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The A.V. Club - Inventory

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The A.V. Club - Inventory is the series from The Onion's A.V. Club that brings you videos from their Inventory list series. The Onion was started by two college juniors, Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson in 1988. The paper was a success in cities with major universities like Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Chicago, but the creation of The Onion's website in 1996 brought it national attention. With hilarious features like the Infograph, Point- Counterpoint, the bizarre horoscopes, and American voices, the tabloid and website have been consistently hilarious for years. In the 90's they added The A.V. Club to their paper, covering media, entertainment, and pop culture. The A.V. Club website now includes news, reviews, and columns like Films That Time Forgot, Commentary Tracks of the Damned, The Hater, and the pop culture countdown Inventory. Inventory lists examples from different pop culture themes, listing the best examples of One-Scene Wonders, Ridiculous Horror Movie Adversaries, Blockbuster Knockoffs, and more. Tune in for some of the best, and the best of the worst, from the pop culture world in The A.V. Club - Inventory.


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AIRED ON 6/1/2011

Season 201106 : Episode 06.01.11

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