The Dan Patrick Show

NBC Sports Premiered Jul 24, 2008 In Season





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  • Maybe the best sports radio show ever? Certainly the best on TV

    You don't have to like Dan Patrick personally, to love this show. This show is the definition of side kick humor with the "Dannettes" keeping Dan's views in line and providing most of the laughs. Unlike many other shows that try to create controversy with their silly views, Dan sorts through actual sports controversy to bring clarity to the issues of the day. And if Dan needs help with this, Fritzy might be the best booker in the business, while being on the sunny side of creepy. If you like sports, but also like to be entertained, this might be one of the best shows I've ever seen.
  • NFL 765 million dollar settlement

    I think the NFL should make all the players, or even all the people who get a check from the NFL, take 10% or 15% out of their check they get each year, for when they retire they'll have money for their medical bills when they have an injury or when/if they have any injury or any medical condition, if they have an injury during the year the money will be there, so if they make 10 million a year make them have to take 1-1.5 million out of their check for when/if they have an injury or any medical condition, also if they don't have one after a certain period of time, let them take back the 1-1.5 million (or whatever they put in) each year their alive and if they pass away let the rest go into the fund to help the players that are already retired and have an injury or any medical condition or they can make them give a percentage of it to the fund that helps injured players and the rest to their family or whomever them may choose. They can grandfather in the players that are retired and already n that position. This would help solve some of these issues the NFL is having with all these players that are hurting and injured, so this doesn't happen again because its very sad what is going on and YES they should have to pay the 765 million still, I do agree with that! This is my first time to write a review, I just felt like I had too because it made me so mad/upset to hear this is happening because I played for 17 years myself and I know how they feel so I had to chime in and put My2Cents in on this subject! THANKX for listening!