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  • Mark Ronson and The Black Lips
    When The Black Lips set off to record their latest studio album, they decided to try something new—working with a professional producer for a change. Though the album will be the band’s sixth studio album to date, they’ve always chosen to produce themselves. Surprisingly, pop wunderkind Mark Ronson topped their wish list of “dream producers,” which may seem like an unlikely choice for the lo-fi, garage rock sound of Black Lips, but Ronson’s old school, ‘60s recording style and Grammy-nominated work on Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black proved that he had the proper aural aesthetic to capture and refine the band’s vintage-inspired sound.moreless
  • Meet Gang Gang Dance
    Meet Gang Gang Dance
    Episode 20110121
    Gang Gang Dance is a band with a sound that’s hard to describe. They’ve been labeled “avant-garde,” “experimental,” “innovative,” and everything in between. While those descriptions are all accurate to some degree, we prefer to think of them as an amazing band that continues to grow and surprise us after ten years of playing music together. They’ve carved a distinctive niche for themselves in the New York music scene and acquired a loyal international following as well. Their music relies heavily on both electronic and traditional instruments played in non-traditional way, and their live shows have become particularly infamous. It has led them to play shows with the likes of Sonic Youth, Animal Collective, Spank Rock, and TV on the Radio throughout their career. Though busy recording their new record (their fifth), they agreed to sit down and let us pick their brains about the bands early beginnings, how they like to define their sound, and the future of Gang Gang Dance.moreless
  • Interpol on 'Interpol'
    Interpol on 'Interpol'
    Episode 20110301
    Ever since Interpol appeared on the scene back in 2002 with their debut album Turn on the Bright Lights they've captivated audiences with their dark, haunting, and seductive sound.
  • FriendsWithYou -- Part 2
    FriendsWithYou -- Part 2
    Episode 20110308
    This December at Art Basel Miami Beach, the premiere art show in the United States, FriendsWithYou unveiled Rainbow City, a 40 piece environmental installation addressing the potency of interaction, ritual and play.
  • FriendsWithYou -- Part 1
    FriendsWithYou -- Part 1
    Episode 20110308
    This December at Art Basel Miami Beach, the premiere art show in the United States, FriendsWithYou unveiled Rainbow City, a 40 piece environmental installation addressing the potency of interaction, ritual and play.
  • Meet Drunken Tiger
    Meet Drunken Tiger
    Episode 20110311
    South Korean hip-hop king Tiger JK talks about growing up on a steady diet of Ice Cube and NWA in a time when Koren pop music was the only option for ear-food. The influence led to the group Drunken Tiger and his own recording label, achievements he largely attributes to the advent of social networking technology.moreless
  • Meet Glasser
    Meet Glasser
    Episode 20110414
    How do you create a live musical experience for songs that you’ve written and recorded by yourself? (Hint: it involves synced drum machines and a guitar whose strings play saxophone and tuba.) Watch Cameron Mesirow, mastermind and front woman of Glasser, and her band deconstruct the complex and innovative technical process behind their live show.moreless
  • The Creators Studio: J. Spaceman and Jonathan Glazer
    British director Jonathan Glazer and J. Spaceman deconstruct Spiritualized’s graceful classic “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space”, materializing the song into an abstract physical experience expressed through light and sound. Aiding in this ethereal task is design studio One Of Us, along with Bryan Flaig and Alejandra Lillo, formerly of Graft LA, who are helping to build this musical performance into an audiovisual exhibit at this year’s Coachella festival. The auditory experience of music will transform into an immersive installation, a fragile architecture that takes the form of a huge luminous alien cathedral of auditive space.moreless
  • Summer into Dust: Arcade Fire & Chris Milk
    Arcade Fire will once again collaborate with legendary director Chris Milk (who they previously partnered with on “This Wilderness Downtown”) to visually portray the collective emotional experience of the band’s performance.
  • The Creators Project At Coachella 2011 -- Trailer
    In the days leading up to our three-day infiltration of Coachella, our artists were fine-tuning the details of their live performance collaborations and we caught up with Matt Clark of UVA, Bjorn Copeland of Black Dice, and director Chris Milk to find out more about how their projects would help visually portray the festival experience in a whole new way.moreless
  • Meet Quayola
    Meet Quayola
    Episode 20110503
    UK-based visual artist and filmmaker Davide Quagliola (aka Quayola) likes to deconstruct architecture and historic artworks, rebuilding them to form the basis of his video pieces. He reveals the painter who’s been his biggest source of inspiration, talks us through clips of his Strata series—which geometrically dissect the ceilings of Roman cathedrals— takes us behind the scenes of his audiovisual collaborations with Mira Calix, and gives light to his current re-cataloging commission for the Palais des Beaux Arts museum.moreless
  • Meet Queen Sea Big Shark
    Meet Queen Sea Big Shark
    Episode 20110509
    Chinese rock group Queen Sea Big Shark operates as a DIY homegrown operation, and they pride themselves on being able to practice and record their music almost anywhere. Visit their tiny “inspiration” and practice space, housed inside a closet, and hear how their sound evokes Eastern musical trends without using traditional instruments. Handling every aspect of production, from sound producing to distribution to set and costume design, QSBS shows us how technology is advancing their form.moreless
  • Meet Ludovic Houplain H5
    Meet Ludovic Houplain H5
    Episode 20110516
    Ludovic Houplain co-founded the design collective H5 just as multimedia artists found at-home accessibility to groundbreaking technology. The collective’s small scale and experimental approach led the firm to visually capture the beginning of the “French Touch” dance music movement, making music videos for bands and musicians like Air, Étienne de Crécy, and Alex Gopher and create the short film Logorama, which won H5 critical acclaim at the Academy Awards in 2009. Hear more from Houplain about his unique graphic approaches to animated design in our mini-documentary.moreless
  • 41 Strings
    41 Strings
    Episode 20110524
    To celebrate the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, Nick Zinner partnered with Loomstate and rounded up some friends to create an orchestral ensemble of 41 Strings. Listen to how Zinner added a twinge of rock ‘n’ roll to the delicate sound of the strings, in an exercise that was “totally different” from anything he’s ever done before.moreless
  • Hellicar & Lewis
    Hellicar & Lewis
    Episode 20110531
    Visual artists Hellicar and Lewis merge unpredictability, play, and the virtual world in their real world interactive installations. With their focus on technology and emphasis on new ideas, they strive to create experiences that are visually stimulating, emotionally stirring, conceptually challenging, and most of all, just plain fun. With one foot firmly planted in the physical world, they view the virtual realm for as experimental an experimental playground where anything is possible. As proponents of open source culture, they release all their projects online to help stimulate and shape the creative community.moreless
  • AntiVJ
    Episode 20110607
    AntiVJ is a collective of French experimental artists who share the common goal of extending web-based visual technology outside the confines of our square screens. In building the blueprints for dynamic concert projections in warehouses and cathedrals, AntiVJ repurposes software and technology to create immersive audience experiences in places you wouldn’t expect.moreless
  • Mick Rock and Barney Clay
    Mick Rock and Barney Clay
    Episode 20110614
    Film director Barney Clay teams up with the most iconic rock photographer of our time, Mick Rock, to uncover and remix Rock’s classic footage of David Bowie’s music video for “Life On Mars.” Choosing this particular video for “its iconic, pure, simple, and memorable qualities,” the duo began to shape their new vision for the track.moreless
  • Black Dice & Animal Collective
    Animal Collective chose the noise rock band, Black Dice, to create a 70-minute visual experience for their Coachella set—their largest show to date. Using everything from old movie clips to simple splashes of color, Black Dice created both the organic and fluid lo-fi projections that made up the finished product, Jumbletron, as well as the cube screens that were suspended above the band. Approaching video mixing in the same way as they approach their music, Black Dice was open to using anything as a source—including plugging a mixer into itself and looping feedback paths, while avoiding making a “big, goofy, cartoony looking thing.” Go behind the scenes with Black Dice and Animal Collective as they talk about their history, aesthetic styles, and Black Dice’s goal to “affect people’s eyes in a long-term way.”moreless
  • Meet Squarepusher
    Meet Squarepusher
    Episode 20110627
    Tom Jenkinson of Squarepusher loves the "sound of information” and understands his sonic environment as numbers and sequences. In the video, he discusses his successful collaborations with drummer Alex Thomas after years of working independently, how visuals supplement his music, and his recent endeavors with programming his own music making software.moreless
  • The Coachella Stage by United Visual Artists
    For Coachella’s main stage, United Visual Artists conceptualized a full-scale light and sound installation that became the focal point of the festival. Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and built with support from The Studio, the sculpture—set to music by Mira Calix in between performances—created an unforgettable spectacle that took on a life of its own. Witness its epic unveiling in our behind-the-scenes video.moreless
  • Summer Into Dust
    Summer Into Dust
    Episode 20110712
    For the encore of their Coachella set, Arcade Fire partnered with legendary director Chris Milk (who they previously collaborated with on This Wilderness Downtown) to visually portray the collective emotional experience of the band’s performance. During the band’s final song cascades of beachballs were released into the crowd in an interactive visual performance entitled Summer Into Dust.moreless
  • Meet Casey Reas
    Meet Casey Reas
    Episode 20110719
    For Casey Reas, software is the most natural medium to work with. He uses code to express his thoughts—starting with a sketch, composing it in code, and witnessing the imagery that it ultimately creates. We visit his studio to see how he uses color to convey emotion and how his programming language Processing is closing the gap between software and object.moreless
  • Meet Supermarche
    Meet Supermarche
    Episode 20110726
    Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost aka Supermarché are the American documentarians behind Catfish who found out a Facebook friend was not who she claimed to be. Beyond that they explain how filmmaking has led them to work with performance artist Chris Burden, the NYC ballet, and how Henry ended up delivering a baby hammerhead shark. Uncover their modus operandi and their tips for amateur filmmakers in the video above.moreless
  • Meet DBDB
    Meet DBDB
    Episode 20110802
    Web curator, iPhone app developer and Shanghai furniture storeowner Francis Lam helps connect Chinese design enthusiasts through his online multimedia community Take a glimpse at the inspiration behind some of Lam’s apps like Tap Numen and Cloudie, to find out why db-db “nose” good design.
  • 41 Strings
    41 Strings
    Episode 20110809
    Musician and photographer Nick Zinner, along with Hisham Akira Bharoocha and Ben Vida of Soft Circle, composed an original concerto to celebrate the 41st anniversary of Earth Day in a performance put on by Loomstate. Zinner added a twinge of rock ‘n’ roll to the delicate sound of the strings, in an exercise that was totally different from anything he’s ever done before.moreless
  • Meet Richie Hawtin & Anish Kapoor
    On June 21st 2011, Richie Hawtin delivered a monumental performance at the foot of Anish Kapoor’s Leviathan sculpture at Grand Palais through a creative partnership between The Creators Project and WeLoveArt. The two great minds sat down beforehand to discuss art, improvisation and how music can lend an entirely new artistic experience to space.moreless
  • Meet Semiconductor
    Meet Semiconductor
    Episode 20110824
    Semiconductor is an animation duo from Brighton that seeks to fuse art and science by visualizing the physical world around us. Their experimental multimedia works include working with NASA scientists to reveal magnetic fields and the movement of heavenly bodies.
  • Amon Tobin
    Amon Tobin
    Episode 20110830
    To bring his acclaimed electronic album ISAM to life, Brazilian breakbeat producer Amon Tobin commissioned artist Tessa Farmer to create intricate sculptures crafted from insects and animal bones inspired by individual tracks from Tobin’s 2011 work. ISAM will also be touring with a state-of-the-art live projection mapping installation resembling a glitched-out spaceship.moreless
  • Meet Mary Fagot and Robyn
    Meet Mary Fagot and Robyn
    Episode 20110906
    We sat down with Swedish pop songstress Robyn and her Creative Director Mary Fagot in L.A. as they discussed the vision behind Robyn’s interactive web experiences #KillingMe, the Interactive Beat Machine and how their approach to getting the word out online needs to be intelligent and have a real purpose.
  • Meet Michael Stipe
    Meet Michael Stipe
    Episode 20110913
    Indefatigable R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe has always created distinct and interesting visual work, from early music videos and album covers to lighting and stage design. Now, the art school dropout produces three-dimensional sculptures, reconfigured painting works and digital photography out of both his New York and Athens-based studios. Mediating on obsolete or forgotten objects, Stipe updates his Tumblr with his photography and updates on his pieces and projects. We sat down with Stipe to discuss his contemporaries, how his photography fuels his artwork and the enduring legacy of punk rock.moreless
    Episode 20110914
    South Korea's is one such collective of artists, designers, musicians and programmers working on commercial and non-commercial projects in Seoul. The group came together, like so many collectives do, as a bunch of drinking buddies. Through hanging out and sharing their respective creative efforts with one another, they eventually were inspired to try their hand at making something together, which resulted in the self-published magazine Monthly Vampire. For the quirky quarterly publication, the group produced every component from start to finish, including original articles, design and even an original soundtrack that accompanied the zine in CD form.moreless
  • Pfadfinderei
    Episode 20110915
    Deriving their name from the term for "pathfinders/scouts," they're conductors of the visual realm, exploring and visualizing paths, draping the musician in accompanying images to expand upon the live experience, while providing the audience with multimedia art that they can bug out to.
  • Sticky Monster Lab
    Sticky Monster Lab
    Episode 20110916
    Creative design studio Sticky Monster Lab makes 2D and 3D monsters with playfully morbid personalities. Founded in 2007 by a group of friends who share an extraordinarily strange imagination, the lab embraces a concept of total character production, creating each of their monsters through an extensive process of illustration, animation, graphic design, motion graphics and product design.moreless
  • Digipedi
    Episode 20110917
    As two young visual directors, this ingenious duo uniquely illustrates some of the best underground and pop music culture in Korea, including exceptional artists like Clazziquai Project and soon-to-be Creators Risque Rhythm Machine. Making music videos and other 3D graphic/illustration/animation projects alike, Digital Pedicure are visual translators of Seoul's youth culture.moreless
  • Random Walks
    Random Walks
    Episode 20110918
    Though we're literally swimming in data these days, data is often still perceived as astringent and intimidating, shrouded in statistics, probabilities, and in general, a daunting inscrutability. The recent rise to prominence of the art of data visualization and infographics certainly helps temper that relationship a bit, and nobody tackles figures, facts and calculations quite like Korean design group Random Walks, who are striving to visualize data in order to change the way people perceive information. Culling various frameworks of facts, this multi-disciplinary data visualization studio renders complex information into aesthetically pleasing and digestible forms that serve practical functions.moreless
  • Carsten Nicolai
    Carsten Nicolai
    Episode 20110918
    Carsten Nicolai works with oppositional forces. Culling a distinctive vision from inspirations both sonic and scientific, his conceptual, large-scale works provide dramatic visualizations of frequencies, ultimately allowing the work to create a voice for itself. "I want the visuals to perform," he explains.
  • Chromeo
    Episode 20110919
    David Macklovitch (Dave 1) and Patrick Gemayel (P-Thugg), known collectively as Chromeo, describe themselves as "the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture." All wisecracks aside, the duo have been making music together since they were kids growing up in Montreal, Canada. After playing in a high school band together, Dave 1 and P-Thugg started producing hip-hop, and right around the same time Dave 1 met then-burgeoning producer Tiga at a record store where the two musicians worked at the time. By 2001, Chromeo was signed to Tiga's label Turbo and the rest is history.moreless
  • Florence + the Machine
    Florence + the Machine
    Episode 20110920
    Florence + the Machine is an elegantly orchestrated force to be reckoned with-like a gust of wind that starts out as a sweet and gentle breeze, then overtakes you, literally knocking you off your feet. The London-based pop-soul band fronted by the woman with the siren-like voice, Florence Welch, will alternately seduce then overthrow its audience, engulfing listeners in a tsunami-sized wave of sound. Following the runaway success of their debut album, Lungs, for which the redheaded songstress channeled her heartbreak into an eccentric mix of haunting yet romantic ballads, the group set up shop in Abbey Road Studios to record their sophomore release, Ceremonials. And we were there to document it.moreless
  • Chilly Gonzales
    Chilly Gonzales
    Episode 20110921
    While most pianists embrace a dry, reclusive and austere lifestyle of study, practice, and self-discipline, Canadian-born Chilly Gonzales has chosen a more extravagant and joyful path to achieve greatness.
  • Aaron Koblin
    Aaron Koblin
    Episode 20110922
    Creator Aaron Koblin heads up the Data Arts Team at the Google Creative Lab and he's been behind some of the most exciting and innovative online projects of recent times.
  • Jamie xx
    Jamie xx
    Episode 20110923
    Jamie Smith, better known as Jamie xx, is one third of The xx and a prolific remixer and producer whose work spans a diverse range of musical styles.
  • Antagonistic Apps & Team Dis-Kinect
    Over the summer, The Creators Project partnered with Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in NYC to host a series of meetups, workshops and talks around the theme of "Designing for Participation." The program culminated in a weekend-long hackathon-the original impetus for the program in the first place. Called Art Hack Weekend, it was the first hackathon (to our knowledge) that focused not on making a marketable product or hatching the next big start-up or app idea, but rather on utilizing technology to dream up "new artistic experiences"-which in the end became the theme of the weekend.moreless
  • Anaísa Franco
    Anaísa Franco
    Episode 20110925