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  • Season 1
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 8C
      This episode was never seen on TV. Dana Carvey and Steve Carell go German, David Brinkley hosts This Week on a roller coaster, and then there’s a woman (Heather Morgan) with… issues. Come for Stephen Colbert, stay for the issues woman.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 8B
      Ever wonder how mass media stays on top of current events? Dana Carvey does a turn as Tom Brokaw, and we learn the finer points of American network broadcasting. You’ll never think of former President Gerald Ford the same way again.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 8A
      Dana Carvey does Charles Grodin, while Elon Gold takes on Jeff Goldbloom and Gene Wilder. Then there’s bowling with Steve Carell, Mark Twain on broadway, and last, but not least Abe Vigoda. It really is Abe Vigoda… who is Abe Vigoda? Watch.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 7B
      Robert Smigel’s Gene shallot takes us on a tour of classic cinema, where Steve Carell is the Tin Woodsman, Stephen Colbert plays the Scarecrow, and Dana Carvey introduces us to Denis Blanchard in a lost scene from “The Wizard of Oz.”
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 7A
      Stephen Colbert brings some breaking news from the seamy underbelly of corporate America with the help of Isaac Hayes. Dana Carvey takes Newt Gingrich off the deep end, Steve Carell tries to get JFK’s rocking chair, and Regis Philbin says hello.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 6B
      This should not be watched by the easily offended. Dana Carvey proves that while it may not easy being Madonna, it’s even harder being a guy named Madonny. Also: Stephen Colbert does Peter Jennings, and people get killed.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 6A
      What will happen in the future? Dana Carvey knows, and along with Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert, they hunt down the Unabomber on MTV, explore entertainment TV, and find backwoods racists. Oh, and keep your eyes open for a young Selma Blair.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 5B
      Dana Carvey, Robert Smigel, Steve Carell, and more skewer the following: Jay Leno, Quentin Tarantino, Anthony Hopkins, Rip Torn, Beau Bridges, Rich Little, and Richard Nixon in less than 5 minutes. Dogs will cry, and you will laugh.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 4B
      Remember OJ? Dana Carvey channels Kato Kaelin, while Stephen Colbert steps into the patent leather shoes of Geraldo Rivera. Then Howard Stern, Bill Clinton, and Bob Dole all come together to make this some of the finest 5 minutes you’ll see today.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 4A
      Dana Carvey and Jan Hooks put on their best Regis and Kathy Lee faces. David Letterman pops up. You can also watch Steve Carrell as a German saying nice things. This is the kind of show you have to watch closely to catch all the subtlety.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 3B
      Puppies, kitties, and babies, oh my! Dana Carvey and Stephen Colbert give a kinder gentler spin on the horrific events of the day. Murder has never been so petable. Also included: Bob Ross, and Grandma the Clown. It’s fishy!
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 3A
      Watch a slice of rich, tasty, crazy, Americana. Flash back to the election of 1996 and watch the most legendary political comedy combo of Phil Hartman and Dana Carvey square off as the ancient Larry King, and the diminutive Ross Perot (remember him?).
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 2B
      Dana Carvey thinks with his head! Without him, we may not have had the most legendary adult cartoon. Stephen Colbert and Robert Smigel voice Ace and Gary : The Ambiguously Gay Duo. Meanwhile Steve Carell plays with himself.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 2A
      Steve Carell wears a wig. Dana Carvey goes to court. Stephen Colbert does impressions. This is comedy so awesome, so brilliant, and so funny, that TV gave it the ax. If you're not saying, "Who am I now?" by the end of it, you might be dead.
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 1B
      Here’s a list of things Dana Carvey thinks are funny: The Beatles, candy, peanuts, guitars, television, death, Steve Carell, gas, burgers, Stephen Colbert, easy chairs, phones, milk, commercials and more! It’s comedy about stuff!
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 1A
      Dana Carvey – man of a bazillion faces, each one eating a taco. Watch Dana, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and a bunch of others pummel politics, and destroy famous people’s delicate self esteem. Hillary Clinton and nice Germans live here!
    • The Dana Carvey Show: Episode 5A
      Is there potato in your pants? Dana Carvey broke a lot of ground to make this show, and you won’t find anything else quite like it. In this succulent slice of funny, Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert “inspire” your appetite.