The Black Dawn

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The Black Dawn

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The Black Dawn is a post-apocalyptic science fiction web series produced by New Renaissance Pictures that centers around thirteen survivors of a deadly plague known as the Black Dawn. Isolated in an utterly decimated world with a permanently black sky, the survivors try to find out answers to what caused the virus as well as who released it into the world. The Black Dawn webisodes is just one piece of this multimedia experience. It spans not only the webisodes but also a feature film, TV series, short film, comic book, and videoblogs. Each separate medium can be accessed in whatever way an individual audience member chooses, gaining access to the time leading up to the virus, the personal stories of the survivors, and the unfolding paranoia and chaos that comes from not knowing who or what to trust. The Black Dawn is unique in allowing viewers to dig deeper into the mysteries of the story line as well as giving you the ability to interact with the story. The Black Dawn stars Jordan Warren, Eamon Glennon, and Misty Madden.


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AIRED ON 7/4/2009

Season 1 : Episode 24

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Futuristic, Teen, Paranormal, Thrillers, post apocalyptic