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The A.V. Club - Found Footage

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The A.V. Club - Found Footage is a collaborative series between The Onion's entertainment department and the Found Footage Festival-a touring comedy event featuring footage collected from people's discarded videos discovered at garage sales and odd jobs. Hosts Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have been obsessively searching for the most hilarious forgotten VHS tapes since they began holding screenings of their gems while they were still in high school. Now, their Found Footage Festival has become both a celebrated live show and a successful DVD series. In this exclusive series from the A.V. Club, Joe and Nick introduce some of their favorite video clips in a 24-part series, painting a portrait of American life with the dregs of the entertainment industry and once-forgotten home videos. Their videos cover a wide variety of topics, like unintentionally hilarious workplace training videos, to commercial outtakes, to classic topics like home-made pet videos. The A.V. Club - Found Footage is a hilarious series from the people who created the Winnebago Man.


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AIRED ON 2/13/2011

Season 201102 : Episode 02.13.11

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