities. Every possible means of communication is utilized to interrupt Chino while he's busy trying to save the world.
    • Atomic County: The Chick Fight
      Punky Spitfire is a new superhero looking to join the Atomic kids. The Ironist welcomes Punky to their headquarters, but a catfight breaks out when Lil' Miss Vixen sees the Ironist being chummy with Punky.
    • Atomic County: The One Too Many
      Cosmo Lass has to drink from her magic flask to use her powers. And on this particular evening there is much evil afoot. With each successive new villain she encounters, Cosmo Lass needs another drink. This makes her progressively more drunk and less effective as a crimefighter.
    • Atomic County: The Crime Of Fashion
      While patrolling downtown Newport on her invisible Vespa, Lil' Miss Vixen learns of a shoe sale a few blocks away. But before she can buy anything, Vixen needs to catch the mugger who attacked a customer outside the store.
    • Atomic County: The Sympathetic Monster
      The gala at the Newport Country Club is under attack from a demonic water polo player and the Atomic kids are called in to defeat him.
    • The heroic, mad-capped adventures of the super-powered kids from Atomic County. Includes all 14 original mobisodes: The Sympathetic Monster, The Crime of Fashion, The One Too Many, The Chick Fight, The Pestering, The, Mentalist, The Web of Seduction, The Kosher Kahuna, The Axe to Grind, The Sibling Rivalry, The Anguish, The Abs of Desire, The Ringmaster, and The Coalition of Doom!moreless